Oral Sex Positions that Will Make Her Quiver

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Oral Sex Positions That Will Make Her Quiver

Oral sex positions can make a regular cunnilingus session turn into a leg shaking, world-rocking one. Here’s a few oral sex positions to use to turn the heat up!

The best oral sex positions are ones that both you and your partner love. The following positions are offered to give you more ideas and inspiration, with the added bonus that some offer relief of neck, shoulder and jaw pain and others may heighten sexual pleasure in one or both of you.

The Standard

This is the one that most people use and for good reason is one that is familiar: woman on her back, partner in between her legs.

Her Body Positioning

The woman should lie flat on her back with her knees spread apart and bent, with her feet on a solid surface. It’s easier if her feet are closer together than her knees are, because then she can push against whatever she’s lying on to increase pressure and control how much stimulation she receives, but it’s not possible to do this all the time, so don’t worry about it too much when first starting out.

Make sure that her back is flat as well, so that the small of her back is against the floor, bed, or whatever she’s lying on. Contrary to many adult films, an arched back only looks good but it doesn’t help her get any closer to an actual orgasm. With some of the oral sex techniques mentioned, you’ll want to have one of your hands along the small of her back to make sure that she’s pushing against it slightly, thus tilting her pubic region in your general direction. If she’s having problems getting her back flat and flush, prop her head and chest up with some pillows, place one hand on her Mons Pubis and one on the small of her back, and gently push her pelvis down into your lower hand. This should be a comfortable position for her, especially when she’s relaxed.

If you find that your neck gets tired during oral sex, you can prop up her buttocks only (not her lower back) so that her pelvis is tilted even further forward, bringing her vulva closer and at a better angle for you to get to work. It may also be easier if she is on a bed, towards the edge, and you are kneeling on the floor.

Leg Over The Shoulder

 Pretty much as it sounds, the woman is flat on her back like The Standard, but puts one or both of her legs over her partner’s shoulders. In this position, a woman has a lot of leverage and can control how much stimulation she receives. Plus, it opens up the entire pelvic area to someone who is trying to access all the wonderful parts held within, so it’s perfect when you want a better look at what’s going on. Finally, women seem to really love this oral sex position to feel even more connected to their partners; therefore this is an excellent choice if she’s complaining of feeling distant, disconnected or floating on her own during the process.

Intertwined, Man On Top

To get into this position, have the woman lie on her back with her partner next to her. His head should be around her hip area, and his legs pointing in the direction of her head. Then, he takes his arm closest to her, and sticks it between her legs with his head following right after. Get her to wrap her leg around his shoulders so that her ankle touches his back and her knee is just shy of his elbow. If done correctly, both partners will be on their sides slightly, and he’ll have a fantastic view of her entire vagina, with easy hand access to her Perineum, Anus and Vaginal Opening.

Sixty Nine

Sixty-nine is the position where one partner is on top of the other, and each has their head near the other’s genitals. The problem with this position is that it’s unlikely she’ll be able to reach your penis to pleasure you, unless you both are exactly the same height or have the same leg length. Plus, most women are unable to relax in this position, which is necessary to bring one to orgasm.

If the guy is on top, it makes things a bit easier for him but then she has to carry his weight along her body, and it makes giving him head more of a forced event than anything else. If she’s on top, where your hands and arms go is infinitely easier but then getting to her sweet spot is difficult. Therefore, sixty-nine can be a lot of fun, but it’s more a novelty position than one to be used to get her off.

Side By Side

The same as sixty-nine, just rolled over so that you are on your sides instead. Side by side has the same issues that sixty-nine does, although it is a bit easier to get to one another if you both put one knee up in the air and bend at the waist to ensure good positioning around their genitals.

Side by Side also allows for more relaxing, especially for those with neck problems, just make sure to use extra lubricant because this is one position where all the air flow can dry things out too much to make the experience fun and sensual.

Woman Standing

In Woman Standing, the female is standing upright and their partner is squatting or sitting down so that their face is right next to the woman’s vulva. She can sometimes be propped up against the wall using the partner’s shoulders, or have one knee on a chair both of which provide extra maneuvering room.

This is a sexually charged position, and for many it is one that they can’t do without. Having said that, it’s a difficult one for the woman to feel confident enough to let go while standing up, and thus, is probably one best used early on in a cunnilingus session.


Take normal Doggy style, come up behind the woman and lick her – that’s how you perform this oral sex position.

There are a number of fans of this position, and for good reason. It’s excellent for analingus (mouth touching Anus), it lends a bit of animalistic pleasure to the event, and it shows off a very attractive angle of a woman’s anatomy. Having said that, the Vaginal Opening and Clitoris are almost impossible to reach in this position, there’s no way to perform many of the hand movements required, and it’s an unnatural angle for even the most flexible of oral connoisseurs.

Supported Doggy

Supported Doggy is exactly the same as Doggy, but the woman has pillows under her hips to prop her up. In this position, it’s much easier for the woman to relax and reach orgasm, and it doesn’t take much to gain access to most of her vulva if she merely tilts her hips back and puts her head right down as far as she can. Supported Doggy is also great for the woman’s partner, as he too can use the pillows to prop himself up. Plus, it allows for a fuller range of motion for both parties. However, it may seem too distancing for some women, as they cannot see their partner during the act or you, them.

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