Update: My Spine is Doing Fine.

Update: After twelve days, one spinal surgery, and two horrific setbacks, I’m really doing well. The immense pressure that once plagued my back is mostly gone.

That in itself makes the choice of having this minimally invasive spinal surgery a complete success.
With the pain levels dropping already I have no doubts that my life can and will only get better.

I’m so thankful I didn’t listen to the Nay-Sayers who told me that the T-lift surgery, bone graft with fusion couldn’t be done on my back, Or that I would only get worse.

All I know is how I feel today. Twelve days post-op. And that’s pretty damn good.  If I didn’t have this surgery I would have wondered my entire life. Also the stenosis which ew bone spurs as they call them would have closed my spinal canal completely and I would have lost the use of both my legs. The surgeon said it would have only been a couple years at best.

Here’s another good thing: the meds I have had to take to ease the pain for all these years have already been cut in half.

26 yrs is a very long time to live with the kind of pain and pressure I’ve had to endure. With the last ten years being on such high doses of narcotics that were barely touching the pain I just was done.

The day after the surgery my surgeon looked at me and told me I was one brave and extremely tough lady. I smiled then told him I come from good stock.

Florida has already changed my life and we haven’t even purchased our home yet.

For that we’re still waiting on the billion dollar soda company Mike works for to give us what’s way overdue.

His twenty five year pension and the settlements from injuries he sustained on their watch don’t add up to much. Not in the scheme of things where this size company is concerned, but we don’t need much.

Why is it that companies don’t treat employees as humans anymore? You’re really just a number and it’s sad.

The players in my recovery are my Mike, my amazing Mom, family and friends. They’ve all been so generous.

When I needed a kick in the ass they were the people that pushed me out the door or onto the plane.

I wanted to stay and be with my Mom as she lives out her last days, weeks. And yet it was mom who insisted I go so that she could watch me live my life now or from the other side.

So how could I stay and watch her be so brave and not do the one thing she asked of me?  I couldn’t.

I have never in my life met such a brave and amazing woman. But my Mom is that woman that has never given up. She’s the mom that is still pushing for her family to be the very best they possibly can be.

All the while she’s dying and not thinking of herself. She is the definition of what a strong mother whose Brave, and selfless should be.

I want to thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. These are what gave me the strength to keep going. And it was my friends and family who got my Mike through some horrible days when I couldn’t.

If I’ve learned one thing in all this it’s that life is short and precious. We all need to fight for that last piece of life and never ever give up.

If you have some kind of illness or if you are living with chronic pain as I am, Then find that surgeon or doctor that’s going to help you. Just don’t give up. I’m so glad I didn’t.

Oh and as for my sexlife, Ahahhaha.. There is none at this point. But when I heal, Oh yea it’s on..  But that doesn’t mean all of you out there reading this can’t be getting your freak on. That is unless you want an excuse for a little rest and relaxation. .


14 thoughts on “Update: My Spine is Doing Fine.

  1. So glad you’re recuperating well and already starting to feel better. A former co-worker came down to Tampa several months ago for a back procedure (not sure which – not the one you had though). She needed several weeks for recovery, but the difference was like night and day when she returned to work. When they work, they work beautifully. Glad you’re having that experience – especially after so long spent in pain. ((HUGS))


  2. What great news… So glad you have less pain and that your surgery worked.

    As for workers compensation and the “previous employer those people suck ass. I know that first hand. They don’t care if you lose everything, They don’t lose a moments sleep when somebody gets hurt and can’t work. They just call their lawyers….. 😦


  3. So pleased to see you are up to writing again! Really painful times for you and yet you are so resilient and positive -what an inspiration!


  4. So proud of you my friend! You are a shining example of hope, tenacity and determination. You’re blessed to have wonderful family. It’s no mystery who you take after!!! xoxo ❤


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