Blue Balls No More..Sexy Sunday # 48


So you all know that our sex life has been lets say on hold for the past few weeks. I think this is the longest we’ve gone without sex since I had my back surgery 26 yrs ago. Needless to say our stress levels have been through the roof. You can’t even think about having sex when your Mom is going through chemo therapy. Well you can think of it but it’s not going to happen.

So we planned a nice quiet New Years eve. This was our thirtieth New Years eve. And our anniversary since it’s the night we met.

So anyway we had been flirting with each other all day. It was the first normal day we had in a what seemed like a long time.

It was just the two of us. The only thing on our minds that night was Patron with pineapple juice, and sex.  We didn’t even cook, we ordered a pizza. And it was perfect.

Without saying a word Sexual tensions were high.

Mike would touch me and I got goosebumps. He kissed my neck and I giggled like a school girl. We were looking into each other eyes as we talked about nothing. And it was just really nice.

So after taking my shower and primping every last detail we decided to take this flirting to another level.  So with my hair wet and down I put on a sheer white nightie.  I know what makes my Sir tick and he likes simple. No heels to get in the way, just bare feet and pretty painted toe nails.

As I entered the bedroom I could see he was ready for me. There were candles lit and all sorts of toys were laid out.  And my good-girl, bad-girl blind fold was on top of the stacked pillows in the middle of the bed. There was a towel at the end of those pillows. And well you get the picture.

I giggled as I always do when I get nervous. I don’t know why I still giggle, or why I still get nervous after all these years, but my Sir thinks it’s cute and that’s all that matters. And I also have no control over it.

So after some long passionate kisses and some heavy petting he leads me to the bed and places the blind fold on my head. Then tells me to lie back.

Of course this is when our little Chihuahua Louie wanted in. And he wasn’t going to take no for an answer either. He learned the first week we had him that Mommy and Daddy have their own play time. He either leaves us alone or he can stay downstairs and wait for us. So Louie decided to find his own piece of the bed and stay out-of-the-way.

Then it was on.

As soon as Sir’s warm tongue touched my clit ever so lightly I thought I would go right through the roof. I don’t have to tell you ladies that it was so worth the wait. Damn I love a man who knows how to perform cunnilingus.

And we were both so damn horny I had no idea how either of us was going to make this last.

So we were getting into it. And it was fanfuckingtastic. Then I heard the draw open and things were falling to the floor. I waited and then Mike started to laugh,  and I couldn’t help but laugh with him. Even though I had no idea what he was doing.

Of course this wasn’t going to go as planned. We all know that sex is messy. And the more we plan for something the more things can and will go wrong.

While adding lube to a toy I felt it squirting all over the place. Well that was it, we were both laughing so hard that we had to re-group.

But you know I thought this was a perfect way to end our sexual drought.

We did re-group and we did get it together. And before we knew it an hour had gone by and we were both completely satisfied. No more Blue Balls for my Sir. No more snipping at each other. We were both just floating on air.

Sex is the best stress reliever ever!

I hope you all have a very Sexy Sunday. And don’t forget the lube!

Happy New Year everyone!!!! May all your sexual fantasies come true..May you dream big and accomplish all you want in 2015. May you stay healthy. And may this new year bring you more happiness than you ever could have imagined. Hugs all!!




Now that the holidays are over and things are quiet on the Mom front, and in between writing my second book ,I’m working on a review for a couples remote-controlled vibrator.

My kinky Santa sent us a Hula Beads from Lelo. We are having some fun with it first. I wouldn’t want to write a review without getting to know the ins and outs of this Lelo vibe. Stay tuned. If all goes well we are going out this week with it. Ok enough from me. Now go have your Sexy Sunday.  Hugs all!!!

19 thoughts on “Blue Balls No More..Sexy Sunday # 48

  1. Don’t you just love nights like that? Love your blog, Prayers for your mom…

    Who knows as soon as I get the courage I might start writing a blog, just need to read a little more on how to do it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes I do, Laughter during sex is the best! Thank you Woodsymom, My Mom can use all the prayers she can get. Starting a blog on WordPress was easy. Just don’t pay for anything. When we first tried to start my blog we thought we had to pay. That’s when the headaches started. As soon as we deleted that account and started over for a free blog it was easy. Try this page, there’s all sorts of info, Feel free to ask for help. If I can’t answer a question I’m sure someone can. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        • That’s why I have two blogs, One for my regular stuff and the other to help other with relationships. Both are great to get stuff off of my mind. And if they can help someone else then that makes it even better. I’m here if u need help. 🙂


  2. Thank you so much.. I’m in the reserch phase. 🙂 You know you, when you say something who it might help. I know I’ve read blogs & I’m like Eureka. lol

    I’ve learned a lot in the last couple of years.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love research! And I’ve also learned so much since I published my first book Lori.
      The good news about publishing an e-book is that you can always fix things. That’s one reason I haven’t put my book in print just yet. One day but it would have to be perfect. You know what I mean? 🙂


  3. I’m so glad you two finally got to do the do. I know you were both probably ready to ignite.
    It is so cute that you still get nervous!
    You both have keepers, you know that, right!?

    Liked by 1 person

    • So glad you and M finally got together. I know how it feels to want and not be able to have. Frankly I’m surprised there wasn’t a streak of lightning on New Year’s eve coming from our bedroom. Cute! What is it with you men? I hate that I still blush and giggle, But Mike loves it and thinks it’s cute too, Ahaha..

      Yea we know we are very lucky, and with all we’ve been through lately I feel so lucky to have a man like Mike by my side. Yes after having him home for 2yrs on workers comp I sometimes want to scream, and I do. But then he makes me laugh. And I know he didn’t ask to get hurt on the job. And it’s not his fault that Pepsi Cola is dragging their feet. But You would think that after working for one company for 25 yrs that they would give the man his pension and some kind of compensation. What the hell are they waiting for? I just wish he would let me go down there, ahahah.. Thanks for always reading my blog Billy. Give M a hug for me. 😉

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