It’s Hard Being My Dominant

Hispetitelle writes; It’s Hard Being My Dominant.

The Submission of Elle

Whose plight is more difficult, the Dominant’s or the submissive’s? Is it harder to reveal and open up or is it harder to unveil and draw out? I think the Dominant’s plight is far more difficult because you can only know as much as the submissive is willing and trusting enough to share. It seems you are at your submissive’s mercy and have to constantly make the choice to keep reaching for an answer. You know something is hovering near the surface and you attempt to coax, persuade, and maybe even command it be revealed, but your submissive may not be ready to let it out or even know that there is something that needs to come out. That was me, until the other night, when I finally revealed it to Coach. What a foolish woman I’ve been!

I kept it hidden away so deep inside for so long I didn’t…

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