Eleven Rules For Dating is Sexy Sunday #22

I’ve gotten quite a few e-mails from both men and women who are reading my #SexySunday blog post each week.  They want to know what I think about dating. There are so many lonely people out there that have broken up with their spouse or have gotten a divorce.  So what are they supposed to do on a #SexySunday?  How are they supposed to have a #SexySunday when there’s no one to share it with?

We are all in this sexy world together and starting over is no joke.

So of course I did some research and this is what I found. It’s not as easy as it used to be when trying to find that special someone to go out with. We used to go out with friends to a bar, play some pool, and if you got lucky a great guy or gal walked into your life. Things were easier when I was dating.

Sure we all have friends that are now single and or divorced.  And they’re looking for that special someone for some companionship. Someone to go out with on a Friday or Saturday night. Or someone to talk to after a long stressful work week. It’s not fun being alone.

One thing is for sure and that’s most singles have kids. So make sure that the person you’re thinking about dating loves children. Most people who were in a long-term relationship find it hard to make that first step into dating again. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hook up with someone for some sexy time.

Or you can try one of those online dating services. There’s a dating sites out there for everyone. Young, old, gay, straight, christian or not, vanilla and Kinky too. No matter what you’re into there is a dating site for you. Punch in dating in 2014 and you will see what I saw. And that’s the top ten or fifteen dating sites.  Most are free, but there are a few that charge you a monthly fee.

After reading through them I found that the free sites make you do the same thing as the subscription sites.

They make you fill out a questionnaire. The questionnaire is then sent to some kind of “Specialist.”  And they do their best to put couples with similar interest and personalities together. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a crap shoot just like anything else nothing is fool-proof. And by fool I say be careful. I know two couples that are happily married after finding each other on a dating sites.

There’s eHarmony.com, Matchdot.com, cupid.com Plentyoffish.com, Christiandating.com, kinkydating.com, bdsmdating.com. Seniordating.com. Blackpeoplemeet.com, howaboutwe.com, ourtime.com, and the list goes on and on.

You have nothing to lose by going to one of these sites. They set up a calendar of social events. Everything from Dinner and dancing, to opera, Golf outings, and even open air theater.

Why be lonely when you could go out for a couple of hours with one of your single friends.  I’m sure that laughter is abound at these social events that the sites set up. If a social network is not your thing try taking a walk on the beach. You just never know who you will meet collecting shells. Plus there’s always a beach bar near by for a few cocktails. Get to know the person you are attracted too.

You can always walk into a sports bar or any bar on a Saturday afternoon. Order a beer and open your kindle or iPad to pass the time while you watch a baseball game. It can be a turn on for a man to see a woman whose into at least one sport. I’m pretty sure most women know the rules of baseball.  And even if you’re not paying attention and are asked what’s the score it’s posted on the screen.

If you think about it a man or woman asking you a simple question about the score is a pick up line. It’s a way to start a conversation. And having a conversation with someone who seems interested just might get you too your #SexySunday.

Did you know that it’s perfectly alright for a  woman these days to have or want a one night stand.  Ladies or gents looks for a person who has a sense of humor.  And everyone wants someone with the ability to listen to anything you might have to say.

And for cripes sake make sure the person trying to pick you up is wearing a decent outfit. At this stage of the game you want to make sure he or she can dress themselves.  And ladies make sure he or she shows you some respect.

When you do meet that special someone make sure you talk to them about sex. You want to have an open and honest relationship and your sex life is the best place to start. Most relationships that have broken up complain that the sex was awful. So make sure you get the kind of sex you’ve always wanted. And if you don’t know what that is just yet. Well it’s time to find out, don’t you think.

Here are some rules for dating in the year 2014 but remember rules were meant to be broken and changed. Before you start dating you should have a list of your own rules written down or in your head. Have a check list of the things you want in your new relationship. Don’t settle! This is your new life. And You’re single now, so live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

1) Remember to bring your own condoms. This way if the mood hits you are prepared.

2)If you’re a woman always let someone know where you’re going. If you’re not sure about a situation don’t go. Always use your intuition. It’s there for a reason. Take your own car. This way you can always leave if you don’t feel comfortable.

3) If you are feeling uncomfortable about having sex let the person you’re with know. Like I said there’s nothing wrong with honesty. It’s a sure bet that if your date hasn’t been out much they are nervous too. And laughter is a great ice-breaker, So laugh a lot. If the person you’re with can’t take a joke dump them.

