The Journey, Sexy Sunday #40


The journey starts with Love, respect, sex, communication, trust,and  honesty,  These are the five keys that every couple needs to keep their love connection. Without just one your relationship will start to crumble.

Yes foreplay along with a compliment in the morning is a great way to start the day and it shows love, & respect.

Now I don’t know about  the rest of you ladies out there but I love it when my Sir reaches over in the morning and starts touching me and my lady parts. It’s the best way to start your day. But afterwards I’m still going to need my coffee..


This is exactly what I mean by having a Sexy Sunday. Just Go for it! You have nothing to lose.

sexuality is the only way I want to be violated.


The way he Playfully talks to you is foreplay and flirting. And the more he does it you will not be able stop wanting it as much if not more than he does.

Sometimes taking your clothes off is opening up and baring your soul. Just Remember that you love each other. And letting your partner in sexually is part of being in a committed relationship.

But Sex is the easy part. Letting go is the hard but necessary next step. Open up and tell your partner what your fears are. This is where you will see just how patient he can be. He will wait till you’re ready because he knows once you do let go it will be a gift that keeps on giving and not just for him but for the both of you.

As you evolve and you let your inhibitions go the real fun begins. It’s your turn to show him that two can play this seductive game. Let your imagination take you places you never thought you would go. I bet you’ll even surprise yourself. And he will be in awe as he watches your sexy side unfold.

And If you both  make sure the lines of communication stay open, than it’s the sky’s the limit.

Make sure you discuss boundaries too. They can always change as you both move forward in with your sexual scenes.  Just have fun with this part of your new-found sex life.  And remember that Laughter is important. Sex can be planned but doesn’t always go as planned.

Now that you’ve opened up and you’re enjoying each other more, You’ll realize that you should have done this sooner. Because not only will your sex life be amazing. But your relationship will grow in leaps and bounds too.

You’ll both want to spend more time with each other. You’ll be more affectionate, and life just gets a little easier.

And you  will also know when the time is right to up the sexual ante.  The fun part  is knowing that there’s always something new to try. Sex doesn’t have to ever get boring again.

Remember that you always have some sort of control. Pick a safe word. Red is good as its universal and means stop now. Yellow means stop and discuss then move forward. Green means go baby go!

And now that you’ve dropped your inhibitions you put complete trust  in your partner.  Pat yourself on the back because It’s not an easy thing to do.  But if you can let him take the reins,The sex will be more passionate than you ever thought possible.

At this point I can’t stress to you enough just how important communication is to your ever evolving sex life.  Keeping the lines of communication open will make it a lot easier when and if you both decide to take the next step. Yup there’s always a next step. But there’s no hurry. Take it easy and enjoy your new-found seductive ways. You will both know when it’s time to add something else to stimulate your now uninhibited sexy side. Slow down tiger, You’ve only just begun.



It’s your sex life. So do what makes you happy. If you want to keep doing that vanilla missionary style every Wednesday, then by all means stay the course.

But you’ve come so far. You don’t really want to go back to that boring ho-hum stuff. Now’s the time to as they say to Kick the Kink up another notch. The best part of this is that you and your partner get to decide what spices and how much to add to this pot of sensual desire soup.

As I’ve said talk to each other. There’s no hurry. You’ve done the hard part and let your inhibitions go. Now savor the taste of sexual freedom for a while. Get to know each others bodies again.

Together do some more research on what you would like to try next.

For years It’s my Sir that’s been doing the research for us.  Of course I now do research too, but only because I write erotic romance books.

But before I wrote my first romance novel it was up to my husband to bring the new and exciting sex to our table.  He likes doing the research.  Mike also likes surprising me with new and exciting sexy things.

He’s the reason our sex life has always been steamy.  When ever my Sir saw things getting just a little too stale he would slowly start to switch things up. Just by adding some new toys. Or even suggesting we try this or that it made the difference. I really appreciated that he never pushed me into anything. And he was ready for me the day I asked him for help.  I had just had my hysterectomy and I wanted to add some kink to our sex life. But my libido was on the fritz.

Now I know I’ve told this story before but it’s worth repeating. Especially if someones feeling the way I was. That Sir of mine is a smart man, and he knew just what to do and went to the store and was back in fifteen minutes with a box called Zestra. For those ladies that need some extra help getting your libido started that slippery stuff is great.

I was the one holding back. I had to put complete trust in my husband. Then I let go of those stupid inhibitions. I must have been ready because at that time in my life it was easy. I only wished I had done it sooner.   I realized there was nothing wrong with letting them go. And I didn’t waste any more time.  I knew I had nothing to lose and so much pleasure to gain.   It’s the best thing I ever did.

I hope the little journey I took you all on this week helps you and your partner with your sex life.

Have a Sexy Sunday and Don’t forget the lube..

3 thoughts on “The Journey, Sexy Sunday #40

    • So glad you liked it. And YES! Once you introduce some kink into your bedroom there’s no going back. Ahaha.. Vanilla is just um Vanilla, Lol.. Kink is so much more..Thanks Pandora, Hugs!!!

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