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Did you know that you can shop on-line at most of your favorite stores and find all kinds of sexy kinky things? We all know that target has lingerie, nighties, thigh highs and heels. But did you know they also have a sexual health category online. So of course when I saw it I had no choice but to clicked on it.

And wouldn’t you know they have things to get your mojo motor running.

Now Target doesn’t have an Hitachi magic wand.  And If you’re going to spend the money I would always go for an Hitachi.  But I also love the magic wand that’s even stronger than the Hitachi. It’s Adam and eve’s own magic wand. And you can get it at

Target does have a Conair body benefits massager. It has five reviews that all say it’s great. And so if this is the only place you’re ready to shop why not give it a try. They also have plenty of Dr. Laura Berman vibrators. I’ve tried a few and I wouldn’t waste my money on another.  Not strong enough for me. But that doesn’t mean they’re not strong enough for you.

I guess the only reason to shop at one of these stores instead of a real adult noveltie shop is that you think the packaging might give something away. But that’s not the case. Every time I’ve gotten something sexy, naughty or kinky in the mail it’s always come in a discreet box or package.

But if you still aren’t ready to shop at an online adult store then why not try target or Walgreen’s.  Just go to their website and punch in sexual health. Yes they’ll ship to your home in their normal box with the stores logo.  And they’ll ship it with anything else you happen to purchase in their online store. But if you want my opinion, do you really think that’s the best reason to settle on your sexual pleasure?

If you really think the mailman/woman is going to look at you funny, well the answer is sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. But if and when they do I usually just smile back, I don’t care if the mail person knows what I’m doing in my own home.

Just imagine how many times your postal carrier delivers kinky little packages all over your neighborhood. Believe me you’re not the only one pleasuring yourself on the block. And if you think you are think again.

Haven’t you ever brought up the subject of sex at a party? Or maybe someone else did. Well did you see those smiles or smirks from that couple or that one person sitting by that tiki torch? It’s usually after a few drinks or maybe even after something other than appetizers has been passed around.  That’s when the real conversations start. And these conversations are usually with the fun people anyway. It’s time to stop worrying about a look you may get. Because everyone has sex. Some more than others, but we’re all doing it.

Anyway I started checking out other online stores like And  as I opened the Sexual wellness page,  that’s where they put the sexy stuff, I saw this heading; Shh-We- Carry- A lot more online. I couldn’t help but laugh as this was kind of a wink, wink heading if you know what I mean.

Well Wallgreens you really do carry a lot more online than in your stores. Yes Wallgreens has kinky stuff too.  And once I found out where to click I hit the vibrators & adult toys. This is where I saw what all the shushing was about. Wallgreens does have the Hitachi magic wand. Which was what I was looking for in each of these online stores anyway.

Then I saw something that I hadn’t seen before. Big Teaze travel toys.  Now bare with me as it’s the description that got me;

Winter through spring, romance knows no season and what better way to reveal your heart’s true passion than to give the object of your desire the pleasure she deserves every day of the year. Oh so stylish in a removable feather boa and glamorous Swarovski crystal, I Rub My Duckie®- SweetHeart™ exudes feminine charm. Don’t let the sweet expression fool you, however, this little Femme fatale offers amazingly strong, but quiet vibrations. And like all well-bred Duckies, she is waterproof, so she will delight your honey in the bed, bath or wherever! Our SweetHeart™ Duckie is especially fetching in her re-usable, heart case. Requires one AAA battery (not included) and a romantic sensibility!

Really now, I had to tell my Sir that if he ever see’s these little duckies to keep it moving. I don’t think I could keep a straight face if he pulled out a rubber duckie to use on my Ooh-ha, or any place on my body for that matter.  Are you getting what I’m saying ladies?

As I continued to venture into  I saw an entire page of these Big Teaze travel toys.

My only hope is that these are some kind of collectible vibes.  Because they’re not the kind of vibrators I would think most adult’s have in their sexy drawers or trunks. I mean I can’t imagine having a night of passion with your spouse or significant other and pulling out your rubber duckie, wormie or any other animal shaped vibrator that looks like something your kid would take in the bathtub. Can you?

I hope you’re ready for this because here’s another description;

Big Teaze Toys releases a new species of Toys for Boys. News Flash! We have started receiving worldwide reports of invading, big-mouthed Aliens landing all over the globe! Upon escape from their damaged spaceships, it seems that these Aliens are on a direct mission to attack men below the belt.

YES you read that right. And I am sparing you the rest. Yes there’s more, but if you want to see it you’ll have to go online to Wallgreens and see these things for yourself.

I just wondered how many people thought that these really were kids toys and gave them to their children. Can you imagine seeing these in one of your friends or neighbors bathtubs as you take a bathroom break from that backyard BBQ?

FYI, they say these vibrating Teazers are invading home’s everywhere.

So be on the lookout.  The next time you see a rubber duckie in someone’s bathroom I bet you can’t help yourself from picking it up to see if there’s a switch somewhere on that that thing. Lol. Especially now that I’ve put it in your head.

At and I found a sexual well-being page too. And this is where it said; You are about to view sexually explicit materials. If you do Not wish to proceed simply click the decline button.

Really? Are you kidding me right now? You said sexually explicit so of course I clicked, and then I Accepted.

There’s things to get you started at too. With twenty pages of assorted vibes, lubes, supplements, and such.  I’m sure you can find something that catches your eye or makes you Ooh Hoo tingle. was one of those places that likes to keep their sexy quiet. Shhhop personal items is how they put it. They had more than I thought they would after seeing that headline.  Now if a fish bowl of condoms are what you’re after this is the place to go. They also have lots of lube. Sure there was twenty pages of items. But most of the items looked to be the same thing only in different colors. So really it was more like ten pages.

