Spackling 101 With Your Sir is Sexy Sunday #50


My backs screaming and there’s Spackle soot everywhere. Really?

I know what you’re thinking, What the fuck does Spackling have to do with Sexy Sunday Annie? Well it really doesn’t have anything to do with sexy Sunday.  But let me finish Ok.  So here it is, Spackling 1o1 with your Sir.

Have you ever done some kind of remodeling with your spouse or Sir? Well for us it’s really sprucing up the place so we can get our equity back. You all know that this is a crazy time for us right now. There’s one major thing after another on our plates at the moment and we are trying to do them all at once.

We saw a piebald deer this week. That’s a half white dear. When I got home I looked it up and the American Indians say it’s good luck. And believe me we can use it.

The good thing is that I’m having a lumbar spinal fusion on March 12th. Yes this is good news. It means that after 26 years of dealing with chronic pain a surgeon is going to use a new technique and relieve the nerve pain in my lower back. So keep your figures crossed and think good thoughts for me.

Then Mike saw his lawyer this past week and they are finally getting his workers comp and retirement packages together.

And we are moving to Florida in the spring. You are probably thinking what’s the rush? Well my Mom wants us settled before something happens to her. So we are trying to get everything done as fast as we possibly can.

So before my surgery we have to have everything packed. We also have to make sure this co-op is ready for the next family to take it. Since I won’t be any help after surgery  our stress levels are at an all time high in this house.

The good news is that we still love each other. Yes even after having my Sir home for two years invading my space I still love him. There hasn’t even been any major arguments. But of course we are human, so bickering and getting on each others nerves is a daily event here in Jersey.  But all in all for now we’re holding it together  And the way we do that is we laugh a lot. Now when something goes wrong I laugh so hard I almost pee my pants. I can’t help it. Its really delirium at its finest.

So as most of you know when you move you have to purge. There’s just no way after living in one place for the past twenty five years that we haven’t accumulated a lot of shit. So we have been purging as much shit as we possibly can.

For Christmas this year we raided the gift closet and also gave away most of our expensive collectibles to the people who were going to get them anyway one day. We figured why pack these things up. Lets just let everyone enjoy the stuff now. And it seemed to go over big. So Yaa we got rid of the really good shit.

So now we are left with the regular shit and the shit that goes to the curb, and the curb people are loving it.

And I’m also happy to report that the garbage men are having a great time with our shit. I even know what their families are getting for Christmas this year.

So on Friday morning Mike spackled the walls in our dining and living room. I’m not used to living in deplorable surroundings. And yes I’ve starting to lose my mind. But the only other choice would be to leave it for the housing corp to fix. And they charge a lot of money to do this kind of work. So we are biting the bullet and doing the best we can.

Saturday while Mike sanded the dried Spackle off the walls, my Chihuahua Louie and I went up-stairs to pack Mike’s closet up and to tackle mine. OMG did I mention I HATE  THIS!! Ok I’m Ok..



My only solace is that by March 9th I will be looking at clear blue water on Siesta Key beach.

Did I fail to mention my surgery is in Florida, Yea well I’m not stupid. Why have surgery here in Jersey, where it’s fucking cold and dreary?  When I can recuperate in the Sunshine state with our friends.

So anyway after about two hours of packing my back was screaming and I come down stairs to get a cup of coffee.Well when I reached the bottom step I could see that the entire room was covered in white dust.  Including my amazing husband. Now you might think that he would cover the furniture? Nope.  But he sure as shit didn’t forget to cover the flat screen TV.

I think if men lived alone they would never clean unless they had too. Because if Mike had his way he wouldn’t of cleaned up today. He would have uncovered the TV and ordered a pizza for dinner and watched  the movie TED while sitting in  room full of white soot. He would have waited to clean up tomorrow after he finished the rest of the room.  As he puts it why clean up twice? Really?

So as I’m trying to maneuver past the wing back chairs I started to lose it. My eyes started to tear up and I just couldn’t take it anymore.


See the arm, that's what the entire couch should look like.

White soot all over the back of the couch.

