A Physical Necessity, Sexy Sunday #51











Having a Physical relationship will always depend on how you treat each other.  But since we all want our relationship to last, then you will have to work on it. There also must be respect on both parts. You give respect and you get respect back. 

Have you ever heard: “When the love is real it’s effortless. Well that’s where I call BULLSHIT! Nothing that’s ever worth fighting for is effortless.

One thing that’s for sure is that you never want to forget that passion you felt when you first laid eyes on  each other. Remember this. Because we all have those days, weeks and months where life does its damnedest to get in between your love affair.

Life will knock you for a loop if you let it. And for some it’s not always easy to get back on track. That’s where the work and the remembering why you are together comes in.

When you know one the other is under a great deal of stress this is the best times to Surprise the them with a little romance.  To take the mind off of the stressful situation for just a few hours can be a way to alleviate the stress.

Romance isn’t just for those special occasions. Showing that one person that they still mean the world to you with a romantic gesture can and does remind you both why you’re together.  This is especially true on those days when life is beyond busy.

You want him or her to know that no matter what goes on in your day-to-day lives that you will always be there for each other.  You want to show your lover in a special way that you care. And you want to show them that you love them more than life itself.

Finding time for passion can simply be accomplished with your man walking up behind you and getting as close to you as he possibly can.

Ladies you know there’s nothing like feeling the warmth of your man’s body pressed up against you. It’s usually when your hands are full or busy with the dishes at the sink.  And when he moves your hair off your shoulder the goosebumps start before you can lean back into him.

That electricity starts before he takes that nibble on your neck. Oh yea that’s the ticket. I get chills just thinking about it.

Then there’s that twinge you get between your legs knowing that he wants you. It’s all you need to light that spark on these days when everything seems to have gone wrong. And yes, we all have these times in our lives.

Just knowing that your partner cares and that they want you means so much. We all want or need to feel that we are loved, wanted, and desired.

I hope you all have a sexy Sunday. And don’t forget the Lube!!

Goodvibes for all your sexual pleasure needs.




And keep changing up the sex.

30 thoughts on “A Physical Necessity, Sexy Sunday #51

    • With the week I’ve had I didn’t know what to post for Sexy Sunday this week. But I do love that you always say or send text, “I need you” before the sun sets. It’s about keeping that connection strong and solid. Thank you Annie B.. 🙂

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  1. That’s what I say. You have to respect each other. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship your in. I wouldn’t want a Dom that didn’t respect me, nor would I want to be a Sub that doesn’t respect my Dom.
    I do admit on the days when DH is getting on my last nerve it can be hard. 😉 But I have to say to myself, get a grip, take some deep breaths or I have to have some time for myself.. I tell myself he’s still the one that you love with all your heart & soul, & I love him more than I’ve ever loved anybody. Except my kids & my love for them is different.

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    • So glad you are all getting this. And you are so right the relationship with the kids is totally different. Just try and always make time for each other. You are both the foundation. My parents taught me that. 🙂


        • Oh yes I remember those 12-14 hour days and nights. Weekends too. They were hard but you made it through those years. That says something for your relationship. Now that it’s just the two of you again, remind him of those dreams you both had. And then Seduce him. Show that man of yours that you both have a lot of life left to live.

          Sign up for a lap dancing class. How much fun would that be? 😉


  2. Yes, feeling desired… That was one of the reasons I left my marriage.
    Feeling like I was someone’s breath of fresh air at the same time as they were mine… feeling like I was important enough for them to realise something was wrong…
    Thanks for this post Annie.

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    • We all deserve to be desired Dawn. When the emotional as well as physical connection is broken it takes two people to fix this relationship. But I would bet you were the only one willing to put in the work. And this will cause resentment and lots of pent up emotions. And then comes the boiling point. This is where things are said that can’t be taken back.We live and learn.

      You deserve to be loved. And you so deserve to be someone’s everything. One day I hope soon, You will see what true love feels like. And when that special someone walks into your life it will hit you both so hard your heads will spin. You will both have no doubts. That’s the day life will begin again. Hugs!! 🙂

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      • You are right, I was the only one trying to work at it for far too long. In the end, he decided to give it a try, but he stopped at looking hard into his own problems (especially in regards to his family). That’s when I knew I had to leave.

        And thank you for your last statements. They make me feel hopeful. I will wait for the day when that special someone enters my life then, you make it sound so lovely!
        But in the mean time, I do intend to enjoy life. Go out, see things, meet people… I am not waiting for someone to make my life worth living, just to complete it and make it even better. 🙂

        Hugs to you too!

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        • I’m so glad you get what I’m saying. Yes enjoy every minute. Go out with friends. When that one special someone walks into your life there will be no denying the connection for either of you. Cupid would have already pulled back his arrow and you’re both done, ahahah. That’s exactly what happens. From then on life, love, sex, will all fall into place. In the mean time be careful and live your life. Don’t look for Mr. Right. And believe me Men want love and the commitment just as much as women do. I can’t wait for the day you tell me it happened. You won’t believe it. But it will be.. ❤ HUGS!!!!

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          • I am really looking forward to that aha moment you’re describing. It really does sound lovely!
            I’m not specifically looking for anyone. I know that he will eventually walk into my life.
            And I do believe men want stable relationships just as much as women do. I have my ex as proof: he liked the stability so much he doesn’t want a divorce. But he didn’t want to do what was needed to keep a connection. Or maybe we would have needed to establish one. Or maybe I changed too much when I regained my self-love.
            If I tell you I cannot wait for that day either, do you believe me? 😉
            HUGS back!

