What’s So Sexy? Sexy Sunday # 36

I know it’s early but I’m going away. Enjoy your Sexy Sunday my wonderful sexy bloggers, friends, lovers, couples, followers. Make this Sexy Sunday count with your partner. Do something unexpected. Show them how sexy and spontaneous you can be.

What Men Love In A Woman and Think Is Sexy?

Let’s face it girls men love curves. So show them off because they want to see them. Try some yoga pants and cute top. Wearing baggy clothes should be reserved for those late nights when we’re watching a scary movie. Not for when we’re putzing around on a sexy Sunday afternoon.

Men love women who take care of themselves. They love our hair, the way it smells is important to a man.  Some sexy scents men love are vanilla, coconut, and sweet scents. Nothing over powering. Wearing your hair down is a turn on. But so is a high pony tail, side pony, or a braid.

Men love confident women. Preferably one with brains. Witty comebacks and a sense of humor are turn on’s.  Men find women that smile really sexy. They are not into women who pity themselves or have poor me syndrome. So hold your head up high and strut your stuff ladies. This is where confidence comes in. Remember that Power of the Pussy I wrote,lol.

They also want us to be passionate about something. Having our own thing is sexy to a man.

They love a woman who can see beauty in the simplest of things.  They also want what every woman wants and that’s respect. So give respect and you will get it. If you’re going out with a man who doesn’t respect you it’s time to find that someone who will. Sophistication when needed is sexy to a man. And men, it’s sexy to women too.

A nurturing woman is Sexy to a man.  Men want to be taken care of emotionally. They want us to listen to what they have to say. They want us to hug and kiss them when they’ve had a bad day. And they want us to know how to cook. Take out gets old real fast. So get on the internet and find some easy recipes if you want to keep your man happy.

Men love when a woman can be herself and let down go of her inhibitions. When she can show her submissive side they will pretty much do anything for us. They will give us the best sex of our lives if we show them we want it. Women also need to show their men that they’re willing to give them great oral sex. You give, you get. It’s that simple.

Here’s one more thing that men think is sexy. Men love women who wear sexy undies. Yes, so if you’ve gotten lazy ladies it’s time to throw out those granny panties.  Save them for when needed.  The rest of the month surprise him every time you take your clothes off with something pretty and Sexy.

Brains, confidence, witty, sophisticated, sense of humor, respect, nurturing, loving, hair down, high pony-tail, braids, passionate, submissive, scent, sexy panties and cooking.

What Women Love In A Man And Find Sexy.

Women love a man who’s confident in his own skin.

A man’s man who can also fix things is sexy. Dirty work boots are sexy too. Does anyone woman really understand the concept of a man who wears clean work boots?

When a man uses his eyes and gives his woman that certain sexy smirk, it can drive a woman right into his bed.

A sense of humor is important. Making your woman laugh everyday can keep a relationship strong.

Respecting your woman is a must. By Showing her respect you gain trust, honesty and your love grows. Disrespect her and she will shut down, resent you and move on.  There is never an excuse to disrespect a woman. In fact a real man will never disrespect his woman or any woman for that matter.

Women want to feel special all the times. Especially when out in public.  Show her that she’s the one you want no matter how long you’ve been with her.

The way you care for your woman is a turn on. So be attentive, Listen when she’s having a good day and when she’s having a bad day.

Always be a gentlemen. Opening the car door, Opening doors in general. Even helping her with her coat is a turn on. Every gentlemen knows basic manners

Women love a man who takes care of himself. Sure looks are important to a woman. But you don’t need six-pack abs for her to stay in love with you.  Put on some cologne. Brush your hair and teeth. Make sure your clothes are always clean and neat. Putting in the effort and showing her that you are still that man she fell in love with goes a long way.

Now there are men out there that think money is all they need to get a woman and to keep her satisfied. In most cases women want a man who has a good Job. They want to know that he can take care of his family.

Bragging about money is a turn off. A man who’s always talking about himself and his money tells a woman that the only person he will ever truly love is himself.

If you always treat your woman like you’re dating her she will love you forever. Most women want the simple things in life. Sure there is the exception to the rule. The women that want the money, mansions, and red bottom shoes will never be happy. These are material girls. Lose your job and your money and you will lose your material girl.

We all have to grow up sometime. Women don’t want to go out with or too be married too a man-child.

Women want a man who’s great with kids, who wants kids of his own.  And if she has kids she wants him to be willing to love her children like his own. That’s a turn-on.

The way a man treats his family, friends and others around him can be a turn on. If he’s kind to everyone he knows even strangers it shows he has morals.

Great sex, women want a man who does his homework. We want a man who isn’t afraid of our lady parts. A man who can go down on his woman and love every moment of it is a man who will keep his woman happy.

A man that is not afraid to romance his woman is sexy as hell. The way a man kisses his woman can and should be sexy.

A take charge in the bedroom man is a sexy as hell man. Women love to be taken. Even if it’s three in the morning. Any man who can gently and lovingly take control of his woman’s body, one who carefully positions her body to his advantage and doesn’t need her to do anything but enjoy the ride is a man that will hear; More please!

Confidence, cologne, Respect, Job, trust, being attentive, listening. sense of humor, personality, man’s man, Mr. fix it, Take charge of the sex, romance, and of course love.

That’s my post for this week. I hope you all have a Sexy Sunday. And don’t forget the lube.

I know this post is a little early. I’m off to Long beach island for the week. Going to spend some quality time with family and friends. My mom and sisters with their families are coming for the long weekend. Hoping the weather holds out. This will be our last trip to my beloved Jersey shore.


10 thoughts on “What’s So Sexy? Sexy Sunday # 36

    • I’m back Billy, It was an amazing week. We walked on the beach everyday. Spent time with family, took some great pictures with my Mom who has Cancer. And we laughed, drank, and ate a lot. Once everyone left we needed a day to rest up. Then we had some real fun, he he.. I love the sound of the waves crashing down while we’re having sex. The Jersey shore is one of my favorite places on earth. But that’s probably the last time I will see it. If all works out the way we’ve planned, Next stop is Florida. Yikes it’s exciting and scary at the same time. Thanks for always reading my blog, Hugs for you Ballsybilly!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jersey shore sounds fab. I’ll have to see it some day.
        Sounds like you had a great time 🙂
        My prays go out to your Mom!
        Florida..Been there, done that.. Loved it, but wouldn’t want to live there. Too much humidity for me.
        Great place to vacation though.
        Back @ you with the Hugs.


        • Billy thanks for the prayers for Mom. She is a strong Jersey girl and is holding her own. The Jersey shore is a great place. I’ve lived here my entire life. Going down the shore is a way of life for every Jersey family. But renting a shore house can be expensive. So we’ve been renting in Oct for nine years. The weather is great and price is right. Plus there’s no crowds. You basically have the beach to yourself. I posted some pics on my Facebook pages. Spending time with family was great. And seeing the smile on my Mom’s face made it that much better. As for Florida I need the warmth.Living with chronic pain the cold is like having knives stabbing your back 24/7. The humidity? I can handle as long as we’re near the beach. And there’s always air conditioning, lol. We also have friends there. It’s also where my Mom wants to be. So we are looking forward to spring. No worries Billy, We’re going to be fine.

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  1. You are an amazing writer. these words are so true, if more couples would learn from your post there would be a lot more people with smile’s on there faces great job!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well I have to say you are a little bias, haha.. But I love you for taking the time to stop by. That blog of yours is hot! I don’t know where you’re finding those pics but I can see why your so damn horny. I will love you for a thousand years and then a thousand more. xo..

      Liked by 1 person

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