Curiosity is a Good Thing is Sexy Sunday # 59


When you slip that blindfold on her she will become a different woman..

When you slip that blindfold on her she will become a different woman..

I know I’ve been away for a few weeks recovering from spinal surgery but I wanted to put some kind of Sexy Sunday post out today.

I figure if I can’t have it I can at least write about it. 😉

This one is for the people who are curious about kink and BDSM.

If you are still having vanilla sex then you are missing out on some hot, kinky, wild, exciting, amazing, OMG, satisfying, take your breath away, fanfuckingtastic sex. And don’t get me started on the orgasms.

Now don’t we all deserve to be desired?

Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to have your spouse change things up a bit? Of course it had to of crossed your mind. It’s only natural to be a little curious.

Maybe it was after that last session of that same ole boring sex. You know what I’m talking about. The kind of sex that lasted all of ten minutes or less.

Maybe that was when you wanted to bring  up the subject of changing things up a bit, but you were afraid too and chickened out.

What I’m asking is; What the heck are you afraid of?

Sex can and does get boring if you don’t add lots of new and exciting things to it. It’s like anything else. You wouldn’t eat the same thing for dinner every night now would you?

If you’ve thought about it then your spouse has thought about it too.

Of course it’s up to you, it’s your sex life. You can go on month after month and year after year having the same vanilla sex. There’s really nothing wrong with the missionary position. Unless it’s the only kind of sex you’re having.

What do you think would happen if you non-nonchalantly started a conversation about spending more time naked in your bedroom.

Do you ever talk about your sex life when you’re not having or about to have sex?

I mean we are all living in a crazy world of Fifty shades of grey.  You both have to at one time or another at least joked about having kinky sex. And if you have joked about it then I’m pretty sure it was a test.

Maybe you’ve been out with friends and someone has brought up submission or Dominance.Have you or your spouse ever join in on one of those conversations?

Do you secretly hope that your spouse will chime in and give you one of those sexy dominant look that says, yea maybe we should try this.

What I’m saying is that if you can’t bring up sex when you’re alone or out with friends then how are you supposed to add that extra spice to your own sex life?

There has to be times when you have thought about what it would be like to see your spouse naked, tied up and waiting for you to give them pleasure? Or better yet, times when you are the one being tied up and pleasured.

Fantasies are a good thing. But acting them out is even better.

Of course that conversation about changing things up a bit had to happen before you can jump into any kind of kinky hot sex. .

One thing I want to add is that if you’re reading this there’s one of two things that’s happening.

You are either shaking your head yes as you’ve been there on that proverbial to kink or not to kink fence.

The other is that you want to take that leap of kinky faith, you’re curious and your sex life isn’t what it used to be. In fact it’s not much at all and you want it back.

You see talking about your sex life is all part of the kinky, BDSM lifestyle. And when I say BDSM I’m not talking about whips and chains either. BDSM is anything other than missionary or doggy style.

But without the Communication, trust, and respect your kinky lifestyle will be short-lived.

I do want you to realize that this is actually the kind of sex that can and does bring most couples closer together.

And so having regular conversations about sex and life in general is a must.

Once you’ve discussed what it is that you’re willing and not willing to try then and only then can you move forward with the fun and oh so exciting kinky stuff.

Now I know I’ve said this before but starting with a blindfold is one way for you or your partner to let go of their inhibitions.

For women a blindfold is also a way to shut the world out. Sometimes women have a hard time turning their brains off. And we also have body issues. It’s hard for women to realize that their spouses love them just the way they are.

So a blindfold is that one tool that can make a world of difference in your sex life. It can actually help your woman focus. It can and will heighten the senses so that when you touch her body she will feel that touch ten times more than if she didn’t have a blindfold on.

Adding silk scarves, men’s tie’s, feathers, bullet vibrators, or new vibrators in general or even something as simple as candles at first is a way to get your kinky fantasy started.

Don’t forget to have a safe-word in place just in case.

No matter what it’s your sex life, and your relationship. You make the rules. And being curious about sex is natural. We all want those OMG fuck me harder orgasms we hear about. And you can have them. All you have to do is start a conversation. Texting is one way to do this.

Tomorrow or right now text your spouse something sexy. It doesn’t matter if he or she is in the room. Watch their face when you send something like this; “Do you want to play a game? How about Simon Says?”

Or go into your bedroom and get naked. Then send a text that you are. I’m pretty sure you will hear him coming down the hallway. 😉

I hope you all have a sexy Sunday.  And don’t forget the lube.


Goodvibes for all your kinky toys and such..

