My Review of Ceres G Vibrating Massager


Hello Gorgeous!


My Goodvibes secret Santa Andy sent me something new to review. And with the week I’ve had this gift couldn’t have come at a better time.  I was pleasantly surprised that Andy had chosen the Ceres G Massager thrilled is more like it.  This would be my first G-spot stimulating sex toy. That’s not saying I don’t have plenty of vibrators.  But non specifically for the G-spot.

After getting it out of the envelope I was also impressive with the box. It even won an Ovan award for outstanding packaging.With all the thought that went into the packaging I only hoped that the Keys Ceres G Massager would be a great addition to my toy chest. I couldn’t get the smile off my face.  In bold letters on the center of the box it said, Hello Gorgeous. I thought what a smart way to introduce a vibrator to a woman.

At this point I just wanted to see what was in the beautiful box.  Once I put the Ceres G Massager in my hand I couldn’t believe how sleek and smooth the silicone coating was. The end looked a little large but that can also be a good thing if you know what I mean.  I looked over to see my Sir had one of those sexy smirks on his face. And he was one step ahead of me and headed straight for the draw for two AA batteries.

As soon as Sir put the batteries in and clicked the top with his thumb I was immediately impressed at how quiet she was. Yes I’m calling this one she. She’s just so sleek, and pretty. And the turquoise beauty had my engine going before she even touched my lady parts. I saw that my Sir was enjoying watching me as he couldn’t ‘take his eyes off of me.

While trying to read the box and enclosed pamphlet I started thumbing through the seven different patterns of vibes. Each was exciting in her own way. The pulses were strong and the constant vibes were even stronger. But I was disappointed that She only had one speed. But with seven patterns I knew I could find at least one or two that would get my juices flowing.

  1. Standard Vibration
  2. Rumbles
  3. Wave: continuous pulses that rev up and down
  4. Pulses
  5. Throb: 2 big pulses and then 3 smaller ones, repeat
  6. Flutter: Pulses, but every pulse, well, flutters
  7. Tease: one long pulse, pause, followed by a short one, repeat

I didn’t want to wait any longer than I had too to try her out.

This vibrating massager was turning me on. I couldn’t help but run my hand up and down the ultra smooth, sleek, and smooth vibrating shaft.  I knew she was either going to be amazing, or she was going to be a huge disappointment. I so wanted her to give good lovin and was rooting for her.

So I didn’t waste any more time and took my pants off right there in my dining room. Then I opened the turquoise packet of Please Liquid lube that Andy was kind enough to send along with the Key Ceres G Massager. He also sent two other Please packets, Gel and Cream. I figured the liquid was the way to go. I dripped the liquid Please on my clit and clicked the Key Ceres G massager just once. She didn’t waste any time revving my engine.  Nether did Sir who took me by the hand and guided me to the living room couch where he already had placed a towel, and he took control. It didn’t take long before I was screaming Oh yes! Oh My God Yes!

Then I thought I would see how she would do in the shower. After all she is waterproof.  And she gave me even more pleasure without skipping a beat. Well actually she did skip a beat because that’s the setting I clicked on next.

The settings on the Key Ceres G Messager eased me right into another OMG orgasm. I couldn’t help but giggle as the water ran down my back.

I can’t wait to explore the possibilities this amazing massager will bring to my G-Spot.

The one thing I need to say about this silky smooth vibrator is that the head on the end of the Ceres is quite large. Or at least it is for me. And that means when inserted I found it hard to just pull it out. Now I’m sure there are women that might need the head to be a bit larger than most vibes. I’m going to have to research this further and I will let you all know what I find out.

One thing is for sure: I knew the name Jopen was a name synonymous with quality. And now I believe without a doubt  that this manufacturer knows adult toys.

Battery Installation Information
The Ceres G Messager comes with a plastic tube in the battery cage. It is intended to keep the batteries from jumbling inside the toy. And there for keeps the vibrator quiet. There’s a catch:While the plastic cage keeps the toy from sounding like a plane taking off, the plastic makes the batteries very, very snug inside the toy. In other words, It can be difficult to remove the batteries from the toy.  I think its worth the hassle as this toy is whisper quiet.

At $70.00 I believe this beauty is a good buy. She gets the job done. Even though there’s only one speed I’m still giving this beauty five hearts. With seven settings I’m sure you will find at least two to get your own juices flowing.   ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Did I mention there’s a manufacturers one year warranty. keep the paper work. Don’t use silicone lube, water base lube is always best on your silicone toys. If you like silicone lube use a condom and clean the toy as soon as you are done using.

Once there enterJopen into the search, There’s

17 results for Ceres G-Spot Silicone Vibrators by Jopen.

Here’s what the manufacturers say

Experience the pleasure of G-spot stimulation with the Ceres G-Spot Silicone Vibrator. This vivacious vibe features a sleek, smooth silicone shaft with a bulbous tip curved for perfect G-spot positioning and seven vibration modes for a variety of sensual possibilities. Waterproof by design, Ceres is great for bath tub and hot tub adventures, and the simple push button control allows for ease of use anywhere, any time. As powerful as it is pretty, the Ceres G by Jopen is colorful complement to your amorous adventures.

Ceres G-Spot Silicone Vibrator
Silicone and ABS
7″ x 1 3/8″ (17.8cm x 3.5cm)
Uses two AA battery, not included – See more at:


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