URL’s and right side widgets oh my!

There’s nothing sexy about changing your URL or searching for some widgets. But this week I changed both of my URL’s and really didn’t think it through. I didn’t realize how many times I have posted my URL on other pages, post and such.

So needless to say for the last couple of days I have been searching sites and changing the old to my new URL which finally matches my blog title http://www.sexwannie.wordpress.com/.

My other blog is http://www.perceptionofannie.wordpress.com .

When I started this blog I had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t, but I’m getting better and learning more with each passing day.

Now the key to those pesky right side widgets.

One thing I need to say is with the Ascetica Theme there are upper right side widgets. Well those suckers are not easy to find. I contacted support and they didn’t give me the right information. But after clicking on every setting possible I finally figured it out.

Appearance=menu=right side widgets.

Ahh that felt good..

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Just sayin..

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