Breaking the Bed is Sexy Sunday # 62



How many of you have been fooling around and had the bed break?

For those of you who have you know it’s the best.

For those of you who haven’t I can only hope that it happens soon.

The laughter that occurs is pure bliss.

The sex that commences is fucking raw.

Then afterwards while your Sir or partner is holding you in their strong loving arms, you can’t help but laugh some more.

I’ve had this happen quite a few times.

And when I think about it now I’m sorry that my Sir stopped fixing the bed.

I know he thought that it made no sense since it was only going to happen again and again.

But now when I think about those days and nights when the bed broke I get a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Today when I saw the picture with the saying above it I couldn’t resist this post.


So now I really want to know.

How many of you have had the bed break while you were in the throws of Ecstasy?

Did it make for good memories, or did you or your spouse just get annoyed?

I hope you all have a sexy Sunday. And don’t forget the lube!



19 thoughts on “Breaking the Bed is Sexy Sunday # 62

    • Oh now that’s something I never even thought about, Air mattresses exploding, Ahahah..
      For the boring guy who didn’t find it funny, I bet you were glad the mattress broke.
      These are the memories that make us smile. Thanks Broken Sub, I love the story! 🙂


  1. No breaking, but our young daughter wanted to know, “Who keeps knocking on the wall? They won’t answer me.”
    “You were dreaming Baby. Go back to sleep.” I pride myself on truth and honesty, BUT, a Mamas got to do what a Mamas got to do. 🙂

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    • When that leg finally goes that’s going to be a night to remember.
      It sure would be silly to cry over a broken bed, it’s more of a milestone moment. 😉
      Thanks for sharing Bonnie!

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  2. Great question!
    Have had a bed break and a water bed spring a leak, but most recently we actually had the box spring dig into the drywall …and found out in the the morning we’d driven the drywall nails out through the wall itself in three places. Wheeee!
    We’ll fix it later… meanwhile it’s a damned fine reminder of a great night and a good laugh. Nothing like those, “Oh, sh*t!” looks you give one another when you realize what you’ve ….accomplished!!

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  3. Wow Annie girl, you took me back to a most memorable time in my life that I had forgotten. Yes! We broke a bed once! A tumultuous, passionate night with a hot lover, decades ago! We laughed our heads off and kept on going!!!!! Thanks for the memories! xoxo


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