14 thoughts on “Curiosity is a Good Thing is Sexy Sunday # 59

  1. Well, I have to slightly disagree…
    When you start having that conversation, one of two things can happen: your spouse is willing to talk to you about sex or he isn’t.
    He is willing to explore with you and listen to you, or he will shut himself off even more than before and will have no interest whatsoever in what you truly want and desire.
    Granted, it may not be what they want and desire. And that’s OK. It may just mean that if you’re that poorly suited in the bedroom, you may have to take a harder look at all the rest of your common life too.
    In my case, I tried to initiate the conversation. It never got to where I was hoping it would go. For us it wasn’t the missionary position, but it was always same old and never often enough. Though I’ll admit, it was so boring that it probably was often enough for me, I couldn’t have taken more than what he asked for.There was no commection whatsoever, it was each partner closing in on their own fantasy, his obviously of a fit young thing, mine of someone who would love me for who I was. See, a blindfold would never have helped me forget that I was deemed unfit for sexual attraction, that had been ingrained in my mind over years of behaviour and words.
    So what you write about here only works in reasonable relationships where things just slowly get boring, not in abusive ones where you feel demeaned for anything you may desire.

    This said: I agree a blindfold helps with stopping the thoughts going on through a woman’s mind. It doesn’t always work, but it helped often with me in those days when I was still struggling with letting go.

    I’m glad to see you back here, writing about sex. I hope you can soon write about something you actually experienced and enjoyed because of the regained mobility and sensitivity thanks to the operation!

    Love and hugs

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    • Dawn I am so glad you wrote this. I didn’t think about the relationships where abuse is prevalent. When I write about sex I think about what’s going on in my life now. How we got to where we are now. I think of the love and the respect.

      But you are so right. And I’m so sorry I wasn’t thinking.

      I’ve been in an abusive relationship. And he was nuts! With that said I didn’t want anything to do with the kind of sex he was getting outside of our marriage. In fact when I think about it now I’m so glad he was getting it somewhere else. Because when he would come home smelling of booze and some other woman’s perfume my stomach would turn. I knew what I was in for. And I would hope and pray he would fall asleep before he would try and touch me.

      I don’t even know who that 20 yr old me dealt with that kind of relationship. But I did, and somehow I am a better person and wife for it. I also learned what kind of man I wanted. And I promised myself that I wasn’t ever going to settle again. My Angels were watching over me that night I met my partner for life.

      I think as long as we learn from those relationships and get out before it’s too late life can and does get better. We can all have the kind of sex life and life in general that we want.

      As women we have to be brave, and to know when we’ve had enough and then somehow we need to walk away. If there’s children in the mix and you can’t do it for yourself then by all means possible you have to do it for them.

      My Mother was brave enough one fall day to put her three children in her sisters car, then put herself in that car and have her drive away. All while my biological father watched with a look on his face that I will never forget. We were scared. We left with the clothes on our backs. My brother was 10, I was nine, my baby sister was one month old.

      When I think of how our lives changed that day I need to thank my mom again for taking that huge leap of faith. I know that when she met the man I would call daddy for the rest of my life that her life, her self esteem, and her self worth went through the roof.

      She became the strong and oh so brave woman that she is today. The woman that I look up too. The woman who put her children before herself. My mom got her second chance at love and life. She and my dad had a thirty five year love affair. They taught ys how to love openly. To never be afraid to show affection. They both showed us how to communicate with our loved ones. And to always respect our spouses. My mom is dying now. And still she is putting her adult children first.

      Sorry I went on Dawn. I just wanted you to know that I’ve been there. And that I meant no disrespect to you or any woman who’s in an abusive relationship. Hugs my friend.

      My post on abuse is Sexy Sunday #31.


  2. Wonderful post Annie. I’m glad you were able to find the joys of BDSM and hope many more will.
    With article like yours, they are bound to be curious and hopeful take it further.

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    • Thanks Billy, I hope the curious will find my post. I hope they will see that if there relationship is strong but there sex life is in the toilet then it’s time to change things up a bit. Relationships take work. I should have put that in there. 😉

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  3. Hey Annie girl. Nice to see you back here with your instruction series on life and sex. Lol, you know what they say about people who have to talk about stuff, they aren’t getting any, lol. Just thought I’d make you smile. xo 🙂

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  4. Mix it up. If you don’t your partner or yourself is liable to get seriously bored. Same thing day after day gets old. Have fun. Yes don’t forget the safe word and have someone you can trust. And Annie, if eating the same thing every day just happen to be your partner, you won’t get tired of that unless she does. Love you babe. 😇

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    • Some great advice Richard, Having fun is something that a lot of people forget to do. Yes it’s all about the passion. But as adults we forget that sex is playtime for us. So laughter is allowed. Or at least it is in our bedroom, ;-). Having the same partner that can satisfy you and visa versa is like hitting the lottery. You can never get tired of something like that. 😉 Love you right back sweetie..


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