We Have Lift Off!!


6f10720930a8de103e67d226ec0c2558We celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary yesterday, 4-20.

We knew we had to be careful.

But I wasn’t worried.

Not with the kind of man he is.

I love how he gently touches me, watches me, knows me, and how he takes control.

He was amazing as he gave his girl just what she needed, just what she craved.

Of course she made sure he was taken care of too.

Then we held each others.

Of course we couldn’t help but laugh.

It was as if we had just gotten away with something big.

And we had.

We both felt a huge weight lift as he kissed me then asked if I was alright.

“Are you kidding me? I’m more than alright baby”.

We laughed some more.

It’s always been you my love.

Oh how I love this man..


14 thoughts on “We Have Lift Off!!

    • Ocean, It is wonderful. And thank you.
      I do believe that we all have that one perfect match out there somewhere.
      And we cross paths many times before we actually meet.
      I think so many people miss the signs, or don’t give that someone a chance.
      I am proof that once you look into the eyes of your true beloved that magic happens.

      Great relationships still take work, nothing is for free in this world.
      But this kind of love is so worth it.

      I wish this kind of love For you Ocean..Hugs sweetie!!

      And yes it’s wonderful.

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