:: submissive emotions

It’s what all relationships should be doing. But it absolutely necessary with a Dom/s relationship.


Don’t misunderstand me, I’m a man – and at the end of the day, I can only talk from my experience and speculations about emotions. But it’s worth discussing, even if it is incomplete.

6120696A woman’s emotions can seem like they are all over the place at times. Especially, if we are not communicating, or something is amiss. Add in a D/s angle, and things can become tricky.

Lovers want to please their partner, but in most relationships it seems that sex is something that isn’t really discussed – it is something that is experienced and accepted…I hope that makes sense.

In a D/s relationship, sex is talked bout upfront, during, and afterwards. In fact – everything erotic is talked bout. It’s not something we “just do”. Hopes, dreams, longings, desires, goals are discussed. Directions are given. There is lead and follow.

In this level of active communication about something…

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Just sayin..

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