Thank you Sir


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Thank you Sir for loving me.

For being the kind of man that I can feel safe with.

For showing me how I’m supposed to be treated, with total respect.

For giving me the courage to let go.

For showing me what true love is.

For always being there when I need you.

For never judging me.

For always being a gentlemen.

For a life filled with love.

For showing me the other side of Vanilla, 😉 .

For taking care of me.

For all those hugs when I’m having a bad day.

For giving me a reason to smile.

For showing me that dreams can and do come true.

For never giving up on me, even when I gave up on myself.

For cheering me on.

For giving me the courage to publish my book.

For being my biggest fan.

For your loyalty.

For making me laugh even when I’m mad at you.

For bringing a smile to my face, always.

For giving me all those amazing orgasms.

For showing me that true love does exist.

For being my everything.

For making me your everything.

For loving me just the way I am.

For never wanting me to change.

For taking my pain away.

For standing by me when I couldn’t stand at all.

For being you.

For all those times you’ve touched me and my heart.

For choosing me.

For picking me daisies on the side of the road.

For the amazing SEX.

For the pleasure.

For the laughter.

For wiping my tears.

For Everything.

You make my life complete, you give me all I’ll ever need.

And for all this and so much more, I just wanted to Thank you Sir!

I will love you for a thousand years. And then a thousand more.

Always your Annie. xo…




16 thoughts on “Thank you Sir

  1. Thanks Mynx, It is from the heart. You know how they say one in a million. Well he’s that guy. Always there for me. Our love has been tested over and over again. And each time we’ve come through it even more in love. I have a feeling you have one of these guys too.. It’s a beautiful thing Mynx. We must be doing something right, lol. 🙂


  2. Very beautiful collection of inspiring words miss Annie! Yes, you can tell from afar that you two were made and meant for each other. And as for SFB ex- he was too. He gave you the complete antithesis of what you have now so that you could more fully appreciate the love and compassion your DH gives you. Thanks for sharing this side of you miss Annie…

    -Love Passionately-

    -Tom Wolf

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    • Thanks so much Mynx’s Sir. Yes I guess SFB taught me a valuable lesson.
      I always say that after a storm there’s a rainbow. My DH was/is that rainbow. Not to say We haven’t been tested more than a few times. But I have no doubts about the future.

      You and Mynx have the kind of bond made out of Unbreakable steel too. Just knowing someone always has your back, your front and everywhere in between gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, lol. 🙂


  3. I was in love with from the moment i saw you. who new to people could get so close after 30 years together. looking forward to the rest of our life together love you 🙂

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    • I was wondering when you would find this post, lol. Love you so much! Can’t wait for the next adventure, the next half of our lives is going to be simply the best! Always your Annie, xo..<3


    • I don’t think I could love you more. And then you go and write something like this. I can’t wait to see what the next 30 years brings us. We are flying without a net for the first time in our lives. But as long as we have each other I know it’s all going to be alright. Mike, Thank you for picking me. I will love you for a thousand years. Forever Your Annie xo..

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