Touching her in all ways but physical..


when I saw this post from A.D. Woods I just had to post.

I mean using your mind to awaken her sexual senses can be very erotic.

I say this because men need that visual picture.

Women need touch, taste, sounds, scent and a blindfold to get aroused. And guys please go slow. Touch her as if you were touching a delicate flower. If you do this she will come around faster then you ever thought she could.

Also remember, she is not a porn star! She doesn’t get paid to have sex. She isn’t in front of a camera making a boat load of money. She isn’t faking it while getting fucked by two or three men and waiting for some director to yell cut.

She is your woman! She’s the soft beautiful woman that you love.

By doing these small but very important things you’ll find that she will respond to your words and touch in ways you never thought possible. Oh and the orgasm will be off the charts!

And the next day you might want to let her know that she was amazing. And that you appreciate how she opened up for you the night before. She is your goddess. And she can turn into a slut when she wants too.

Happy Titillating Thursday, And don’t forget the lube…

12 thoughts on “Touching her in all ways but physical..

    • Hi Annie B., I mean Rita, lol

      I know its been awhile.
      I hope everything at your home is still blissful with a side of kink.

      Its 2:39 am and I’m sitting outside on my apartments balcony. I really do love Florida.
      My life has changed so much Annie B..

      I thank my angels everyday for my loving husband.
      Without him I don’t think I could have made it.

      Anyhow I’m going to write a blog today and I hope you’ll read it.

      I’ve missed you. I just sent a request for your blog, aedmonds315 that’s me, lol.
      Talk soon Rita.<3 Hugs!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yay! Oh I’m so happy to hear from you. Glad you’re back. I have separated my blogs – one public and my private one for friends like you. Lots happened over here too. All good. Saturday we celebrate the 40th. And yes, lots of good ass spanking going on around here 😜

        Liked by 1 person

        • So much has gone on, for us it wasn’t all good. But we are doing Ok now.

          Married 40 Years? Now there’s something you don’t hear anymore. Happy anniversary to you and yours.
          We just celebrated our 30th in April. We really are lucky Annie B.. Can you imagine dating in this day and age?
          Just thinking about it makes me laugh :)D Having to train another man, He he..

          Its been along year, and I’m ready to tip my toes back into the water. Have the best day my friend! Hugs!!


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