With Trust, Anything is Possible – A Sexual Being : A Sexual Being

With Trust, Anything is Possible – A Sexual Being : A Sexual Being.

Kayla Lords has a “Wicked Wednesday” blog that I just had to share.. Trust is important in every and any relationship kinky or not.

4 thoughts on “With Trust, Anything is Possible – A Sexual Being : A Sexual Being

  1. I’ve often said that trust and respect is what it’s all about. With that you get the best relationship you can and of course mind numbing sex! Thanks for the link Annie

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    • You are so welcome Billy. Trust, Respect, honesty, Communication,and sex.
      The five keys I always say makeup a great relationship.
      Without just one it can crumble.
      But with each one of these keys the relationship flourishes.
      You and M have this in the bag Billy. That’s why the sex is so great!;-)


  2. Trust is everything. Doesn’t matter if you’re trusting your partner to take the dog for walkies when he says he will or you’re trusting him to suspend you from a hook in your basement ceiling, or any damn thing in between. It’s a let down when you come to find you can’t trust your partner, whether you happen to find that the dog took a shit in the kitchen because the man who said he’d walk Fido got distracted by the online poker game on his phone, or whether the hook in the basement ceiling doesn’t support your weight because the man who said “I rigged this thing to support 350 lbs” didn’t drill the thing deep enough into the ceiling and it ended up not being able to support a house plant.

    Trust is everything. And I’m the first to admit I have problems trusting people. As a child, I was physically and emotionally abused by my mother, sexually abused by my maternal grandfather. It’s hard to trust, as an adult, when everything in your childhood taught you that people will manipulate and betray you for shits & giggles. I know goddamn well that some of the people I’ve mistrusted in my adult life didn’t deserve that, that they were honest & above board and the only reason I didn’t trust them was because I have trust issues. And after two years in therapy, I’m getting better about trusting people…I may not be perfect, but I know I have a problem & I’m willing to work on it, willing to improve myself. Because I realize that if I can’t trust anyone, I’ll never be able to love anyone, and a life without love is meaningless.

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    • I just want to hug you and go find these disgusting people and smack them
      across the face just one time. But I’m sure that wouldn’t do either of us
      any good.
      The only thing I can say is always trust your instincts.
      If the bells and whistles are going off do not trust that person.
      There are good people out there. People that will love you and not
      take advantage of you. These are the people that you should give time
      to. The longer you are around them the more you will see that they can
      be trusted.

      I’m so sorry for the things that happened to
      you in your past. No child should have to endure the kind of abuse or
      any abuse for that matter as you have. Shame on them for hurting you this way.

      The good news is that you’re an adult now and you’re moving forward.
      I so want you to find that one person who will do their best
      not to betray your trust. Cause when you do Cara it’s amazing!

      We all want to love and to be loved. Trust is so important in
      every relationship. Just take your time. When that right person comes along you will know it.

      And hopefully your guard will slowly melt away as you start to see and feel the love.

      There really is so much to gain in sharing your life with someone, as opposed to being alone. I’m posting an angel note for you sweetie. Thanks for stopping by. More hugs on the way! 🙂


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