Another post from The Emerging Dom, Just being is sometimes all we need, use your senses and feel, see, touch, taste, laugh, hear the sounds of ecstasy coming from your partner. Life is wonderful when we let go and just be..


Breathing: Breathing is central to life. We breathe in – we know and are made alive to the world. We breathe out – we make ourselves known. It is one thing with two movements. Too often, we take our breathing for granted. Become aware of your breathing and gain a better understanding of life. Breathe with your partner. Share in the moment every detail.

Sit opposite of each other in a comfortable position. Breathe in and out slowly taking deep breaths. Maintain eye contact and watch your partner intently. Begin to align your breathing – when the man breathes out, the woman breathes in – let the rhythm unit yourselves.

Touch: We learn so much through feeling. The skin is our largest organ, but so many times we become adjusted and unaware. We lose the wonder of love and life. Losing this sense affects our ability to communicate in many…

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Just sayin..

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