How do I begin?

How do I begin to tell you all the things I’ve been through?

How do I begin to write the way I used to?

I’ve been away so long that I forget how to do this.

Will life ever be the same?

The only thing I’m sure of is that we all grieve in our own way.

Its not easy to recover from all we’ve been through.

The fact that I’m writing at all means I can finally breathe.

I now wake up with a purpose.

And I seize every minute of everyday.

Writing this means my world is finally settling down.

My head is finally clear.

There are no more blank stares at the keyboard.

The tears I used to shed each day are now few and far between.

I can tell you all that once the fog cleared I started to smile and laugh again.

I’ve lived through some extremely dark days and nights.

I learned some of life’s toughest lessons in this past year and half.

I’ve learned that there are people out there that will take advantage of you when you’re not looking.

I will never again let anyone EVER treat me badly or use me like a doormat again.

I’ve learned first hand what a Narcissists is.

I’ve learned that getting rid of negative fake people from your life will open doors and windows so that the positive can stream back into your life.

I see everything in a whole new light.

I thank my angels everyday for the most amazing husband, for the best family in the world, and for the truest best friends anyone could ever have.

Right now I’m living a life that I never thought was possible.

I’m actually enjoying my life again.

Did I say I was grateful to have a husband who never once waivered in his love for me?

I’m  grateful for my 8lb Jackhuahua, ( Chihuahua / Jack Russell ).

I’m grateful to be gardening again.

I watch the birds, the gecko’s, the butterflies, the stars, the sunsets, and the waves that crash on the shore as I walk the white sandy beach and pick up tiny sea shells.

Its a new day for this Jersey girl who is once again living, loving, and laughing..

Life is good people!

Enjoy every moment.

Kiss your spouse.

Call your family.

Open your heart.

If you haven’t seen the sun set in a while, or watched the sky full of stars,  go  outside tonight and look up.

I’m pretty sure there’s a Sexy Sunday coming soon. Ever hear of the Womanizer? No silly, not that womanizer?. Its a sexy toy that will rock your world.

Just don’t forget the lube…Lol…






7 thoughts on “How do I begin?

    • Thank you Lori! Your words mean so much. I’ve thought of you too. And so many others. I just haven’t been able to put into words what I wanted to say. And we just got a new computer so I’m still trying to figure it out, LOL.
      The morale to my story is; Never give up on your dreams.
      I truly believe that we all have at least one guardian angel watching over us. I have thanked mine many times.
      Have a great weekend!! This is where I would put a heart if I new how. (:


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