Desire vs Arousal is Sexy Sunday # 38

Just because a woman is aroused doesn’t mean she desires sex. What’s all the mystery about? Why are they still doing studies on female arousal?

Women can get aroused by many things. And it could happen at any time of the day. We could be out buying shoes and feel that twinge between our legs. That doesn’t mean we want to jump the guy at the check out counter. We could also get a nice complement by some strange man and that could arouse us.

So I do a lot of research about sex. Not just for this blog but I am writing my second erotic book too. What pissed me off was reading what a sexologist had to say. Here’s the link just in case you want to read it too. But I’m just warning you, it might piss you off when you see what some sexologist are getting paid to do.

After putting a probe in a woman’s vagina and having them sit in a kind of sexologist movie theater they came to the conclusion that women under-reported  their experienced arousal while watching the animal channel. Yes according to some highly regarded sexologist women watching two bonobo monkey’s have sex are capable of experiencing physical signs of arousal without knowing they are aroused.

What? Did I read that right?  Monkey’s having sex is a turn on for women? Are they kidding me?  Whose paying these people?

I don’t know what really happened in this so-called sex study.  But I’ve never gotten aroused watching two monkey’s have sex. Or at least I don’t think I have. But then again I’ve never had a probe stuck in my vagina while I watched the animal channel on the big screen either. So I guess I’ll never know for sure will I?

What I was thinking is how freaky are these sexologist?

Why not just sit a good-looking male and sexy hot female in a room. Let them spend about thirty minutes with each other, no talking. Then have them get undressed facing each other. The sexologist should then have her hold his balls in her hands.  And ask him to lightly pinch her nipples. I can assure you that the sexologist would see that both would get aroused in no time at all. And it’s a good bet that these two sexy adults might even desire each other.

How did they come up with watching Monkey’s on a screen?  I can think of some better places to spend research money and I bet you can too.

If you want to know what turns a woman on and what sparks arousal and desire?  It’s the romance. It’s always been about the romance.  It’s also about the attention her partner gives to her. It’s that build up of romance where the guy is looking into her eyes and he’s moving her hair off her shoulder as he goes in for the kiss.  It’s paying attention to her and only her.  It’s time to Put that cell phone down. These are the kinds of things that can lead to an amazing night of passion.

Think of romance as foreplay. No that doesn’t mean you skip the buffet between her legs. Simmer down, you’ll get between her legs when you’ve surprised her with a flower and a dominant smile.  This will get her juices flowing.  It doesn’t take a dozen roses just one beautiful flower will do.

When was the last time you treated your woman as if she was your girlfriend? When was the last time you had a conversation with your her? Or asked her how she was doing?

Try talking to her about that romantic vacation you’ve always wanted to take her on. It’s a good way to put her at ease. Just don’t talk about the kids. That’s a mood breaker. And if you want your relationship to last don’t rush her just to get to the sex.

Making your woman feel special is what gets her aroused. Making a date for a romantic night can be all the anticipation a woman needs for her to desire you. The build up to the date is just like foreplay to a woman.

Think about it this way: a man gets an erection and he’s ready to go. But a woman needs her body caressed, her lips kissed, and she wants to hear sweet things come out of his/her mouth.  Saying things like you look amazing, and I love you will make her want and desire you.

Slow and steady is what gets her juices flowing every time. Try Munching on her lady parts through her panties. Tease her, watch how her body moves. Make the night about her. Of course you’ll cum too. She shouldn’t have to put your dick in her mouth every time. I’m sure there are times when she takes care of your needs and doesn’t worry about her own.  Make sure there are times it’s just about her.

Slowly undress her. You’ve seen the chic-flicks where the guy drops one bra strap on her shoulder and then kisses it and moves to her neck. Do It!

Take in her body slowly.  Go down on her by licking and kissing every inch of her body. From the lips on her face to the lips on her vagina. Slowly take her panties off and nibble around her clit. But don’t touch it just yet. Omg that drives a woman wild. Tease her some more and make her giggle as you lick that spot that tickles. Whisper in that sexy voice how much she turns you on. She won’t forget this night.

Listen to the sounds that she makes. Watch as her body moves and shudders with each lick. Work your way back down and touch her with your hands and fingers. Tweak her nipples softly before you put them in your mouth. Pay close attention to that clit of hers. It’s what keeps her juices flowing.

Remember she doesn’t want to be pounded. Well she does but not until she’s ready. When you hear the words fuck me come out of her mouth that’s when you can pound her. That’s also when you can pinch her nipples hard.  But before then keep the rhythm moving like the waves of the ocean. Back and forth, nice and easy does it.

This is how you get her aroused. These are things she desires. The next time she wants to watch that chic-flick, pay close attention to how the leading man takes care of that leading lady. Of course there’s no doubt women like and want kink too. But there are times when some good old-fashioned vanilla is what’s on the menu.

I hope you all have an extra special Sexy Sunday and for goodness sake, Don’t forget the lube.

11 thoughts on “Desire vs Arousal is Sexy Sunday # 38

    • Oh they’re interested my friend. It’s not everyday that you see a man with a member that could have it’s own cell phone number. Just post it. Just be respectful and Be proud!!


    • Well that depends on where you plan on posting it. I think if you’re going to talk about it then you might as well go ahead and give the people what they want. Sure they may say why are you posting that thing? But for sure they will not be able to look away. The average cock is 5.6″ long. So anything bigger than six inches should be posted. That’s just my opinion. It’s your cock and you do what you want with it. Just don’t be disrespectful of others. And always respect women. Be careful with that thing, You could shoot an eye out, lol… 🙂

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    • He Called me Sugar! Oh how I love you Sir, For a thousand years and then a thousand more. Do you even know how happy you make me? Can’t wait to start our life together in the sunshine state. All those new places to Ah-hem well you get the picture, giggling.. Forgot this was public, giggling some more. ❤ ❤ ❤


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