Meet and Greet Sexy Blog Thread



I have had a few bloggers who just are just starting their sexy blogs on WordPress,  and another on a totally separate blog who have asked me the question: “How do people find me?”

So I thought I would try to help and do as the HaRshReaLity blog does.  And that’s open up my own blog page to other Sexy bloggers of the kinky persuasion as a kind of meet and greet for sexy blogs.

HaRshREaliTy has been doing this for any kind of blogs for a year now, and it’s working. So it’s a good idea to check out his blog too.

If you have a sexy blog that has anything to do with kink, BDSM, D/s, submission, Dominance, relationships, eroticism, fantasies, Kinky romance, Photography and of course Sex then keep reading.

Yes, I’m encouraging you to post your blogs URL with a SHORT description in the comments section so that others will see it.

This will be a Self Promotion page for the sexy, erotic, and kinky people of the blogging world.

In short browse through the comment section and Network.

All sexy bloggers are welcome to use this post as a “Self-Promotion” thread for their own sexy blogs, projects, causes, writing, books, e-Books, lingerie, bondage wear, and even adult sex toys.

By now you should get the gist of what I’m trying to do here. You may post your links here. Add other blogs links here and while you’re at it use the social networks to share your stuff too.

What I’m hoping is that some authors, photographers, writers, bloggers, and even painters and artist alike will take the opportunity to push their work. So go ahead and Make contacts, find new blogs to follow, and share the good stuff you find in each other’s work.

Please keep your promotional comments on this posts only for that purpose.

I’m trying this out. If by chance it works I will keep it up. I’m going to watch what happens and make sure you all behave yourselves.  I will expect you all to play nice.

With a little luck the people who want their blogs to be seen will post them here and others will browse and find them.

And with any luck at all the comment section will fill up and help others get the word out about their blogs. If that happens you may have to come back and re-post your blogs from time to time.

If it doesn’t than at least I can say I tried to help my fellow bloggers.

Feel free to re-blog and share this post. Remember when you share and re-blog you will be sharing your blogs as well as every other sexy blog that participates.

If you’re still not sure if this is the place to post your sexy blog then ask me. I don’t bite, I

I hope this helps everyone.

Thank you! 😉

Have a sexy day, and as I say each week on my Sexy Sunday post: don’t forget the lube.. 😉





91 thoughts on “Meet and Greet Sexy Blog Thread

  1. This is an awesome idea. 🙂 I will re-blog this at Brattopia here in a bit. (I’m on my first cup of coffee,haha)
    First, I wanted to really say thank you for the re-tweets on tumblr and the likes/comment. 🙂

    Networking – I am brat, and I recently opened the site, it’s a blog on submission, D/s and many other kink and fetish related subjects. We do weekly tutorials, and I feature an “ask bratt’ section as well. There will also soon be guest contributing authors sharing stories and other things as well. 🙂


  2. Hi Annie, I read here on occasion, and we have some mutual friends here in WordPress land.
    We’ve made some good friends in the blogosphere and learnt a lot from them, too.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share. You can find us at:

    We’re a Christian D/s couple who’ve been married forever, and loving it more every day!

    Ash & Alder


    • Well Johanna most topics on my blog are about sex, hence Sex w/Annie, lets talk about sex, lol.
      I think Relationship advice should always involve sex. 😉
      Go to the categories on the right side of my front page. Scroll down to find Sexy Sunday. Click on it, that’s where you should start.

      Let me know what you think or if you have a question.
      I’m always willing to discuss the topics my readers want to hear about.
      Thanks so much for stopping by. Hugs!!


  3. Hi Annie, Looks like we’re late to the party. Caitlyn of LoveSexAndMarriage showed us the way here. Our blog – – is a chronicle of the author’s life with Lola, his gf and “hotwife.” It’s not your typical hotwife/cuck relationship, however. Cum and see for yourself. (Wait, reverse that).


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