Men and Their Double Standards


This week I read about a young woman who slept with a football player after the Superbowl.  Yea nothing special right. But she decided to take a selfie with caption: Just Fucked Edelman No Lie.”

Here’s where it gets a crazy. This said woman whose name is Sabrina then gets permanently banned from Boston bars and nightclubs. What? Really?

So my question is why the double standard. When is the woman going to get a pat on the back? Can you imagine if this was Pam Anderson after a day on the Baywatch set. I mean the guy would be on every news station talking about his selfie. He would be held up to a god-like standard where men are concerned. He would actually get his fifteen minutes of fame and every bar and night-club in Hollywood would let him in and buy him drinks.

But since this was a Boston Patriot football player things are different. They are awful and mean. I know because I have family that lives and breathe Boston.  And let me tell you since I’m a Yankee/Met fan believe me I hear all kinds of shit from these family members who have forgotten where they came from. Its just more Boston Bullshit.

Now i’m assuming that this football player and his date for the night didn’t know each other. He had just played a huge game of football that everyone watched. Even I watched the last play. And I hate football. Yes I watched over and over again as my husband had a meltdown about the worst call in the NFL game history. Who cares is what I was saying. No I wasn’t appreciated for a few hours.

So  lets think about this. After the game this guy whose now a hero in the eyes of Boston goes out with his team mates. He has a few drinks and decides he wants to have sex.  So he picks one of the many groupies that’s probably been waiting on sidelines of the bar. And I have no doubt she was thrilled that he picked her. He takes her to a hotel and they fuck.

Now we all know it was going to be a one night stand. I  mean she even knew it. And so afterwards she must have thought about no one believing the night she had. So she did what any girl her age would do. She took a selfie of him in the back ground while on the bed. And he did what most guys do after sex. He fell asleep.

Now he’s not complaining about this picture. I’m sure to him it’s just another notch in his patriot belt. And yes I don’t like it. But he’s a big time football player. And I’m really surprised this doesn’t happen more. His team had just won the damn Superbowl. And after a week of people talking about that same team having deflated balls of course he was going to bag a fan. Most girls think about taking that selfie once they are safely on their way home in a taxi cab.  It’s that ride home thinking about no one believing that they had the night she did. Hum, I wonder if her dad is proud? He would be if she was a guy and he took a picture of Sofia Vergara in bed next to his son.

I mean she could have taken a picture that was a lot worse. And she didn’t. So then again I ask: Whats the big deal?

So what if a young woman bagged a football player and took a selfie of him sleeping after they fucked. She didn’t take a picture of his dick. Or of him in any other compromising position. He’s sleeping. No harm no foul. He’s not complaining. So why is there still such a double standard? Because she’s a woman that’s why..


8 thoughts on “Men and Their Double Standards

    • Well Bonnie, I can’t stand a male chauvinist pig. Men are in no way inferior, and when they patronize or denigrate women in general, well that just gives us more courage to move past them in everything.

      Small minded people don’t know how to handle a real woman. We get shit done and we do it better. When men can push a baby out of their penis or bleed each month for decades and not complain about it or die. Well that’s when they will be equal, ahahah.. ❤

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