10 Commandments For Every Relationship, Sexy Sunday #35

1] Listening,

 Ok, I know I’m always promoting communication. But what if I told you to stop talking and start listening to what your partner has to say. You just might learn a few things that you never knew. Sometimes we are so busy talking that we’re not listening to a word our partners are saying. What ever the conversation is about nothing gets accomplished if someone isn’t listening. 

2] Affection,

When we first start dating we are all over each other. We can’t stop touching, it’s like your partner is a drug and you must have them. Stop making the effort and the urge fades. A disconnect happens and most find it hard to get back too that comfortable place where we need to touch and be touched.

Relationships take work. It takes a constant effort. If we disconnect or lose the affection then we lose the emotional part of our relationships too.  It really doesn’t take much to keep that connection going.

While out in public hold hands. Sit next to each other. Look into each others eyes. Try sending a text during the day. A simple I love you, or I’m thinking about you, is all it takes to keep that emotional connection going. Showing your partner you care takes a little effort. But it will keep you both connected for years to come.

3] Staying focused.

Where there once was two now there’s three, four or more. Your relationship started with just the two of you. Just because you have a family doesn’t mean you forget about each other. It’s up to both of you to keep that connection strong.

That hello and goodbye kiss as you leave or come home is so important. Also Doing things without the kids is essential to staying focused on each other. Even if’ it’s just to get an ice cream cone or cup of coffee at the diner. That hour away with just your honey will make a huge difference in your relationship.

And if you think it won’t start thinking to that day when you are dropping your last child off at college.  Without that constant connection  you’ll both look at each other wondering who that other person is.  Staying focused on your relationship is not only important to you and your spouse, but it’s also important to your kids. If they see Mom and Dad being affectionate they will take that with them. If they see no connection what kind of relationship do you think they’ll have?

4] Laughter,

Life is always kicking us in the ass. And no couple is immune to life’s miseries. But if we can find a way to laugh at life when the chips are down we can get through almost anything. Relationships enriched with humor and laughter are usually solid ones.

Lets face it a good sense of humor is attractive. It might even be what attracted you to your partner.  Couples who play and laugh together have a stronger bond and are able to overcome stressful issues more easily.

Laughter is important in any relationship. Laughter also releases chemicals in our brains like Oxytocin which is sometimes called the love hormone or cuddle drug. We all know that laughter through the good times and the bad brings us closer together. So the more you laugh the more Oxytocin your brain will produce and the happier your relationship will be.

 5] Compromise/Acceptance,

Accepting each other is crucial. But that mean accepting everything about your partner,  the good, the bad, and the ugly. Accepting the things you have in common is the easy part. The things that make our partners unique can be the thing that get on our last nerve after while.

To succeed in any relationship there has to be compromise and change. So maybe you’re not going to agree on everything, that’s Ok. As long as we accept our partners way of thinking and not judge them for having a different point of view, we can live with difference.

No two people are always going to see everything the same exact way. But as long as you keep the lines of communication open and don’t let what’s bothering you fester your relationship will flourish. You can be different and still be compatible.

Compromise doesn’t mean you give up who you are. It just means that you adapt and grow into an even better person.

Aristotle says, A good compromise is a positive way to ensure you’re stretching and strengthening your soul so that you can grow into your best possible self and increase your overall happiness.

Just don’t let something fester for too long or it will turn into resentment. Paradise can turn into anger and talk of divorce real quick if you let it.


When we start our relationships we tend to hold back until we know for sure that this relationship is going somewhere. And if we want our relationships to blossom we need to be open and honest.  This goes both ways. We worry that if we open up we are going to be judged. And we are afraid of losing this person.

But most times what you’re worried about telling your new-found love is not going to send them running for the hills. You have to remember that they also had a life before you. That means that they have things their afraid to open up about too.

Just be open and honest from the get go.  That way you won’t have to worry about your friends saying something embarrassing to your new friend. No matter what your friends will always find a way to embarrass you. Be honest about that crazy night when you drank all those shots of Patron, got naked and then danced on the Tiki bar. We’ve all done things we’re not proud of.

Remember some of the things that happened in our lives were just out of our control.  We may have had an abusive husband or a controlling wife. If your new guy or gal can’t handle hearing these things then it’s better that you know now. Other wise it could be a year of so down the road before you find out he or she is not the kind of person you want in your life. Honesty is always the best policy.