4) If you like this guy/girl and you both feel the situation is right going to a hotel, its neutral ground.  There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun. And an Orgasm might be just what you need.  And a hotel is probably the best place to let loose and make some noise. Everyone whose in that hotel is going to bed. So don’t feel uncomfortable.

When I was first dating my hubby I had him pick me up from the airport after a trip to Florida. We went straight to a hotel and we couldn’t get enough of each other. We heard people laughing in the hallway.  And we didn’t skip a beat.

Two hours later these same people were passing by again and that’s when my then boyfriend and I heard them say, “Holy shit They’re still going at it.” Of course by we laughed. They had no idea we had taken a breather and were now on round two.  I love thinking about that night. OMG! were we horny.

5)This one is for the ladies.  Now a days you have to watch your drinks like a hawk when going to a bar. There are people out there that will drop a roofie into your drink and you won’t know a thing till you wake up in a strange place naked.

Do not take any open bottle or drink of any kind from anyone but the bar tender. I would bring my own sippy cup with lid and straw.  If they have a problem with making your drink in that sippy cup ask to speak to the manager. All bars should be using cups with lids by now. The establishment is liable if you get roofied.

6) When you’re out on a date with a new person its normal to feel nervous. In fact if those butterfly’s are a good sign that things are going good. Just take a deep breath and have a good time. You’ve probably forgotten what it feels like to start a new relationship.

7) Sex. It’s your sex life. No one can tell you how to act or what’s right or wrong when it comes to your sex life.  Just do what comes natural. Let your inhibitions go. What better way to see if you’re both compatible.  What’s the worse that could happen, you both start laughing. Or you find out early in the relationship that he or she is not the one. NEXT!

8) Maybe you’ve always wanted to try something new and kinky. How about a shopping spree to an adult toy store. What better way to get to know someone. This way you get to see exactly what your date is made of. Or if you’re even compatible.

Let me just say if he/she offers to purchase you a magic wand and a bottle of lube, hold onto that one. More than likely they know how to treat a woman in bed. If the person you’re dating doesn’t know much about sex but wants to learn that’s also a good sign. You can both experiment together.

Go on the internet together, For woman Punch in cunnilingus and make the guy or gal watch a video. Practice makes perfect.  If he or she shy’s away from vibrators or feels threatened by them it’s time for them to GO.

For guys show your new woman or man what it is that you like. There are also video’s on every subject you can think of. We are all entitled to a happy and healthy exciting sex life.

9) Just be yourself. Never settle, and never change for anyone. We all deserve to be loved.  And to be treated with respect. The first sign of abuse walk away. Mental abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. Watch how someone spends their money too. It’s one thing to be good with their finances. It’s another to be cheap. If they are making you pay for everything,Run! Respect is a two-way street. So are separate bank accounts is a must.

10) If you can’t stop smiling when you hear his or her name, this could be the one. If he/she is responding to your text messages right away that’s a good sign.

11) WARNING SIGNS: Make sure their NOT still married. Just because their not wearing a ring doesn’t mean their not married.

If you can’t get a hold of this person at certain times of the day, ask questions. If there are excuses when you ask to see there apartment or home their either married or living at home with their mother. Either way dump them.

Anyone who stays with someone who’s married deserves what they get. And if you suspect he or she is married, Leave something like a bra or money clip in their car. If you don’t get it back his or her spouse has it. Can we all say CHEATER!. If they will cheat on their spouse they will cheat on you too. They may say that their spouse is the worst. But there are always two sides to every story. And you don’t need that kind of drama in your life.

When the right one comes along and he or she will and you’ll know it. It could be while your out filling up the car with gas. Or collecting shells on the beach. Even while you’re out walking the dog. You will know when cupid pulls back his bow and hits you both. There’s no mistaking real love. It’s magic. You will be able to dance in the rain and not feel silly. Or walk hand in hand and not be able to get the smiles off your faces.

And when that special someone puts their arms around you and plants that perfect kiss on your lips, Well there’s no better feeling in the world.

Well there is but that’s what Sexy Sunday’s, Magic Monday’s, Tease me Tuesday’s, Whip it out Wednesday’s, Titillating Thursday’s, Fuck me Friday’s, and Suck me silly Saturday’s are for, Lol..

I hope you all have an amazing Sexy Sunday.

And don’t forget the lube..




6 thoughts on “Eleven Rules For Dating is Sexy Sunday #22

    • Lol, We all want more lingerie, The fun part is seeing our Sir’s faces as we walk into the room. Just knowing that a simple piece of clothing can bring that sexy smirk to their face can be a turn on in itself. Thanks for the comment, Sorry it took me so long to respond. Yours was hidden and I had to approve. 🙂


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