So Mike seeing that I’m a mess comes over and gives me a hug and tells me it’s all gonna be alright. Of course he gets a squeeze in as he lets go of me.  I look down at my black tee shirt and there is his white soot filled hand print over my left breast. Needless to say he made me laugh. Yes I’m a mess, in a lot of pain, and my mind never stops worrying about all we need to do in the next month and half.

But we are laughing and have each other’s backs. We know that life isn’t always easy or fair. I keep thinking that this is going to be a bitter sweet year for us.

After twenty six years of dealing with chronic pain a surgeon has promised to take away at least eighty percent of my back pain. At this point I’ll take fifty percent. And for the first time in my life I’m going to get a home of my own, in paradise no less.

I know this wasn’t a sex filled sexy Sunday post. But it’s an honest one. And I’m doing the very best I can right now. Bare with me. Hugs!


I do hope you are all having a Sexy Sunday.  And please don’t forget the lube!









36 thoughts on “Spackling 101 With Your Sir is Sexy Sunday #50

  1. I love the hand print!
    My Sunday will probably not be sexy, but it’ll be busy. I’m going skying this afternoon and singing this evening 🙂
    Looking forward to both 🙂
    Good luck with the packing. I did it with my Mom, the getting rid of years of unneeded shit. It’s long and hard, but it feels so good in the end 🙂
    And about the back pain… you know where I am 😉

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    • I just had to put that shot in my blog. I can see the pain on my face but it’s real. The hand print was a bonus, lol. I saw that you had a great weekend. So glad you’re meeting new friends and getting out. Please be careful and make sure someone knows where u are. Even if you have to send a text or message to yourself. I worry about you Dawn. Yes I do know where you are. Going to need you on March 12th and after for the healing. Hugs!!! 🙂

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      • Yes, I thought about the fact no one knew where I was. But I also felt who I was going with. I am learning to trust my gut. I am not moving ahead without checking in with it first.
        But you are right. I’ll have to make sure a friend knows where I’m going. I’ll need to ask a few friends if they are Ok with me sending them texts at all sorts of hours, just on the off chance…
        Yes, I did get my sexy Sunday in the end 😉 Though it was Monday already, it still felt like Sunday since we hadn’t gone to sleep yet 🙂
        Don’t worry about me. This is not someone I just picked up randomly. Other people knew we left the party together, even if they may have thought it was just to get to our respective cars… People who knew him and had way of knowing me too, through the website and in other ways.
        Please, don’t worry about me. You have enough on your mind already, you don’t need to add me to your list of worries 🙂
        I’ll be there for you then. But if I can help before, don’t hesitate to let me know. Just send me an email with your affirmations and I can set to work 🙂
        Hugs back 🙂

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        • Great idea to send out a text. I’m sure they won’t mind. U can always send an e-mail, Or does that ping back to the phone too? Gut instincts are always good. But letting someone know where u are is just being safe. I can’t help but worry it’s my nature to worry about people I care about. So glad you had a Sexy Sunday. My surgery is March 12th Dawn. Just to let you know, U might want to start on the 11th. 😉

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          • I cannot do anything unless you send me your affirmations on that day, or any day prior 🙂
            About the text… I had let a friend know exactly where I was when I went to Terry’s house. I’ll need to remember to do the same thing next time 🙂
            And worrying won’t change a thing. It will only make you miserable in the process. Or something along those lines (a meme I read not long ago, but obviously I cannot remember the wording exactly, it was much prettier 🙂 ).

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            • Thanks Dawn, So glad you sent that text. I am the oldest sister of three so therefore I am the worrier, lol. 🙂 I will try not too. Hugs!! Not sure what kind of affirmation I need to send but I’m leaving for Florida on March 9th for surgery on 12th. My Friend Deb says I have to say out loud: Only healing hands will touch me. It’s so my Angels can hear my calls for help. And I’m pretty sure you are an earthbound Angel. 😉


              • Yes, try not to worry about me, you have plenty to worry about already 🙂
                I’ll email you about the affirmations. What your friend says is pretty good, that’s a good daily affirmation to make. It is not specific enough for reiki though 🙂
                As for your last statement… I don’t know what to say. It touched my heart deeply. So all I’ll say is thank you.