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            • I sure do believe you. Everyone wants that one person who will love them unconditionally for the rest of their life. We all deserve love along with respect. What happened did your ex see that the grass wasn’t greener on the other side? Lol. And now that it’s too late he’s realizing that he should have treated you better. Have you ever thought about taking him back? Do you think he could handle the new you? lol. Isn’t it something that he wants you back now after he’s seen what’s out there.

              When I found Mike I had no idea what true love was. My ex was a scumbag. And now that I have my Kinky prince charming I realize that what I had before was just a mistake. Have you ever read my blog post about abuse? https://sexwannie.wordpress.com/2014/09/07/abuse-the-other-side-of-love-sexy-sun-day-31/. This is part of my story, Let me know what you think. ❤

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              • Oh no, now he acts as if I disgust him, he cannot wait to see me fail and hurt. But for a brief moment after a few years of me begging him to get couples’ therapy, he demamded it, saying otherwise we migh as well divorce. And before we started it (hadn’t had an appointment yet), I was lured by a man who told me I was desirable and made me feel desired. And I slept with him a few times. And it made me feel great about myself. I suppose that was enough to make my husband feel like I was worth more than what he’d thought before. But he still wasn’t ready to look into his behaviour, where it was coming from and so on and when I realised that he was slipping back into his old habits, I decided to call it quits.
                Since then, he has decided that the new me is disgusting, that I should be ashamed of liking sex. And of having cheated on him.
                I have never thought of taking him back. He was an abusive man, even though he may not have realised it. And when I left, he missed having all he control so much that he tried everything to make me regret leaving him. And not in the good sense.
                Witholding money, sending nasty emails, making snarky remarks to me or the kids… I guess he’d forgotten that I am strong-headed. Or he was never interested in really knowing me. So of course, the more he tried to bully me, the more certain I was that I would never go back.
                No, he couldn’t handle the new me. He wasn’t able to handle a plain vanilla wife and satisfy her, I don’t think he would be interested or any good at satisfying an orgasm machine 😉 He doesn’t even realise that women can be multi-orgasmic I’m sure!

                I’ll read your post. I’m sure it’ll speak to me
                Thank you

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                • You are better off without that piece of shit! And as we say here in Jersey Fuck-Him!!
                  So glad you are a strong woman who’s also an orgasmic Machine,Ahaha..Too bad he will
                  never reap the benefits. Sucks for him.. 😉

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                  • Not sure he would see it as reaping benefits 🙂
                    So… I’ll just try to enjoy life without him.
                    I actually pity him most of the time, and maybe not often, but I have felt like praying for him to find peace several times already. Maybe very selfishly because if he finds peace, then he’ll leave me alone 😉

                    But you are right, I am better off without him. 🙂

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                    • Don’t try Dawn, DO! Enjoy every minute of life without that SOB.
                      And if praying for him makes you feel better then by all means go for it.
                      Wanting him to find peace so that he’ll leave you alone is not being selfish.
                      It’s actually being the kind hearted person that you are. I don’t know this asshole
                      personally, but I do know the type. And I’m quite sure he’s not praying
                      for you to find peace. I really can’t wait for you to find Mr.Right. Then and
                      only then will you see that Mr. Ex-husband was only good for some sperm donations.
                      Cause I’m positive you’ve got some great kids.. 🙂


                    • I am doing as much as I can for now.
                      I don’t know if he was only good for sperm donations (he did do a few nice things in our time together) but it is certainly the most valuable gift he ever gave me. And it’s certainly not that the sex leading up to the concpetions was memorable 😉

                      You are right, my children are pretty amazing. Infuriating at times, but pretty amazing! 🙂

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                    • The kids are the gift that keep on giving.
                      And they are one thing he gave you that will
                      keep you connected. Its his loss. You living the
                      best life you can in a way is sweet revenge, lol.. 🙂

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                    • yes, I like that sweet revenge. And if he keeps behaving like this, he’s going to loose his kids’ affection. Yesterday night, my youngest called to talk to me about the fact dad was making fun of me and how hurtful to them that was. And how, by comparison, I never did that… I do hope for his sake he learns one day…

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                    • You know he’s an ass Dawn.
                      One thing I have to say for my Mom is that she never bad mouthed my real father.
                      And she had plenty of ammunition.
                      But instead she let us find out for ourselves what he was like.
                      And when he would talk bad about her we hated it.
                      In the end we knew Mom was the better parent and just a better person.
                      I promise he will learn. Your children already are.. 🙂

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  3. As usual Annie my Jersey friend, you have hit the nail on the head. When I had a man I loved when he came up behind me and just held me. One day when I’m ready (and I’m beginning to reach that point) I will have that closeness and sexy feeling again. Hugs to you my friend. Your posts keep me going 🙂

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    • Tre you are going to find that one man who will treat you with respect.
      And give you the freedom to just be yourself. He’ll never want to change you
      Because he will love you for who you are.
      Someone who doesn’t get jealous when you talk to another man.
      Someone who is comfortable and confident in knowing that your love is real.
      So you won’t give you the third degree every time you walk through the door.
      Someone who will show your girls how a real man treats a lady.
      Someone who will protect you and make you feel safe.
      Someone who will show you how to let down your inhibitions.
      That someone is out there Tre.
      Just like I told Dawn D., we all deserve to be held in the arms
      of a man or woman who knows how To love us without chains that bind.
      You are both worthy of real love.
      I can’t wait to hear that you’ve both found “The One.”
      Hugs!!! ❤

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