You have to Respect yourself in order for others to respect you. If you are constantly putting yourself down you can’t expect others to lift you up.

We all teach others how we want to be treated. If you hold your head up high and don’t let anyone disrespect you then others will see that. You are in a new relationship. So do not let this new person disrespect you. One sign of disrespect get up and leave.

Respect also has to be earned. When we give respect we get it back.A relationship without respect just can’t move forward.

If you find that this new-found lover is trying to control you, or trying to change who you are, then bells and whistles should be going off inside your head. Get out Now! Should be screaming at you from the inside of your brain.

Respect is one thing you cannot compromise on. It’s either there or it isn’t. You are in control of your own destiny.

8] Flirting,

When was the last time you flirted with your partner? I don’t mean smiled from across the room. I mean walked up to your guy at the bar, twirled your hair, looked into his eyes, then whispered into his ear what you were going to do to them on the way home in the car, and then walked away.  Of course you turned around just to see that smile on his face.

This is flirting. We all love that feeling we get when our partner is flirting with us. Especially when we are out in public with them. It’s that extra special feeling we get when our lover winks at us.  Or when we are siting in a restaurant with another couples and he starts touching us under the table.You know ff we try to stop him he will make a scene. He counts on you knowing that.

Just remember guys, women can touch under the table too.

9]  Supporting independence. 

Sure it’s great to spend time with the one person who loves us for who we are. But there are times that we all need to get away. The girls need a girls night out. And the guys need to go do what guys do.

As long as you respect each other and have trust, honesty and communication there shouldn’t be any problem with having your freedom. There’s also freedom in doing our own hobbies. I like to garden, take photographs, and my hubby likes to fish and make fishing tackle.

We all need time apart from one another in order to come together. In fact it’s healthy to be able to go and do your own thing. Any partner who questions you wanting to go to that yoga class or that fishing expo has insecurities, or doesn’t trust you. If you can’t trust your partner or don’t want your partner to have any outside hobbies or interest there’s going to be problems.

We shouldn’t expect our partners to want to do everything that we want to do. We are all individuals. Having the freedom to paint or go out with the girls for a few drinks to catch up or to let our hair down makes us happy.

And I love it when the guys meet up with us later. There’s nothing like getting picked up by your spouse in front of strangers. They walk in to the club and of course me and my girls are usually in the mood for some male bonding by then.

10] Sex! 

It goes without saying. But I’ll say it anyway just in case you forgot. Sex is one of the most important aspects in any successful relationship. Without sex that bond isn’t there. There’s something missing. Sex make our relationships exciting.

When we first meet we needed sex to make that physical connection. Our bodies tingle with just a look or simple touch. And we want it, need it, crave it.

You also know that unless there’s a medical reason and you can’t have sex,  sex is going to happen. And It’s either going to be the best or the worst sex you’ve ever had.

Sure we can play with ourselves and we do. But Sex just isn’t fun without a partner. I mean don’t get me wrong, giving yourself an orgasm is fucking fantastic. But knowing that you don’t have too always go it alone makes the sex even better. Does that make sense?

Now when we finally find that one special person who we love and they love us back we should want to have sex with this person.  They should be that someone who can give us an orgasm like we’ve never had before. And it should feel amazing every time.  Just knowing that they can do it again and again night after night makes sex and that relationship grow stronger the and that connection becomes one that shouldn’t be able to be broken.  It’ just keeps getting better. We all need and crave that kind of human touch.

Our lives feel complete when we have that special connection. A good relationship does comes down to communication, trust, honesty and the sex. We have to constantly work on our relationships.  We all change as life moves on.  And so our relationships change too.  And If the sex’s non existing or not that good we have to work on it and fix it. If we don’t one of you will wind up moving on. It’s that simple.

Ladies If you haven’t already found that one person who can give you pleasure by nibbling and tasting your lady parts then it’s time you did. And guys you need a lady that will want to go down on your manhood and pleasure you. Life is too short to be playing with yourself night after night.

Stop being picky. If you’re waiting for that supermodel you’re going to have a long lonely life. Give that woman you’ve had your eye on for the last six months a chance.

And ladies Johnny Depp is taken. But the man who says hello to you each morning as you get your coffee has been waiting for you to make eye contact. So look up at him. You just might find that the one you’ve been longing for has been right there in front of you the entire time.

I hope you all have a very Sexy Sunday and don’t forget the lube..





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