Squirting 101

Squirting 101, I found this via Mastererotica60’s blog and followed to Dawn’s Nights. She gives detailed info on how she got to the point of being able to squirt on a regular basis. I still can’t squirt on command but I’m having fun trying. I hope this helps ladies..Relax, drink plenty of water, and have fun. It will happen..

Dawn's Nights

I started to write this a while back, but then life happened. There was always some other post I wanted, needed to publish first, and I didn’t get around to posting this one. I am in the process of writing more, I feel a bit bad about not being more prolific since I switched to WP. But my other pieces are still not finished, far from it. And life is getting in the way of writing and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get much better in the coming week, so I decided to go ahead and publish this post.

Squirting. Now that’s a big theme!

Hy’s post on the subject was probably one of the first posts I read on her blog. But given that I was still living in the same house as my ex at the time and had been more or less frigid for what…

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11 thoughts on “Squirting 101

    • Hey Dawn, So glad you don’t mind the re-blog. I was so glad to find your post on Ballsybilly’s or Mastererotica60’s page. It’s not easy to Squirt, most women find it hard to get there. If they didn’t we all would be doing it on a regular basis. The more information we can get out there the better. I so appreciate you being so open and honest. I for one am determined to make squirting a regular thing. I’ll let you know how when I get there… 🙂

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      • I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon then! 🙂

        And I agree, the more information the better. I am ne of those women who didn’t even know it was possible a year ago. Considering where I was (anorgasmic) I idn’t think this would ever be something for me. And now, well… 🙂


  1. Also, if I may: the drinking of water is required after you’ve squirted, to make up for lost fluids. You don’t need to drink especially before you squirt. On the contrary, feeling like I need to pee makes me hold it and doesn’t allow me to open up enough to squirt. I usually go to the loo just before I start to play, to empty my bladder (always a good idea to prevent UTI anyways!).


    • Thanks for the tip Dawn. I have a husband/Sir who is constantly telling me I need to drink more water before, lol. No wonder I can’t just let go. Makes perfect sense to drink after. I tell you When this damn finally breaks I’m going to be one happy woman..

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      • You’re most welcome!
        The day will come when it happens. You need to surrender totally to the feeling to push… You’lle get there, practice makes perfect and damn is this practice pleasant 😉


        • I will keep trying, I figure if I did it before and it shot clear across the room that I can do it again. Scared the crap out of me. I Had no idea until my Hubby got this huge smile on his face that it was alright. Don’t worry we’ve been practicing, lol..Thanks Dawn.. 🙂


          • Wow! I’m looking forward to the day it happens to me too then!
            My squirting is nothing as impressive as this. Maybe take some pressure off by realising squirting can be much smaller than this and still feel good 🙂
            You don’t have to repeat what happened, take it in small steps 🙂


            • Dawn sex just gets better the older we get. And squirting is just another part. It’s what happens in between that counts. The fun, the connection, the playtime. Sex is what we make of it. And I’m making sure when I’m in my nineties I have lots of stories to tell, Ahahah..

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    • What do you mean you’re not allowed to say anything every time? You should be allowed to say or speak freely about your relationship, sex, and your sexlife in general. This way you both get what you want. I hope you let me know that you are alright. Hugs!!


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