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All Dai-Dö™ Products. Now these are some Kinkylicious Big Teaze Toys. I have both of these. They were a surprise for me from my loving Sir. While writing my Sexy Sunday #28 a couple weeks ago.   I mentioned the I rub my Duckie vibe. And How it’s not the kind of vibe I would want on a night when I’m with my Sir.

Most ladies agreed that it would be a turn off. Pulling out your yellow, red, pink or what ever color of the I rub my duckie vibe was just not the kind of vibrator to get us in the mood. It looks too much like a kids rubber duckie.

Well I heard from the Big Teaze company on twitter. I don’t think they were very happy with my assessment of their Rub me Duckie. So I asked them to send me one. If they had I would have done an honest review of their duckie. But I haven’t heard anything yet. Maybe this review will make them see that when I love a product I say so. So The offer still stands. To the Big Teaze Headquarters; If you send me a I Rub Me Duckie I will give it an honest review.

Each time I’ve seen something from Big Teaze toys I always think back to that post on twitter.  And then when Sir pulled out these Big Teaze toys the other night I knew I had to let you and the Big Teaze Toy People know what I thought about them.

The fact is that these toys or tools as I call them are Fuckin-Fantastic! I use #6 with my magic wand.  And let me tell all of you I can get myself off in no time at all. It’s heavy but not too heavy. The ball at one end fits perfectly in the palm of my hand.

And the orgasms, Yes that’s plural orgasmS. These are the kind of orgasms where your eyes roll back in your head and you can’t help but scream out your Sir’s name. As you can imagine my Sir loves #6 as well. He loves to watch.  So when he hands me #6 I know exactly where things are going.

Then there’s #3. This is the one my Sir likes to use on me. And #3 can also drive me insane. Both can be warmed up quickly by running under water, but I like them cold. These two kinky tools as I call them are hard pieces of silky smooth metal. And when used with lots of lube they will give anyone pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. I can’t say enough about these particular Big Teaze Toys/tools.

These are no nonsense toys. No vibrations, No movable parts. Just all metal, there’s weight to them but they’re balanced to perfection, and smooth as can be. Someone used their brains when designing these Big Teaze Dildo’s.

Now#3 is Ribbed for extra pleasure. And #6 is just perfect the way it is. Weather it’s alone time, or when it’s playtime with your Sir, these Big Teaze tools along with your Magic wand will get you where you need to go every time.

The funny thing is when I first saw these dildo’s I had no idea they were Big Teaze toys. Not until my Sir showed me the Big Teaze logo written on the side. These toys are on sale with the Close-out price of $29.50 each. I highly recommend these Big Teaze dildo’s.  They’re worth every penny and you’ll have them forever.

These tools/toys come in black or red and each with it’s own satin pouch.  I have no problem giving these Big Teaze kinky dildo’s five hearts, and that’s because I love them.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3.

Here’s the official description of #3 and #6  from the

#6, My all time favorite Big Teaze tool.

#6, My all time favorite Big Teaze tool.


#3 This is the one my Sir likes to tease me with.

#3 This is the one my Sir likes to tease me with.












Non Vibrating, aluminum alloy dildo for thermal and chill play.

Dai-Dö™ No. 3

Titillate your desires with a long, ribbed base and a spherical tip for maximum erotic sensation as the undulating curves caress your most sensitive areas. Cast of aluminum alloy, Dai-Dö No. 3 are non-vibrating dildos that offer substantial weight and feel for added pleasure not common with other materials and yet it does not have the fatiguing heft of other metals. Two models are available based on the diameter of the base and sphere that will fulfill your increasing desires. Protective, black satin carrying pouch included.

Available in Black Passion or Red Devotion.

Dai-Dö No. 3 measures 8.2” in length, with an insertion diameter of 1.7” and weight of 
1 lb. 10 oz.

Non Vibrating, aluminum alloy dildo for thermal and chill play.

 Dai-Dö™ No. 6

The exceptionally sensual look of the Dai-Dö No. 6 is surpassed only by the extreme penetrating pleasure it brings. The large spherical handle provides perfect control of the smaller rounded tip in order to bring wave after exquisite wave of g-spot or p-spot (prostate) sensation.

Available in Black Passion or Red Devotion.

Protective, black satin carrying pouch included.

Dai-Dö No. 6 measures 5.7” in length, with an insertion diameter of 1.4” and a weight of 12 oz.

Non Vibrating, aluminum alloy dildo for thermal and chill play.

3 thoughts on “Big Teaze Toys

    • Oh and they are cpmandara,Lol. Imagine my surprise when my Sir brought these out. It was after I posted about the I rub Duckie vibe,lol. I couldn’t believe that company that made vibrators in the shape of rubber duckies could actually get real and design these too. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


  1. Here is the response from BTT on Twitter.
    BigTeazeToys® ‏@BigTeazeToys 2h
    @aedmondsauthor So glad you ❤ the Dai Do. Closer to holidays we will do samples :). Keep in mind it's a Duckie not a Hitachi 😉


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