Make Her Sex Drive STRONGER Than Yours

Initiating SEX! You can make her want it more than you.

2 Girls Teach Sex

Brianna, Special for 2 Girls Teach Sex

Often a guy will write in to me asking me how he can get more sex from his girlfriend or wife.

Do YOU have a higher sex drive than your girl as many guys SEEM to?

In reality, in many cases it is not that your girl has a low sex drive.

What is really happening is that you do not…


If this is the case often she would rather satisfy herself with a toy or in many cases give up on sex and become grouchy and irritable.

You see, full female sexual pleasure REQUIRES orgasms. Her moaning, saying its good, or letting you have sex with her IS NOT ENOUGH.

And by requiring orgasms, I mean everytime, and in a variety of places. (full body, g spot, deep spot,)

Sexual satisfaction for…

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Just sayin..

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