Sir, Husband, Lover, Partner or simply my guy?

The Married Submissive reminds us all that you can have your husband and your Sir too..

Respectfully Submitted

Yesterday was a busy stressful day for both Sir and me.  We hadn’t slept the night before and we had both had busy and eventful days at work.  After we came home, we began reading a few blogs.  Reading blogs has been an interesting experience for us.  Many times, I read something and think, “How could she want that?” or “How could that solve the problem?”  This leads to a good discussion between Sir and I.  I love reading about others perspectives because it is the vehicle of ideas and stimulus for growth.

Last night, a post where a sub had a stressful day and found release in her Sir piqued my attention.  I was stressed and needed to find balance.  I turned to Sir after we read together and said, “You’re a Sir and all…do your thing.”  I wasn’t expecting playtime, but something…else. I had no idea what this…

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Just sayin..

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