Doms Without Dicks . . .

Annie B. says it all. Dom’s without Dicks are the guys who think they are gods gifts to every woman. Little do they know they are just little boys who are still getting their clothes washed by their mom’s. Their gas tanks filled by their dad’s. And their dicks sucked by women who just don’t get it yet.

Tumbler is full of these dick-less idiots who post selfies of themselves fucking women. And the women in about five years from now will wake up to the realization that they gave away their respect to some impostor who said he was a Dominant man.

A word to the wise young women out there. A true Dominant male will not have to tell you he’s dominant. And if he takes out his phone while you are in the throws of ecstasy to snap a selfie, grab your clothes and get the hell out of there. No real Dominant man would ever disrespect you in that way.

10 thoughts on “Doms Without Dicks . . .

    • And you posted that on Doms without Dicks, Ahahah.. Thank you for thinking of me Pandora. It’s not been a good week. My Mom is going down hill fast. It’s just a matter of time. And the tears have been streaming down my face all week. Going up to see her tomorrow. I just stopped by to post my Sexy Sunday. So glad I worked on it early in the week. Hugs!! ❤

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