Rub Me Massage Bar Review

There's nothing like a good massage given by someone who loves you unconditionally..

There’s nothing like a good massage given by someone who loves you unconditionally..


So I was going through my post and I realized I never posted this review. I wrote it all out on paper as I do with all most of my research and meant to post it the same day I posted the Pleasurette review. Well anyway here’s the review on the rub Me massage bar.

First of all I was a little worried when my Secret Santa Andy told me that they were shipping it from Massachusetts Store because they ran out of the scent I wanted in San Francisco store. The week they shipping it all I could think of was how hot it was in New Jersey and the entire east coast. I thought there will be nothing left of this cocoa and Shea butter bar when it arrives.

Well of course that wasn’t the case. It came in a envelope and in one piece. Not dripping as I had imagined. So of course the first thing I did was smell it. And the Vanilla was heavenly. It was the perfect scent for my husband who doesn’t like anything that too strong. So vanilla is going to be my go too scent from now on. Although I would like to try the coconut lime.

Anyway the massage bar is 2 oz. And the cost is $7.00 per bar. It’s wrapped in foil. And comes in seven scents.  Which is the only thing I would change. The foil is somewhat flimsy and it would be nice to be able to store my rub Me bar in a container rather then a Ziploc bag.

The ingredients are simple Cocoa butter, Shea butter and fragrance oil, that’s it. If you are allergic or sensitive to any of these ingredients then this yummy bar is not for you. As for me and my hubby we were so ready to give this rub Me bar a try.

So I started to use the bar on my husbands back and quickly realized that a little goes a long way. The bar melts with the warmth of your body. Simple soap and water let me start over.

This time I changed my way of thinking and I rubbed the bar a few times in my hands and that was pretty much all I needed. As I massaged this butter into my husbands skin it just melted even  into his skin. It didn’t feel sticky or leave a mess. His skin felt amazing and he was a happy man. That was until I said, My turn, lol..

He took the bar and rubbed it in his hands and told me to let the professional do his thing, Lol. And voila that was all he needed. I have to say it felt amazing as his hands glided over my body. I would much rather receive then give in this instance. Our skin feels amazingly soft and we still have almost a full bar left for many more massages. All in all this was a great experience.

I would recommend the rub Me massage bar to every couple I know and those I don’t know. Why not buy a few and give them to your family and friends. These bars would make great wedding shower gifts too.


The rub Me bar gets five hearts as we loved everything about it. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ .

I can’t wait to see what Andy sends me next..



5 thoughts on “Rub Me Massage Bar Review

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    • Tre, You’re just horny, No doubt in my mind. It’s time, no it’s past that, you need to find a good looking gentlemen and just do him. Get it over with. After that at least you will be able to think straight, Lol.

      By the way the massage bar is great!! ;-).


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