What’s in Your Night Stand? Sexy Sunday #41

I don’t know about you but I have often wondered what other adults have in their unsuspecting bedside drawer’s.

So what’s in your nightstand? I thought for sure when I started this research that every adult would have at least one sex toy. Or some kind of erotic paraphernalia in a drawer next to their bed, Right?.

But that just wasn’t the case. In fact nightstand’s with drawers aren’t even the norm anymore. What’s up with that?

Then I thought maybe that’s what’s wrong with relationships these days. We all need a place to put our sexy stuff.  And it needs to be in a place where we can quickly lean over, open a drawer, and get at it when the mood strikes us.

If you’re not prepared for a night of hot passionate sex, then how do you expect to keep your relationship together?

I don’t think I could do without at least one drawer full of sexy stuff next to my bed.

I think most people who answered this question must have been confused as to what the question actually was. Because they talked about what they kept on top of their night tables. And maybe it’s because they had night tables and not actual nightstand’s with drawers is why these people don’t have much of a sex life.

This is only my opinion.

Most would agree that everyone needs a lamp and some sort of alarm clock/radio on their nightstand. Maybe even a picture in a nice frame.

But what people are actually keeping inside their drawers next to their beds is what confused the shit out of me.

Here’s what a hundred and two adults are keeping in their nightstand’s.

There were a lot of people thinking of safety when in their bedrooms. And I’m not talking about safe sex. I’m talking about keeping themselves and their loved ones safe in their own homes.

Such thing as large-caliber gun’s, the Smith & Wesson type and of course extra ammo. Then there were the knives, night vision glasses and my personal favorite, wasp spray.

Now don’t laugh just yet because I’ve heard of keeping wasp spray in your nightstand’s or bedroom’s. Yes, this is a women thing.  One can will shoot 25′ feet.  And that can stop an intruder without actually killing them in their tracks. So wasp spray is actually not a bad idea if you ask me.

It’s perfectly normal to want to feel safe when you’re sleeping. I prefer the shot-gun I keep under my bed. Yes if my Sir is not there I do know how to shoot. My dad taught me. Just the lock and load sound is enough to scare anyone off.  I also have a golf club next to my nightstand just in case. But that’s just me.

Now for the rest of the things that adults keep in the nightstand’s. Hold onto your hat, I made a list:

CD’s, books, lube, flashlights, glasses, laptops, mints, candy, crayons, pens, journals, bibles, jewelry, hand cream, condoms, iPad, candles, paper work, lip balm, junk, coloring books, screw drivers, pipe wrench, retainer, laser pointer, x-box controllers, glow sticks, lipstick, ear plugs, paperclips, nail clippers, make-up, the remote, batteries, Vick’s vapor rub, tissues, Kindle, stuffed animals, socks, foot ointment, vibrator, money, change, mini bullet, brushes, hair ties, socks, undies, bra’s, Viagra, mustard packets, edible speedo’s, a jar of hot peppers, and a half a ham sandwich.

Really? This is what’s wrong with couples these days. Because anyone that’s having sex on a regular basis does not have stuffed animals, mustard packets, a laser pointer to amuse the cats, or a jar of hot peppers in their night stand. Not to mention the half of a ham sandwich.

Out of the hundred or so adults who answered this question only ten had something sexy or semi sexy in their drawer’s.

This is what’s going on in master bedrooms all over the world.

The first thing that came to my mind was; Houston I do believe we have a problem! It’s no wonder relationships are falling apart.

A great Sex life is a major part of any great relationship. Not for nothing but if anyone was to open just the top drawer of my nightstand there would be no doubt what so ever that we are having a lots of very pleasurable fantastic sex.

So I thought I would make all of you who have no idea what kind of tools you really need to keep in your nightstand’s a list. Now I’m not talking about tools such as pipe wrenches, and screw drivers. I’m talking about Sexy tool’s. These are what everyone needs to get the sexual party started.  And to keep it going for years to come you’ll have to add to it and have more than one drawer.

You see when you’re serious about something you need the right tools. Weather its cooking, painting, building a deck, or having sex, we all need tools. And the kind of tools I’m talking about are fun to buy and even more fun to use.

These are just the Basics in bedroom tools.  And these tool’s are what you will need to bring your sex life back from the brink of destruction.

