Valentines Day is Sexy Sunday # 53

Valentines day is a good time to start prioritizing your sexlife.

Valentines day is a good time to start prioritizing your sexlife.

I am thrilled that I have past the year mark where my Sexy Sunday post are concerned. I didn’t even realize I’d done it until I started writing the title of this post. So Yaa me!

Ok with that said you all know I’ve got a lot going on. But this week is Valentines day. And I love Valentines day!  It’s a day to celebrate the love you have for your spouse, partner, or significant other.

Valentines Day may not mean a lot for some but in my home we go all out.

Valentines day started being a special day way before my Sir entered the picture. And that’s because my Dad never forgot to make sure all of his girls felt even more loved on this special day.

Each of his girls would get candy delivered by him personally. When we were little girls he would bring my Mom her rose and then hand each of us our Valentine heart full of that awful candy. And we loved it!

As we got older Dad upped his candy ritual with Ghirardelli Chocolate.

Even when my parents moved away Dad mailed each of us our chocolate. I loved that about him. And when he passed away I was the one that made sure the men in our family never forgot my Mom. They’ve been really great about sending her a Valentine each year.

Now in my home I’d usually be waiting at the door when my Sir walked in. Of course that one year I had on his leather biker jacket and some black heels has always been his favorite.

I do try and up the ante with either sexy lingerie, a toy or roll play each year. I’m not sure what I’m doing this year just yet. But I can assure you all that the sex will be incredible.

I also have a feeling that my Sir has something up his sleeve. When I’ve asked him what he has in mind he gives me that sexy smirk and tells me not to worry about Valentines day.

So with today being Sexy Sunday I want you all to start thinking about what you will do or how you will treat your partner come Saturday February 14th,  Valentines Day.

Here’s just 14 ideas to spark that sexy mind of yours to start thinking in the right direction:

1) That texting  you do each day will turn into sexting starting Monday afternoon. Each day this week send him something sexy. It can be pics of naked body parts without getting too graphic. Or if that’s Ok go ahead send him a picture of your nipples.

2) After you read this post think about what it is you’re going to pick up or order with next day or three day delivery from the adult toy store. Believe me that new toy or apparatus will do wonders for your sex life.

3) Surprise the person you love with something you’ve only talked about. Something that will blow his/her mind. Imagine the look on his face when he see’s those restraints on the bed under the mattress. Knowing that he is getting permission to have his way with you is incentive enough to bring your sexlife to new heights.

4) Let me just say if you don’t have one already its time to pick up a blindfold. Even a silk scarf or a man’s tie will do. You all know that I’ve mentioned blindfolds so many times in my post.
And that’s because a blindfold will help her/him let their guard down. Their inhibitions will be set free for that hour or so, and their minds will go to places you’ve both only dreamed about.

5) After listening to me go on all year about getting your sex life out of that proverbial rut, My hope is that you’ve both talked about prioritizing your sexlife.  If you are truly serious about doing this and you haven’t found the right time to start, then Valentines day is the perfect day to start prioritizing.

6) Set the CD player for some porn. Yes I know that there’s a lot of women that don’t like porn. But porn is something that will get you both in the mood. One warning for the guys: Your spouse is NOT a porn star. No one is yelling Cut in the middle of scene that you think is lasting for hours. Set some boundaries.  Make some rules. Like I said this is your sexlife.

7) Most men realize that if their woman is willing to watch porn that it’s a big step. So make sure you find a film that will interest her. She doesn’t want to see a porn star sucking on a cock for hours. She wants something that’s a little or a lot more realistic. And if you play your cards right she’ll want to watch porn with you more often. Ask her to pick a few video’s out with you.

Ladies if you’ve got kids find a sitter. Or if you have the funds rent a hotel room.

8) I know someone who sent their spouse on a scavenger hunt one year. It was a lot of work on her part. Mine too as I had to come up with rhymes for each of his stops. He had to pick up wine and the clerk would hand him an envelope with the next clue. Then balloons that sent him to an adult store. This is where the clerk not only handed him a wrapped package and the envelope with directions to the hotel where she was waiting for him.

9) When you both finally get down to it, make some noise. How is he supposed to know that you like what he’s doing if you’re quiet as a mouse. The more pleasure you get the more noise you should make.

10) Even if you have no extra money you can always a change the venue in your own home. Instead of the bedroom try the living room, or the kitchen counter.

11) Here’s a treat that will show him you love him but will take some courage. Trust me you can do this.

Masturbate in front of him/her. This is the gift that keeps on giving. He will put that image of you touching yourself in his own personal spank bank.  And that way when he’s masturbating as guys often do he will be thinking of you.

Hint: If bright lights are stopping you from touching yourself in front of the one person who loves you most, try lighting some candles.

12) After you’ve both ravished each other order a pizza or some Chinese food. Or better yet have him pick up an order from your favorite restaurant on his way home. That way if you so choose you can eat a nice meal together in your undies.

13) While you’re eating get a pad and pen and start writing your sexy bucket list. Make this year the best Valentines day you’ve both ever had.

14) Have fun, and make sure you both laugh. Because believe it or not laughter and sex go well together. Most times when we plan something it never goes right. So the best way to handle that situation is to laugh.

Now go and have your Sexy Sunday. And don’t forget the lube…


5 thoughts on “Valentines Day is Sexy Sunday # 53

  1. Great post, Annie! Will do. I will add to that one more thing. “Honesty”, and by that I don’t mean just the obvious, but also letting your guard down enough to admit some of your fantasies to your partner. My fiance had an unforgettable night last night, and all because we both talked about our fantasies during the act. Things are usually hot in our bed, but this cranked things up so much higher! Don’t be afraid to let your spouse know some secret fantasy you have before V Day. You just might be surprised sometime soon.


    • Rheisa, I love that you and your partner are talking about your fantasies.
      This can and will take your relationship to a whole new level.
      Three things I cannot stress enough are, respect, honesty, and trust.
      If you don’t like something make sure you tell him.
      That’s where the communication comes in.
      Adding something new and exciting to your sexlife brings you both
      closer together. I’m so glad you posted this comment. Thank you!!
      Have a wonderful safe and sexy Valentines day.
      And don’t forget the lube! Lol.. 🙂


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