Oral Sex Tips For Her — Have Better Sex

Oral Sex Tips For Her

Oral Sex Tips For HerProperly administered, oral sex can drive just about any man out of his mind. The biggest problem is doing it right! Throughout my experience I have had some of the worst oral sex imaginable & sometimes you just don’t have the heart to tell them it’s bad.

Giving A Good Blow Job

This section should put all of you ladies on the right track so hopefully this situation will never happen to you. As the men take some time in our Oral Sex Tips For Him article, learning how to please you ladies, we are going to try to teach you the proper way to give him the worlds best blow jobs & help you steer clear of the big no-nos, so let’s get going.

Some Words for the Oral Sex Beginner

For some reason many women have been raised to believe that giving a man oral sex is dirty or makes them a slut. Nothing could be further from the truth! Pleasing your lover in any way is a beautiful thing & can only help to enhance your sex & love life.

Practice makes Perfect

Learning to give great oral sex, like anything worth doing, takes time, patience & practice. Some women prefer to practice on something other than their partner. Many women use bananas or other things to learn. We recently saw an episode of Real Sex that featured a woman who gives women oral sex lessons using dildos. Actually we think this is a great idea but if you try it make sure you find a realistic dildo that is close to the size of your current lover. If you are a little unsure by all means try it out elsewhere first. Build up your confidence before attempting it for the first time.

When you do start with your lover, go slowly at first. Start by licking & kissing his penis moving up & down the shaft slowly. One of the key things to remember about great oral sex is moisture and lots of it! Keep the saliva coming & use it as a natural lubricant. Nothing is worse than dry oral sex! As you venture further take the head of the penis into your mouth & slowly begin to suck all the while keeping the saliva going. Don’t be afraid to apply some pressure with your lips. Build a rhythm taking the penis into your mouth over & over. You may take as little or as much as you wish on each stroke, remember, the penis head is the most sensitive part, so you don’t have to attempt to swallow all of it!

As you build up the rhythm please remember to keep you teeth back behind your lips. One rake of the teeth across the penis is VERY painful & could ruin the entire mood. Alternate between sucking & licking up & down the shaft. A cool breath on the penis after this can really drive him nuts! A great trick to use while sucking is to wrap your well lubricated hand gently around the base of the shaft & follow the rhythm of your mouth. This gives the illusion that you are taking more of him than you really are. Use your hand to gently run up & down the front of the penis. As the rhythm builds apply a little more pressure with both your hand & your mouth.

Another VERY sensitive part of the penis that deserves special attention is the base of the head on the front of his penis. This is easily spotted as it is where the two sections of the head come together. Licking & stroking this spot creates absolutely mind shattering feelings. A man can orgasm in seconds just by having this one spot caressed. Take breaks from sucking & lick this area as well as the rest of the penis. You may also want to take breaks & just use your hand, just don’t forget the lubrication!

The Myth of Deep Throat

Well actually it’s not a myth. There are people who can learn to control their gag reflexes enough to allow the entire penis to slide down their throat. This is not something most people can do overnight. I once knew a girl who used bananas and sausages to practice with. She told me each time she practiced she attempted to take a little more while controlling the urge to gag. Slowly but surely she was able to take more and more down her throat. Again, this not something most people can do without a lot of practice. Deep throat is something many men talk about but very few ever experience. Personally great oral sex is just fine for me without trying to swallow my penis, as long as it’s done right. I think most men would agree.

Finishing the Job

Finishing off an oral sex session can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. If this was part of your foreplay you probably don’t want to allow him to have an orgasm. If this is a “for him” thing you may wish to finish the job off & bring him to an orgasm. This is where the lines are drawn! Many women refuse to allow a man to ejaculate in their mouth. Some don’t like the taste & even more don’t like the consistency. This is one area you must decide for yourself & we don’t feel that you must! The only thing we will say about this practice is that it is in no way unsafe or harmful to you. Sperm is really nothing more than protein & cannot harm you in any way. If taste is an issue then having your partner eat some sweeter foods can help.

One trick to this whole thing is knowing when he is about to orgasm. This can be tricky but there are signs to watch for. A man’s scrotum will become very tight just prior to an orgasm & his breathing will become very erratic. If you do not wish to have him ejaculate in your mouth you may want to ask him to say something when it is about to happen. This again is something you should discuss with each other. A truly respectful guy will warn you if he knows you really don’t like this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with finishing the job with your hand! If you do allow him to ejaculate in your mouth we would suggest a drink close by to wash it down, others would want a towel handy for a quick spit. Anyway you decide to do it should be OK with you & your lover!

Oral Sex Tricks

One of the most interesting tricks we have discovered is ice! Now I know what your thinking right now, but trust me it is quite a wild experience. Try some crushed ice in your mouth as you suck his penis, allowing the cold water to run down the shaft. The combination of the pressure, suction, the warmth of your mouth & the coldness of the ice is truly unbelievable! Some guys may not like the cold sensations but many do.

This works equally well with warm drinks and even better when alternated between hot and cold!



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Oral Sex Tips For Her — Have Better Sex.


8 thoughts on “Oral Sex Tips For Her — Have Better Sex

  1. To each his or her own with the ice, but I would think crushed would be easier. Watching him squirm is a great change of pace don’t you think? Thanks for stopping by.


    • I do try and stick to giving advice. We all have to pass on what we’ve learned over the years. If just one person gets what I’m saying they just might be able to have a long and healthy relationship with lots of added sex..Don’t you think, lol..

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your advice is always informative & HOT & I always enjoy reading your posts!
    Yes, we should pass on what we’ve learned and enjoyed.
    If one person gets it and passes it on then we have a domino affect of pleasure and happy people.
    That what it’s all about..Don’t you agree?


    • Yes exactly, If one person gets it and passes it on then others will follow too. It is the Domino effect Billy, I didn’t think of it that way but it really is. With life being so damn short you would think people would want that kind of pleasure as much as possible. Unless they’ve only had bad sex. It’s still no excuse. If I only had bad sex I would be on a mission to find out what everyone’s talking about. And I wouldn’t stop till I found it. Really I wouldn’t stop at all once I found it. Bwahaha.. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        • What ever I can do to help I’ll do it BalsyBilly, Lol. Someone has too.
          For those who don’t think oral is important, I feel sorry for them. The reason can only be that they haven’t had great oral sex, or don’t know how to give or even worse, both.
          Sex is an amazing part of a relationship. It’s how you get and keep that connection rock solid.
          And oral sex is what gets the juices flowing. It’s Like adding oil to your engine to keep it running so to speak. Thanks for stopping by. I love hearing from you! Hugs!! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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