Research is Sexy Sunday 33

While cruising the other kinky WordPress pages I came across this great how too on Cunnilingus. In case you’re interested it was on Nipster’s page. And if you haven’t figured it out already, Nipster is my Sir, he he. He just couldn’t resist getting into the WordPress world. No he’s not a writer. But he can copy and paste with the best of them. So he searches the web for enticing bits to share with the rest of us horn dogs. Research has always been one of the ways my Sir has always kept our sex life new and exciting.

So anyway I figured if I was going to post this URL on cunnilingus I might as well incorporate it into my Sexy Sunday post. This URL shows the Best techniques.  It’s a how too on how to give the most satisfying foreplay your woman will ever need and want.

Going down on her takes technique, finesse and know how. You can’t be afraid of her pussy. Men need to do their research and then start practicing.

I can’t imagine what sex would be like if my Sir didn’t know how to please me. If he didn’t know how to touch, suck, lick, tease, and kiss, I think it would be up to me to find something like this page below to show him how to get started.

Ladies if your man has no clue what to do with your lady parts it’s time to teach him. There’s all kinds of information out there to help you make your oh hum lover into a super-stud.

Now I wouldn’t tell him he’s oh hum. But I would tell him that you found a great article that made you horny. Or you could send it to his e-mail. Anything that has to do with sex from you he’s likely to open it. Of course there is the exception to the rule. In that case I would probably start communicating Pronto.

I don’t know why any woman would wait years to talk to her spouse or significant other about sex. But it does happen. Maybe he’s the nicest man in the world. And you don’t want to hurt his feelings. Wouldn’t it be better to help him get better by showing him some research.  You’re only trying to spice things up. The other alternative would be to suffer in silence.

To never know what it’s like to have a man who knows what he’s doing go down on you would be tragic.

So my advice would be to put on something really sexy. Not too much. Lets say you grab one of his ties and something lacy like crotch-less panties. Or skip the panties all together. Thigh high stockings complete with garter belt is always a good call. and don’t forget the sexy black high heels.That’s it.

This is how you get a man’s undivided attention.  Or you could walk out into the living room in nothing but a hat and heels. I’m sure you can figure out the outfit.

Now that his jaw has just dropped open I would walk over close it and plant a nice wet sexy kiss on him. Then sit facing him on his lap while you ask him if he would like to do sex research with you?

I think your night should go perfectly. If nothing else you will both have a night filled with hot sex, and laughter.  And you should both find out some interesting things about each other too. Think about it. If you’re both researching sex on the internet you’re both bound to click on something that neither of you knew would interest the other. This could be the night you both open up a whole new world of amazing sex. No matter what you both click on, go with it. Talk about it.

Now if for some odd reason your man wants nothing to do with researching sex while you’re standing there in a very sexy outfit.  Do yourself a favor and take a deep breath before you blow your stack.

Then Ask him why he wouldn’t want to research sex with you?  The only credible reason to turn your sexy ass down would be; he’s just not into women anymore. If that’s the case you can handle this. Think about it this way, At least he’s not cheating on you. You will finally have the gay husband every woman wants. And you will get answers as to why he’s so awful in bed. You’ll also realize why he was so good at decorating the house.

Either way some really important issues will be cleared up. And you can start planing your future. I wouldn’t waste the outfit. I would go get my magic wand and give myself the best orgasm I could. It’s better than taking a Valium.

I hope you all have a very Sexy Sunday and for goodness sake Don’t forget the lube.


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