Smile For Me, Sexy Sunday # 45




I can see my Sir with that sexy smirk on his face trying to make me laugh on days when I just don’t think I can. He will walk around me. Move my hair off my shoulder. And then he’ll wait with that sexy smirk on his handsome face for me to react.

It’s in the way he does this that is just so remarkable. He’ll look at me and just to make sure I am looking into his blue eyes he will use that one finger to lift my head. He does all this just before he say’s, “I love you Annie.”  It’s that something in his voice that always brings me back to him.

Because it’s in such a way that I can’t help but smile at this man who loves me with all of his heart and soul. And now that he has my undivided attention he ask, “Do you want a hug”? And I melt into his strong and oh so warm loving arms. That’s what a Sexy Sunday is.

I hope you all have a sexy Sunday of your own.

And Don’t forget the lube..

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