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Do you need help with your relationship, something sexual or both?

I’m here to help! Ask me anything. If you don’t want to post here on my blog then you can e-mail me at

I promise to do what ever research is needed to help you get to the bottom of your relationship and or sexual situation.

I’m here to help.. Hugs All!!! 🙂

12 thoughts on “As me a Question?

  1. OK, here’s one: How come men when they first get together with you they are able to get it up and cum a few times in one day and then when they are with you for a while, (like months or even a couple of years) it’s still very sexy but he seems to be exhausted after one round?

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    • Great Question Ocean, The way I look at this is when you first start dating it’s about the chase. He doesn’t have you yet. We are all shiny and new. Then as time goes by they know they have us. They’re tired after work. And It’s not that they don’t love us. They still think we are beautiful, and lovely. But Watch their face when we get dressed up. They can’t keep their hands off of us. We come home from a night out and it’s a night of passionate sex like when we were first dating.

      This is what I’ve been talking about in my Sexy Sunday blogs. Men are visual beings. So we have to take pride in ourselves. If you did your nails before and now you don’t start doing it again. Try getting a Brazilian. Ahaha, Just talking about you getting one will perk up his member in no time.
      Keep spicing things up. And keep the lines of communication open. Flirt with him. Never ever put down his manhood. Ask him if he’d like to try something new. And Watch his face light up when he says what do you have in mind. Then say I don’t know lets research this together. Pay attention to what he’s drawn too. But never do something you aren’t comfortable with. Hows that for starters? I hope it helps, let me know how things go.. 🙂

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      • Thing is Annie, I have not changed. I still go out of my way to be shaved well and smelling good. My nails are always done. I just notice that he feels secure and no longer has to chase… When I meet him everything is in place. Have not gained a pound in the three years we’ve been together. He would tell you that every thing is great. I believe he is just not capable of sex at that level anymore.

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        • I don’t know what your relationship status is, Do you live together? Sounds like he’s just getting older. Maybe some stress at work? With men stress is a huge factor in their libido’s. It sounds like He’s still very much in love with you and he thinks everything is fine. Communication is the key to a happy and healthy relationship and sex life!
          Since you’ve been together for a few years you should be able to talk openly about your sex life. Is everything OK hon? Are you under some stress? Remember the good ole days when we used to go at it for hrs. Listen carefully, He should give you a clue in this answer.

          Men are different than women. Yes they talk a good game, but it’s the Women’s sexual appetite that peaks the older we get, I’d say our forties and fifties. Believe me when I say it just keeps getting better. Men’s prime is in their early twenties. And regardless of what they say, they do tend to slow down.

          You know him better than anyone. So maybe you’re right, Maybe he’s just not capable of sex at that level anymore. But that doesn’t mean he can’t give you the pleasure you want and deserve.

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          • Relationship Status: Both dating and Married to other people. We’ve been together almost 3 years.
            His wife is no longer interested in sex for the past 8 years. Mine is a marriage of convenience at this point.
            I agree, he’s probably only capable of sex 1-2 times a day now… 😉


            • What a complicated world you live in sweetie. I want to reach out and hug you. This can’t be easy on either of you. Why not just get divorced and be with each other? 1-2 times a day is pretty damn good, lol.. But I’m sure you aren’t with each other all the time. So when you are it must be wonderful and stressful at the same time. I am posting an angel note for you both. Hoping this long love affair comes together sooner rather than later.. 🙂


              • Thanks Annie! You’d be surprised how much we are together… travel in and out of the country. It is somewhat complicated and who knows where it will end…. There is a lot of high financial stuff involved with both he and I, and we both still “like” the people we are married to somewhat.


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