Relationships, Sexy Sunday # 55

And when we find that special someone hold on to them.

Do what ever it takes to make them happy.

Learn to love the little things that drive you crazy.

Nothing is as important as communication.

Respect goes both ways.

Love each other with all you have.

Forgive the little things and the big things too.

Shoe your spouse that you desire them.

Forget the bad days, learn from them and move on.

Always remember that life is short.

Make love.

What if you lost him/her tomorrow?

Your happiness depends on you.

Flash him your tits.

When times are tough put yourself in their shoes.

There’s nothing wrong with vanilla sex.

Talk about your fantasies.

Feed his/her soul.

Fill each other up with love.

Laugh every single day.

Touch each other.

Kiss passionately.

Make your own rules for your own relationship.

Adding some kink is a good thing.

Your sex life should give you both pleasure.

Always make her feel safe.

Make time for each other.

Do something nice for your spouse.

Love doesn’t cost a thing.

Hugs are a good thing.

Trust one another!

Be honest.

Smile, nothing warms the heart like a warm smile.

Be present when times are tough.


A blindfold, thigh highs, and a pair of heels can save your sex life.

Never think you have to go it alone.

Be that couple.

Walking away is never the answer.

Treat each other with kindness.

Give your relationship everything you’ve got.

It’s all or nothing is just a saying.

There are so many things that I could put on this list.

But I thought that you might have something to add.

Now go have your sexy Sunday and don’t forget the lube..






19 thoughts on “Relationships, Sexy Sunday # 55

    • Mynx, Forever is today. If we make sure our spouse knows how we
      feel today then if and when that day comes we will have no regrets.

      I’ve seen it with my parents. Six years ago Dad passed.
      And now that she’s dying she says he’s waiting for her on a bench.
      There’s is a love that still stands the test of time.
      It’s Pure, Beautiful and Endless Love. ❤

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  1. Reblogged this on thewillingsubmissive and commented:

    Annie always knows just what to say.
    She’s right on the money when you says Make your own rules for your own relationship, Just because something works for another couple, it might not work for you. We’ve always put our relationship first. I know people say that you should put God first, but to us or relationship is so important to us. I can feel the love when my husband touches me.

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    • Thanks Bonnie, No one knows you better than your spouse.
      Our own sex lives are just that.
      God first? Have you seen how many divorces there are in the bible belt?
      Just because you drink that kool-aid doesn’t mean your marriage or
      relationship is going to be better.

      I’m not judging, I believe in Angels, earthbound and not.
      I just feel We didn’t get to thirty years with the help of any religion.
      When your man touches you that’s love. Pure and simple. ❤


      • We’ve made people mad when we say we put our family first. Generally they just stare at us & are like, OK.. We feel that you should put family first. Hopefully God understands., or I would at least hope so. Not that I’m real religous or anything.

        I know people that are deeply religious. Well at least when it suits them. 😉 You know the ones that tell you, you shouldn’t do something,? Then you find out that they are doing things they shouldn’t. I’m like whatever. 🙂


        • Ahaha, Yes I know them well.
          Them, “Well I never!” Me, “Oh wait, yes you did just last week, It’s those kind of hypocrites that just piss me off.
          Throwing stones from their own glass houses doesn’t make any sense.
          Family should always come first.
          If we don’t look after our own families no one will.

          The way I see it, if there really is one God so to speak,
          well then he/she has way more important things to do.
          Peaking into my home looking for sins shouldn’t even be on
          his/her list. 🙂
          And “those people” should be looking after their own families. ❤


    • I am so sorry for your loss Pandora. My thoughts are with you.
      We just never know what tomorrow will bring.
      Each time we see or talk to someone it’s a must that you say I love you.
      That person knows how you feel. Take those what if’s and throw them away.
      No regrets is the way to go..
      Now start looking for those white feathers. Thanks for re-blog.. HUGS!! ❤

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