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  2. First, let me say, I love your dog!
    I know it’s probably way over whelming right now and with the back pain and all, you may feel like saying f this. But I have a good feeling that your surgery and your move will be the greatest thing that ever happened.
    Good things are going to happen in 2015. After all, you are good people!
    Hang in there!!

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    • Billy you hit the nail right on the head. And it will be the best thing that has ever happened to us. I am scared but so excited at the same time. About seven years ago we got our computers. And we made a password that was dreaminof2015. This January first when I logged on happy tears started rolling down my face. I just knew at that moment that this year was going to be bitter sweet. We finally get everything we’ve ever wanted and then Mom got sick. She tells me everyday she wants us settled. Life isn’t fair, ever. Thank you billy, We do appreciate your good wishes. Everyone of my readers are such wonderful good hearted real people. I feel like I have a family I’ve never met out there. And you are all cheering us on. Hugs Billy, 🙂

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  3. Oh, Annie I love this one. I can feel every word having lived through each exasperating moment. I can also feel the love and laughter that exists in your home. So excited for your new home and the physical relief that you will soon have.

    Thinking of ya,
    Annie in Colorado

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    • It sure is Annie B. If we don’t laugh believe me it’s all so overwhelming I don’t know how we are getting through all this. But there is a huge bright light at the end of this very dark tunnel. For the first time in my life I will be getting a home of my very own. The surgery has to work so we can enjoy every minute of our retirement. We’ve both been through so much and with Mom sick there’s an urgency to do this ASAP.

      My surgery is on March 12th. We will be staying with best friends in there big beautiful home for fifteen days. And if all goes well when we get back to Jersey we can pack up the U-haul and leave the only state I’ve ever lived in. The tears I’ll cry that day will be happy ones. Jersey will always be home. But Florida has always had my heart. Each time we’ve gone I feel that pull and never want to leave. I can’t wait for that day. We are still waiting on some things, but we are closer than we’ve ever been to finally having our dreams come true. Thank you for thinking of me Annie B., Hugs!! 🙂

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      • Laughter is what kept us moving forward through all the loss and pain. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, Annie. The damn work that goes into the life change is overwhelming but the minute you set down on that sofa after all is done – you will definitely cry tears of joy.

        PS, I have family in Florida so someday I may have to just look your sexy self up for a trip to a coffee house and dirty talk. 🙂

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        • Thank you for those words of wisdom Annie B.. Believe you me, the minute I can sit on that sofa and look around at my very own Florida home you can bet your sweet ass I will be crying tears of joy.

          And hell yea! If you are ever in Sarasota let me know, coffee or an afternoon cocktail at SKOB, which is short for Siesta Key Oyster Bar sounds wonderful. We just might have to drag you and beloved out to a night club. We went the last time we were there. Annie before that night I hadn’t been to a club in well I can’t remember when. We had a night to remember. And with my new back I might even bust a move, ahahah.. People our age were at this club. The fun part was watching the twenty and thirty somethings cruising for cougars at closing time. I think life begins again at fifty Annie B.. And we are so ready for it.. Hugs 😉

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  4. My sister had spinal fusion from her lumbar to thoracic spine and it changed her life. She can do everything she was not able to do before. She had a wonderful Neurosurgeon and healed just fine, but lost a lot of blood in the 6 hour process. She had saved up some of her own, but needed more. Good luck with that Annie!!

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    • Thanks Ocean, Your sister is a brave and strong woman Ocean. I’ve been through six hour open back surgery and it’s not fun. Now they have new techniques, the surgeons are doing minimally invasive fusions. I would never go through another open back surgery. It damn near killed me. I got an infection, in the end it failed and only made things worse. So this is a huge step for me. I’m putting my life in this surgeons hands and I feel good about it. I guess I need to put all this in a blog post. Soglad your sister is going great. Gives me even more reason to do it. 🙂

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  5. By the way, I had to laugh real hard at most of this post. We are in the process of doing this too. Yesterday I put four, five ft. parrot cages out on my side walk and they were gone in and hour. Yay!
    As for the rest, we are getting our five bedroom house read for sale in about two or three years because we want to downsize and move to a single level home, but like you said the shit you accumulate in a couple of decades is unreal. Two people living here and there’s shit in every room. His study is completely unreal… one can barely walk in there.
    Then I loved your comment on men would probably not clean if they didn’t have to. I have noticed that since I left his bed, I think it’s been six or seven months, he had not changed the sheets. I told him yesterday to strip the bed… unreal.

