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Goodvibes Pleasurette mini aqua vibrator

Goodvibes Pleasurette mini aqua vibrator

I am now a Goodvibes affiliate. And that means Goodvibes will be sending me monthly toys.

I have no idea what they will be sending me. I filled out a questionnaire. And told my secret Goodvibes Santa, whose name is Andy what it was I was willing to review.

So it’s like getting a kinky present sent to me by the naughty Santa each month. My job is to use these adult toys, vibrators, lotions and everything in between and write an honest review.

How fun is this going to be? Yea you guessed it.  Lots of fun for me and my other half. I figure someone’s got to do it.  And it might as well be me and my Sir.

Now for the review system. Bare with me while I figure this out. I really wanted boobs or nipples. But I can’t find a way to post those pesky little emoticons on my blog. So for now the rating system will have to be hearts. It was either hearts or smiley’s. And I don’t think smiley’s on a Sexy blog review makes the cut. So for now it’s one heart for; What the hell were they thinking while making this product? It’s awful. ❤ And five for; OMG! I can’t get enough of this amazing product. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ .

My first review is for a mini vibrator sent to me by   It’s called a Pleasurette. And I have to admit that this was on my favorites list as well as the list I sent to Andy.

When the package arrived I couldn’t open it fast enough. I wanted to see what it was and Andy had sent me. I saw that it was the aqua colored Pleasurette that I wanted.  That put me over the edge with joy.

So now let me tell you a little about this perfect mini vibe they call Pleasurette. The pleasurette is only $20.00. And Pleasurette is a perfect name for a mini vibe that packs such a powerful punch.

I’m impressed with the Pleasurette. It’s nice and smooth and comes in three vibrant colors, fuchsia, aqua and purple. It’s also waterproof.  Although I haven’t tried it in the bathtub yet, I did have it in the shower and it’s still working. It’s three and half inches long. So it can go in your purse or his pocket.

The Pleasurette takes only one triple AAA battery. And that’s a major plus. It means No watch batteries to hunt for. With three speeds I was curious if this mini vibe could do the trick and get me off. So I clicked the top with one hand and the buzzing was nice, but not strong enough for me.

I clicked again and the second setting was a stronger.  For someone that’s not used to vibrators this second click should do the trick. And it was stronger and I liked it. But for me who’s used to the strong vibes of my magic wand it wasn’t strong enough to get me off.

What surprised me was the third and final click. Ahh yea that’s where this Pleasurette gets it’s name. This made me smile. Sure it took a little longer to get me off.  But I was content with myself and not going anywhere anyway. I decided to rip open one of the packets of Please cream lube and get this party started.

I’ve never used a cream lube before. Surprisingly it wasn’t sticky. The consistency stayed slippery. I Spread it on my glass dildo. Then some on my pussy. As the mini vibe Pleasurette buzzed I twisted the dildo in and out. Sure enough it didn’t take long for Blast off. “Oh Ahh, Yes!”

I think this is one vibrator that all women should have in their toy chest. Weather you’re a beginner or a you know your way around a vibrator’s. And especially if you’re a woman that hasn’t bought a vibrator since a fuckaware party back in the nineties.

This is the one to start with while you restock that toy chest. I am in love with my new mini Pleasurette vibrator. I wouldn’t change a thing. I also love that I can throw it in my purse for when the mood strikes. Having an orgasm any time of the day is a great stress reliever,lol.

The manufacturer says good things come in small packages. And I have to agree. The Pleasurette gets my first five heart review. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3. IMGP2603

As for the Please cream lube; It’s made in the U.S.. It’s all natural, no glycerin or animal products. Which means it’s pussy friendly.

Please is perfect for silicone toys. Long lasting with no sticky mess. Smooth, silky, slick with no scent. And no irritation that I can see or feel. And the packaging is made from recycled materials. What else can I say? This lube was truly amazing. Please cream lubricant gets five hearts. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3. sent me two other packets of the Please Lube. I will let you all know how the gel, and liquid are in the next review. But if the Please cream lube is any indication I have a feeling I’m going to love them too.


Stay tuned for more reviews of products.

I’m trying to find a place to put all the reviews in one place. When I find it I will make sure they are all neatly placed together..For now I am putting the url’s on the one goodvibes review I know is prominently displayed. Thanks for your patience..

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8 thoughts on “My Reviews, Goodvibes Sexy Toys and Things…

  1. Sounds absolutely brilliant! Love the fact that it comes in bold and unashamed colours: quite right too! Now, this is the kind of reviewing that appeals to my bawdy side! Bugger the books! Action, says I! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alien, On my front page to the left are links to Goodvibes. I know I should be telling everyone that if they click there and purchase something I get credit. But it still new and I’m not that good yet, lol.

      Yes what a treat! That day the mini vibe came in I was so happy to not only get the Pleasurette but that it was aqua made my day. I hope you enjoy it. For the price I thought it was great!! Thanks for the comment, 🙂


    • Thank you so much that’s wonderful that you are using real life instead of what the papers post.
      You are always going to get better information from real people anyway..
      Feel free to ask me a question or two. I will always do my best to answer. 🙂


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