Second Chances Sammy’s story

Second Chances-Sammy’s Story is a fictional mature romance novel about Samantha Raine, a 30-year-old widow, and her courageous trek back to life.

Samantha Raine was widowed at age thirty and now two years later she wanted more out of life than what she had in New Jersey. Her two best friends Kelly and Garrett offered her a job to watch their Florida beach front home for three months while they were away on vacation and she knew she had to take the chance to see if a change in scenery was what she needed to start her new life.

Included in the story is Jake Monroe, a self-made millionaire, and a well-established Architect builder who lived on Siesta Key in Southwest Florida. He owned his own construction company and was part owner of a private BDSM club called; Desire.

The body of the story entwines these characters illuminating Sammy’s courage and triumph in her second time around. This erotic romance is spiced with some kinky drama and is sure to draw the reader in and leave them anticipating Sammy’s next adventure.

Second Chances – Sammy’s Story

15 thoughts on “Second Chances Sammy’s story

    • Thanks so much for the feedback, Now all I need is some honest kind reviews. But they will come sooner or later..Thanks for stopping by. Annie


    • I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life in that beautiful sunshine state. I picked Siesta Key and Sarasota before I ever stepped foot there. And now that I have been there it’s where I want to be, where I have to be..So glad you love my book. Don’t forget to leave a short review when you’re finished. I would really appreciate it.


    • Thank you Coleman, Yes Siesta Key and Sarasota,,That’s where my heart is. With in the next two years I will be there basking in that beautiful sun watching the palm trees in the wind. watching flowers bloom all year. And walking on that beach with the powdery sand. I can’t wait.


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  2. Heya now i am the first time the following. I came across this kind of table u think it is definitely helpful and that allowed me to out much. I really hope to supply something back and help other people like you helped me.

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    • Welcome aboard Hogan, I’m so glad I could help in some way. I do hope you keep checking back. And if you have a question don’t hesitate to ask. If I can’t answer someone else probably can. 🙂


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    • You are sweet Sir, But I’m telling the readers to Wait, Once I get book 2 done, I plan on changing the cover of book 1 and also having it re-re-edited. What happens after that is out of my hands. But I love you for thinking of me.

      For anyone whose interested I’ve put my writing on hold for now. With my Mom being sick, and my surgery just a few weeks away I can’t concentrate on making the ending all I want it to be. Once things settle down I will finish and bring my books together. Thank you all for your patience.. 🙂


    • I’m leaving on the 9th, Surgery is on the 12th, Yikes!
      Yes I’m scared but I’m thinking positive.
      I just can’t get worse.
      If that happens I don’t know what I would do.
      Thanks for the prayers.
      I will write something about it before I leave. Hugs!!


        • Thanks Bonnie, I’m doing my best to think positive.
          But every now and again those bad thoughts creep in.
          I will keep you posted.
          And I will write something this week to let everyone know whats going on.. Hugs!!


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