Letter To 13 Year Old Kat

When I saw this post on KittyKat’s blog Bitsandbobs I knew I had to post. What would you say to your 13 yr old self that might change your life?


Hey you!

So, you’ve entered your teens, huh? Brace yourself honey, it’s not going to be easy.

You are going to make friends, trust them and love them, and they will betray or leave you. That is going to hurt you badly, but you will get through it. Do not make the mistake of hardening up and building walls around yourself to avoid being hurt again. People will let you down, intentionally or otherwise, but you are strong and you can accept their failings as theirs, not yours. Just because they do not want to be in your life anymore does not mean you are a bad or lesser person. People change and grow apart sometimes. It isn’t always about you.

You have been told your entire life to smile that lovely smile, to be a good girl, to be nice to people always, even if they are complete assholes…

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