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    • Ocean, It is unreal. I do believe if men lived alone they would sit right in middle of the soot. Move some boxes around and use them for end tables, lol. As for sheets who needs sheets? And where did all this shit come from? When we finally get to Florida I am not bringing anything into our new home that I don’t have a plan or place for. And if it can’t be made into what I want within a day it’s going to stay at that flea market. So many ideas that never got done.

      Lets face it Moving sucks! But the one good thing about moving is that we have no choice but to purge. And purging is a good thing. I found things that I got from my bridal shower thirty years ago. So that chip and dip platter will be perfect for entertaining new guest in our new home, lol. I love that curb people live everywhere. We put something at the curb and the next time we look it’s gone. One thing Ocean, did he change the sheets or just look at you like you have two heads? lol. Hugs! 🙂

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  6. That sounds about right. 🙂 When we’re doing projects we usually drive each other crazy.. But in the end we love each other, so it’s good.

    I was going to send you an email & ask, but my brain is being slow today & I can’t figure out where to find your email address. If you don’t mind could you please share with me what kind of surgery your having? You can email me. I have back problems along with numerous other health problems.. And trying to find a way to get relief.

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    • Lori, Yes you do understand, lol. Why is it that when he’s doing a project I wind up being his go-for this and go-for that? If you could have seen the soot from the sanding, OMG! I’m so done with this reno. After living in this co-op for 25 yrs and doing lots of upgrades it’s crazy that we have to do more just to move out. But I want my equity and so the trade off is spackling and painting the walls white. The kicker is that we will more than likely be buying a fixer upper and so when we do get to Fl. I’m sure I will be back in spackling hell, ahahah.. Fingers crossed we find a home that is already done.

      I guess I need to find a widget for my e-mail address. If you know which one it is please let me know?

      I’m having a minimally invasive lumbar spinal fusion. Sounds like a oxymoron right? I have been suffering with chronic back pain for 26 yrs. I’ll explain more in an e-mail, unless anyone else wants to hear about this. Maybe I should write a blog to chronicle the events. What do you think? Well thanks for stopping by Lori, hugs!! 🙂


      • Still haven’t figured out how to contact you privately. Just wanted to ask a few questions about starting to Blog?? I posted my very first blog post today. How in the world does people find me? Not that it was very interesting. Hopefully I get better at it.

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        • Lori, I posted my e-mail on the front page and when I replied to your comment. Sorry if you didn’t see it. Here it is again Let me know if you get it. Or I can e-mail you. Either way we will find each other. How exciting, Let me go and see your new blog. No worries, When I started I thought the same things. Breathe Lori, lol.. Hugs!! 🙂


    • Yaa!! I can’t wait Kayla, It’s been a life long dream of ours and no matter what, come hell or high water we are getting the fuck out of Jersey. We aren’t letting anyone or anything stop us. So glad you posted Welcome to Florida. Already I feel all warm and fuzzy. Hugs!! 🙂

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  7. But of course I was coming to check out this post after you emailed and said you were writing it! LOL even in your disarray and pain you can make me laugh. Men, hah! Typical mess makers and we are the cleaners, for they see not their tracks left behind. I would be livid, kudos for you to take it all in stride. And my first lol was seeing your cute face with the handprint engraved on the boob! Keep up the spirit beautiful friend! xoxoxo ❤

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    • Ahahaha!!! What choice do I have but to take it all in stride. Ahahaha.. If I don’t laugh or if Mike doesn’t make me laugh I will cry. And then my eyes will puff up and that’s a whole other problem I don’t need right now, lol. So glad I can make you laugh. I love laughing. It’s a release that just makes us feel better. It sure is the best medicine. And oh boy do I need meds. Ahahah.. ❤ 😉

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