3 Words To Use Instead Of Love | Tool Box For Couples

3 Words To Use Instead Of Love | Tool Box For Couples.

I found this site, Toolboxforcouples.com and I knew I had to share it with my readers. Glendon seems to know what he’s talking about where couples are concerned. Go check it out..

6 thoughts on “3 Words To Use Instead Of Love | Tool Box For Couples

  1. Thanks for the link. I’ve only read a little bit and followed him on Pinterest, but I wanted to make sure I came back and Thanked you for posting this.

    Our anniversary is in 12 days and I’m looking for ideals… We not big on exchanging gifts as we usually get what we want, so I like to do small things.. Last year I gave him a small notebook with why I love him, with some coupons for him to use.. He loved it. He’s like well since I have a coupon I’ll be able to get a blow job anytime I want it.;) Needless to say the coupon didnt have a limit on the number of times he could use it. 🙂 The note book is in his dresser drawer. 🙂 He put it there after I gave it to him. He mentions it every now and then.. I told him he doesn’t really need a coupon, all he has to do is tell me he wants a blowjob.. 😉 God I love that man.

    Thanks again for the link, I’m off to check out the website a little more and see what kind of ideals I can come up with.


    • Yes I think this website has a lot to give.
      As for the coupons, try walking over to him and taking the
      remote out of his hand, put your finger and going for his cock.
      That should let him know that he doesn’t need a coupon, lol.. 😉
      Also some nice lingerie and some kind of new toy should do the trick.
      Start sending him text messages, a few days before.
      Sex before dinner is always best.
      This way no one is tired, you’re not full.
      The only thing you’re both hungry for is the sex.
      Make this Anniversary Epic.
      Then Write a post about it. 😉


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