Pinup | Erotixx

These women at Erotixx have some of the best pin-ups I’ve seen in awhile. All beautiful, all sexy, and all pictures done very tastefully.

Maybe they will think about doing a MILF”s spread, lol..

Getting my photo taken at a Boudoir photo shoots has been a dream of mine for a while now. kind of a kinky bucket list.

What a great gift for both my Sir and myself.

Pinup | Erotixx.

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14 thoughts on “Pinup | Erotixx

  1. Thanks for this Annie, love it! And gave my dear girlfriend a boudoir photoshoot for her birthday, not taken it yet but she is really looking forward to doing a lovely pinup shot.


    • I love that idea. I think it’s a perfect gift. Are you going too.
      A girls day in, lol. How much fun and the memories that will be made are priceless.
      As soon as things settle down here I’m doing it. We all should do it.
      If for no one else but ourselves. Thanks for posting Rincewind, Hugs!!!


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