Then something caught my eye called tightening cream. I mean there is a cream out there for everything. And this cream had a review from a woman in Ohio. She said,”Officially addicted!” Yea with exclamation points and everything. She also said the stuff was Outstanding! That it Tightens & lubes, that her husband could definitely feel the difference.

Well here here Ruthless C. In Ohio. You go girl!  Any woman who searches out a way to get her freak on is Ok in my book. Like I always say, where there’s a will there’s certainly a way.   Also any woman who gets excited over tightening cream either has always had or is on her way to a happy and healthy sex life. Thank you Ruthless from Ohio. Your review about tightening cream made the trip to worthwhile.

And then of course I checked out the store that has everything, Walmart would like us all to think they are a nice family oriented store. That being said they call most of their vibrators massagers.  They did have everything from personal lubricant’s and condoms from three to thirty count. Hell they even had an at home paternity test, Yes you read that right. And there was the massage tables that I have to say looked pretty damn sturdy and comfy. Yes Walmart did have a magic wand.  Only they called it a blue massager. You can take that how you like.

What I’m saying this week is that you can get your kinky tools pretty much anywhere. But if you’re looking for any kind of fetish wear or bondage equipment, dildo’s, anal beads, swings, floggers, or most of the sexy things that will give you lots of pleasure, than you’re going to have to take the plunge and click on one of the online stores. I promise they will not be delivered by a truck with a dildo on top. And the packaging will be discreet. and or any of the many other adult shops have everything you and your other half might desire. It’s really one stop shopping.

All I’m saying is that there are plenty of places to get some kinky goods without having to go to the obvious. And if you still prefer to shop at your favorite online store or drug store then you’re somewhat covered.

So now I’m done with my post and I read it to my Sir. And he’s got this sexy look on his face as he proceeds to tell me that I have a Teazer toy. “What? Where? No way, I don’t have a duckie, or a wormie.” He laughs and says, “It’s that cold hard thing that I have used on you many times while you’re blindfolded.”  I giggle as I ask, “Can I see it Sir.” He smiles and says “When the time is right I will let you see and touch it.” He shakes his head as he laughs some more and say’s,  “I never thought you would be doing a blog post on Teazer toys.” Me either and now all I can do is laugh with him.

So now that I know for now he’s not going to let me see it.  Maybe not for awhile. But at least he let me in on a secret of what it is that makes me feel so good. And I know now that I’m Officially in love with a Teazer toy,  Lol.

And now that I’ve actually gone to the Teazer toys page I see that they have some pretty cool sexy toys. They’re even in normal sexy toy shapes. I also know which Teazer I don’t have. No duckie or a wormie buzzing around my va-jay-jay. Really?

I hope you all have a sexy Sunday. And Don’t forget the lube..

19 thoughts on “PackageThis is Sexy Sunday # 28

  1. Love the post Annie!!!! I was just at the site and thought wow…I have to look hehehe. See, it’s posts like this that make me slow to find my other half lol…with stuff like this they’re almost not necessary haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re so right. This way you can take your time, Pick and choose, if one’s not right you can wait for the next. As long as you have that toy chest at home and it’s fully stocked w/ Lube, batteries, and your favorite vibes then what’s the hurry? The only problem is then these online stores can’t keep you warm at night. And an electric blanket just isn’t the same, lol..Thanks for commenting. Love hearing from you..


  2. My go-to store for online kink has always been Amazon. You can get everything. We have some good stores here that we frequent and a fantastic leather/bondage/this is where you get the really hard stuff store. I’ve gotten to the place that I don’t care who sees or hears me anymore, but there was a time that I could barely buy Astroglide from the suoermarket and would circle the aisle over and over until no one was there. Then I woukd make sure I used the self check out. That was a long time ago!

    Hell no to the duck!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, Yup, That duck just doesn’t make sense where sex is concerned, but hey you never know what kind of fetish someone’s into. Me I’m not a duckie kind of gal, lol..
      Elle I hear you, I was the same way. I couldn’t pick up anything sexual off the shelf unless it was late at night when the store was empty. And even then I would think about checking out, what is he/she thinking?
      Now I wear my I have sex badge proudly. In fact we should make some of those buttons, Lol.
      And I don’t care who’s watching. It’s liberating to Let our sexual freak flags fly.. 😉


        • YES!! I love that, I bet she was grateful to have you there. I can remember how scary it was to pick out a lube. Just wanted to grab the bottle or box and go. But now there are so many more to choose from. Always the Astroglide is the best pick. I don’t know when I started to not care anymore but it’s liberating to just be a women who knows what she wants and likes. Keep that head held high Ms. Elle, You’ve earned it,Hugs..


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    • Wrote your reply, Never hit the post button, Sorry! Thanks DG, Now get this, all this Talk about Duckie’s The Big TeaseToys just sent me a Tweet, Lol. So I sent them a tweet back saying that if they send me one of their Duckies I will give honest review and post it. And if it’s actually good I will eat crow and say so. What do you think? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lol, that’s fantastic. You see, if you put it out there, people listen! I think it’s great and why not give it a try? They are sending it to you to review so of course you should give your opinion! Maybe you will like it! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • They are Not sending> I did ask them send it to me, and that I will give it honest review. But haven’t heard one word since. Now I just posted about their Big Teaze other toys. They are amazing! I did put in the post that the offer still stands for the duckie, So lets see what happens. 😉

          Update they posted my blog on their twitter page. So I guess that’s saying they liked my post. Thank you Big Teaze Toys. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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