Does She Scare you? Sexy Sunday# 57

I really had to think about this statement before I could post it. And then it hit me. But of course it’s true.  If it wasn’t you wouldn’t have picked her. And you wouldn’t still be there.

If she doesn’t scare you even just a little bit then there wouldn’t be any mystery, or that desire, passion and the fucking sizzling, hot sex?

Now I know some of you guys out there are thinking: My wife, spouse, or significant other doesn’t scare me in the least.

But I’m calling Bull Shit!

It’s not scared in the sense of being frightened. That’s not what this statement means at all.

It means that she does it for you. There’s that excitement of not knowing what she would do in a certain situation. How she can still surprise you and make you smile at every turn that life throws her or your way.

After being with or living with your woman for some time there is still that part of her that you can’t resist.

It’s when she surprises you.

When she gets tough.

Or when she does or says something that blows your mind in a good way.

This is when you might think to yourself,”Who is this incredible woman? And how did I get so lucky for her to pick me?”

Yes the woman who can still scare her man is the one woman that he will do anything for.

You never want to lose this woman. She is the caretaker of that warm and cozy place in his heart.

She scares you because you love her with every fiber of your being.

This is the woman you would do anything for. You would actually die for her.

She may be submissive in the bedroom, but when she’s living her everyday life that’s when you realize just how lucky you really are to have found her.

She’s that one in a million girl. She’s that woman who can give as good as she gets. And she’s that woman who will love you to the ends of the earth if you only let her in. And she’s amazing!

Yes the woman that scares you will hold your heart within her own and protect it with all of her might.

And its in these moments when she does scare you that your heart beats just a little faster.

And the desire to have her is even more prevalent than it was an hour or even a minute ago.

She will bring excitement to your life in ways you never thought possible.

Find this woman and you will never be bored. She will keep you on your toes and can bring you to your knees.

That’s what the statement means. So now I ask, Does your woman scare the hell out of you just a little? Lol…

I hope you all have a sexy Sunday. And don’t forget the lube..






12 thoughts on “Does She Scare you? Sexy Sunday# 57

    • Right? I wasn’t sure if everyone would agree but it makes perfect sense to me, lol. We are fearless and that’s why we can be submissive. And of course they love that about us. Go gettem Annie B. ;-

      Liked by 1 person

      • It works in this house, I can tell you that. Beloved told me when this started that if I lost one ounce of the fire that is me – he would end it immediately.

        He reminded me that it was my warrior spirit that drew him to me in the first place.


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