Aftercare: Don’t You Dare Dom Without It

After care is that time when your man or Dom takes you in his arms and shows you how much he cares. The touch, the kisses, the soft spoken words. This is the icing on the cake after lets say a sexual Sunday afternoon. It’s beautifully written by;Wooden spoon Chronicles, Enjoy!

Wooden Spoon Chronicles


I know I tend to trick a lot of you readers with my titles, and for that, I’m not saying I’m sorry. Its fun and I like to tease. This post is not about how to provide aftercare. There are a ton of blogs and web resources out there about specific forms of aftercare and how to give it. This post is not one of them.


With the aftermath or post-coital funk resulting from key milestones and clumsy leaps forward in the “community”, BDSM and every aspect and dynamic it encompasses has yet again become inundated with even more “awakened” souls. There are those of us that haven’t known anything else, but there to the nth power number of new fresh minds that are just in awe over the whole damn thing. What a time that is, right? To experience the new-new all over again and how it pioneers…

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