So here goes, you will need: Vibrator’s, assorted sizes and shapes. And of course extra batteries. A Magic wand that plugs in with assorted attachments. At least one Blindfold. Of course Lube,both water based and silicone. Massage oils and bars to relax your partner after a long work week.  Leather cuffs, Dildo’s, anal plugs, condoms, and Nipple clamps.

Of course if you look in my Sir’s drawer’s that’s where you will find the heavy-duty artillery. But for now you only need the basics.

Get it together people. Look through your night stand. You’ll know if it’s sexually pitiful or not.

It’s never too late to show your spouse that you love, want, and desire them. And it could all start with the nightstand that you turn into the pleasure chest next to the bed.

I hope you all have a very Sexy Sunday. And don’t forget the lube. .






17 thoughts on “What’s in Your Night Stand? Sexy Sunday #41

    • Yup! I was shocked too. I thought the jar of hot peppers was bad until I read that, ahhaha.. It’s no wonder why people are NOT having sex. They are too busy eating, playing games with the cat or x-box, and reading. Now if they are reading erotic romance then I can see where that can get the juices flowing. Making your bedroom a sexy sanctuary is one way to get rid of that ham sandwich, haahah.. Thanks for posting KittyKat.. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. we have a night stand…but the drawers don’t hold near enough. we keep the lube in there, but we have a box and are probably going to upgrade to something larger….the collection is outgrowing our storage capacity!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We are in the same boat Emerging Dom, Sir wants a wardrobe, closet, where everything is at his finger tips. We each have two large drawers that are overflowing. When I go through mine I’m always finding things I forgot about. It just shows that we are the humpers instead of the ho hum humpless. Thanks for stopping by.. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • We’ve been looking at wardrobes and armoires too. We’ve had to go through our collection a few times and do some spring cleaning, even as we have a lot of stuff on our wish list. Thing is for all those ho hum humpless people, even a simple $25-50 a month can turn their frowns upside down – what a great investment!

        Liked by 1 person

        • You can say that again. And the online stores can save them some $$ too. There’s always some kind of coupon to help these couples get started on a sexlife that can only get better. I love it when my Sir surprises me with a new toy. Unlike flowers these are the kind of presents that give back, they are investments in your relationship.

          Not to mention the fact that if your husband or Sir is out buying something new or ordering online, he’s always thinking of ways to better your sexlife. Which means lady’s that he’s thinking of you. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t put an order in and surprise him too. Here’s a thought: Christmas is coming. What’s on your spouses wish list? lol..And for those reading this make sure you check out EmergingDom’s page for all kinds of how too’s and kinky things that can only keep your sexlife exciting and new. 🙂


    • I agree, What else is the nightstand for? If not for sexy stuff than what? Certainly not a half of a ham sandmich, Yes I spelled that correctly, Its more fun to say it that way, ahahah..Thank you Nipster Sir, for always making sure my nightstand is full of all kinds of sexy things.


  2. Great post Annie! Lol, it doesn’t surprise me that you know how to use a shotgun! You totally rock. Um, my nightstand, hmm, well, I know I have lip plumper cream and hand cream, as for the rest, who knows but I’ll find out soon when I purge the drawer to pack it, lol, perhaps I’ll let you know then what long time goodies are stored there. ❤

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    • To tell the truth I’d much rather swing that golf club if I have too. That shotgun has a kick that will leave a bruise, haha.. Not to mention the hole it would put in the target and Oh that mess I would have to clean up.. Anyway, If you don’t already know what’s in that nightstand it’s time for you and hubby to get some new toys. Just start with one purchase. Tell him you’d like a magic wand for Christmas, and get him the gift that will make you both feel sexy, a nice piece of lingerie. Both are the gifts that keep on giving. 😉 😉

      By this time next year I should have your mind corrupted enough to where your nightstand will be packed with all kinds of goodies. And your hubby will be so glad we connected too! Life is good Deb, we have to live life to the fullest and while we can still get our legs over their shoulders. Ahahah.. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

        • That’s right, Use it or lose it!!! After I posted that I was hoping you didn’t have a mouth full of iced tea or anything while you read it. ahaha.. Life is good and it’s only gonna get better..You are gonna need to visit your BFF a lot more once I get to Sarasota.. Love you Too!!! ❤

          Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for stopping by and for reading my post. I’ve been away for awhile.
      Life has a way of making us stop and smell the roses so to speak.
      In the mean time there is a years worth of sexy post for you to read and share. There is also so many amazing blogs that I follow for you to check out.
      I plan on coming back strong for 2016. Hugs!!!


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