Getting Through The Hard Stuff is Sexy Sunday #58

We just went through some real hell. Having spinal surgery of any magnitude isn’t easy. We are now on the other side and not looking forward to going home.

Are Relationships easy? Hell no! But a great relationship is so worth everything.

I’m doing great. Spending this time in Fl. was the best decision we could have made. As for sex that will have to wait. But my Sir is a very patient and kind man. He has taken such good care of me. I couldn’t have asked for more, love, kindness, care, respect.

The sex will come when my body is ready. And Omg that will be an epic day. If only I could shut my brain off, Lol..

We get through the hard times with love and laughter.

Now we head home to the real hard stuff. And that’s life with a sick Mom who’s waiting for me to get home to give her a hug.

Will update when I get there..Have a sexy Sunday. And don’t forget the lube..

Hugs all!!

13 thoughts on “Getting Through The Hard Stuff is Sexy Sunday #58

  1. Hugs and healing thoughts coming your way, so that the sex can happen as soon as possible 😉
    I’m sorry, I know there’s so much more important than the sex and heading home involves harder times coming. But still, I’m hoping all goes as well as possible for you.
    And I’m happy to read that you are healing and that you have the love of your husband to support you through all this.

    Sending you much love. XO

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  2. Love your strength and determination girlfriend! Soooooooooooo happy you are beginning to feel human, and sex will certify that soon! Prayer for your mom, here. xoxoxo


    • I’m so glad I took this leap into minimally invasive surgery Deb. But I think the miracle is that I found an amazing surgeon on the internet while searching for Pain Management on the world wide web. One of my angels must really like me, Lol.. 🙂 Thanks for the prayers for Mom. We had an amazing day with her yesterday. She’s one tough cookie. 🙂 Happy Easter. Hugs!!


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