Romance Doesn’t Cost a thing is Sexy Sunday #39


I was so excited when I received a request from a follower to do a post on Romance Under Twenty Dollars. So I got to thinking about this, Romance doesn’t have to cost a thing.

Romance is actually the things that cost the least and that make the most impression. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man we all just want to be loved.  and we all want our partners/spouses to show us how much they love us.

I remembered the day I woke up and saw written across my dining room table in chocolate candy kisses the words: I love you!

It didn’t cost much, about two fifty for a bag of candy kisses.  And this one small gesture is something I will always remember, for the rest of my life. Guys it really is about the little things. Romance is about the gesture.

Depending where you live this time of year you can take your spouse to watch a sunset or a sunrise. I know there’s a perfect spot to see the sun go down where ever it is that you live.

And believe me if you’ve never watched the sun come up with the love of your life then it’s time you did. Even if you have I bet it’s been a while and it cost nothing except the gas money it takes to get there. And It doesn’t matter if it’s the Sunrise or sunset, stop off at a Dunkin Doughnuts and grab two doughnuts with coffees to go and enjoy, that’s romance.

Don’t forget to bring a blanket. Mornings as well as dusk tend to get cool. And you also never know when the mood is going to strike. A blanket is always a good thing to have in the car.

Romance is as easy as a milkshake with two straws. A note in his lunch, or a text message with a picture of you in one of his dress shirts and heels. It’s also giving and getting respect. It’s all those little things that you both do to make each other happy.

Romance can be as easy as when your spouse makes you your first cup of coffee in the morning without you having to ask. Or when they cover you up because you’ve fallen asleep on the sofa or chair.

It can also be that you signed him up for one of those free DIY work shops at his favorite home improvement store.  Of course you go along with him. Because as long as you’re both together it really shouldn’t matter what it is that you’re doing.

Romance is holding hands as you walk down the center of town, or though the mall. It’s saving that last cookie or piece of pie because you know it’s his or her favorite. It’s the way he holds your coat out for you so that you can put it on. It’s the little things.

Here’s something that cost nothing that you both can do. The next time you are waiting for a doctor’s appointment or waiting in line at the motor vehicles office, start writing some fun questions in your I-phone. You both can do this, each have your own questions that you keep adding too. It’s just something silly that cost nothing but can spark conversation as well as laughter and it’s fun.

1) I  knew I liked you when?

2)I  knew I loved you when?

3) The song that reminds you of me is?

4) Your favorite thing about me is?  And so on..

Of course it’s up to you to make up the questions. Then the next time you both go and get an ice cream cone while sitting on a bench, you can both start playing the question game. Who knows you just may learn something about the other that you didn’t already know. Keep adding to this list. You just may find that your spouse asked you if you have any more of those questions the next time you are waiting for something.

Romance can be as easy as going fishing with your man. Think of it as a few hours of making him happy.  Bring a couple of peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches and some bottled water and your all set. Even if you never pick up the rod, sitting by a lake or on a dock with your honey soaking up the sun and talking about life can be a great way to show him how much you love him.

Maybe your partner loves art or history. A museum usually only ask for a donation.  But it could cost you about seven bucks each. While walking around the museum look for that one spot to make this art stuff more interesting.  You see where I’m going with this one right? Going to a museum can be more fun than you ever expected, wink, wink..

Going out and finding something to do for under twenty dollars usually involves food. And that’s Ok.  Food makes people happy. But so do sunrises and sunsets. And DIY workshops. Those workshops or the fishing can show him that you want to do things he likes. I don’t know about you but I love to fish. I also know some other women that love it too. Not to mention that we are pretty darn good at it too. Show your man what you can do and he will be so proud that he tells everyone.

One of the best parts of going fishing with your man is when you get home from that fishing trip.  There’s nothing like getting into a hot shower together and washing the day away. That can also lead to some sexy fun.  And afterwards some extra special cuddling ending with a nap.

Romance may not be shopping to a man. But take him to a dollar store and see how his eyes light up. Men like a bargain. And if shopping in a Dollar Tree makes you both happy and you’re not spending a fortune, he will see shopping is like fishing to a man,  It’s all about making the one you love happy.

There are also things to do that really don’t cost anything. Relaxing while watching a romantic comedy or a movie you both like. Dancing in the rain. Or just the way he looks at you can be romantic. When a man tells you that you are beautiful and you’re wearing sweats, no make-up, and your hair is up in a pony tail. Well that’s love. And love is romantic.

Romance is really about being together. Making each other laugh. The way he says your name can be romantic. or if he calls you sugar or some other pet name, Its romantic.


Romance is the way he holds your face when he kisses you. Or how he makes sure you are alright while you’re having sex. The way he pinches your nipples as he walks on by. The way you look at him and he looks back with that sexy as hell smirk, Yea that’s romance and love. And it’s amazing to have both.

Romance is knowing that the person you’re with has your back and you have their’s no matter what.

Romance is when you both look at each other and you see that you can still make each other smile.  Knowing your spouse/partner is happy and that they make you happy is really all you can ask for in life.

Living your life with the one you love and making sweet memories is what life and true romance is all about. If your spouse does something that makes you say awe its romantic.

And Surely every romantic relationship wouldn’t be complete without the sex.  But you already knew that doesn’t cost a thing.

I hope you all have a sexy Sunday and of course don’t forget the lube.




8 thoughts on “Romance Doesn’t Cost a thing is Sexy Sunday #39

  1. I agree real romance is really inexpensive. I love your ideas! Some I have had the experience with and some are new to me. I would love if J did some of these. Thanks! Happy Sexy Sunday to you 🙂


    • You can show him this blog and see what happens. Guys think they have to spend lots of money for a romantic night. But that’s not the case. Romance really is the simple little things that we do for each other every day. I started this post with a list of thing that cost under twenty buck that we all can do. But as I got to the bottom I scrapped it. So at six this morning I was typing away, lol. It’s not about spending one dime. Romance is about spending time together. The hugs in the kitchen, the stolen kisses when you’re not expecting one. The kind gesture of opening the car door. Holding hands in public. Can you believe that there are still men that won’t hold hands in public? With me and my Sir it’s automatic. His hand is always there when I reach for it. What is it with some men. Being a Gentlemen is something that’s taught from a young age. Maybe along with cunnilingus class, men should have to go to Gentlemen’s class. Sorry for the vent, but that felt good. 😀

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  2. Love, love this post! Every word you wrote, absolute truth! My special favourite is ‘the way he hold your face”. That one really touched me because I learned that deep affection when I was dating my husband and he’d always hold my face when we kissed, it sent powerful feelings of caring. 🙂


    • Aww, I love hearing about other couples in love. And romance really doesn’t cost much or anything at all. When a man holds your face and kisses you it’s the real deal. And every woman that’s ever been kissed like this knows what I’m talking about. He’s all in. Priceless is what I think. Thanks for the comment D.G. I never get tired of hearing what you have to say..:-)

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