Express Yourself is Sexy Sunday # 20

I made it to Sexy Sunday #20. And this week I want to say EXPRESS YOURSELF! If you’re not having mind-blowing sex with your partner by now then you have no one to blame but yourself.

Think about it. If you’re having better sex alone then with your partner, It’s Time To Start COMMUNICATING!

  • Tell your partner what it is that you want, and how you’re both going to get there. That should get your partners attention.
  • Even If you have to Stop in the middle of that boring stuff you’re now calling sex and say; Hey! what the fuck are we doing?  This is NOT the kind of sex I’ve been reading about in Cosmo or on Sex w/Annie’s blog then that’s Ok.
  • At least you’re talking. But make sure that he or she knows that it’s up to both of you to get your sex life back on the OMG Express.

Don’t just think about it, tell your partner that you want afternoon delights. Say; I want to tingle when you touch me. I want to get wet because you’re talking dirty to me. I want it all. The foreplay, the kink, the laughter, and that afterglow of just having the best sex of my life every time we climax.

And if you still have no idea what Amazing sex is or means then your mind as well as your sex life needs a re-boot. It’s time to start over, make it happen, bring some kind of excitement to your humdrum sort of non-existent sex life.

Start with the kiss. Guys look into her eyes, touch her cheek, sweep her hair off her shoulder then slowly kiss her neck.  Oh yes kiss her neck. You do realize by now that the neck drives a woman crazy Right?

Now without loosing eye contact slowly press her up against a wall and spread her legs with your knee. Put her arms above her head. This is where it gets interesting. Tell her in that oh so Sexy voice that all you men have, Not to move her arms.

Tell her if she does move that you’re going to put her over your knee and spank her ass while you finger her pussy. She wants you to be the strong Dominant man. And if by chance she does put her arms down, watch her face. Watch how she waits for you to take her over your knee. And do it!

Women want that dominant man or woman they’ve been reading about in romance novels. They want you to take control, and to have your way with them. Remember to take it slow and don’t lose eye contact. Watch how excited she gets, Now Put your hand down her pants. This is how the real sexcapades start. Ask her if this is what she wants and wait for her answer. If she truly wants your sex life to get better she is going to go along with this scene. And it will open up a whole new world for both of you.

If that’s not going to work for you then why not Ask her to read a few paragraphs from one of those hot sizzling books.  She has them in her kindle, and tell her to read them out loud.

We interrupt this Blog post to shameless plug my book, Lol.. Try Second Chances Sammy’s story, On page seven there’s a great sex scene.  Or chapter five when Sammy and Jake are on the patio. Shameless plug over.

Watch her squirm as she tries to read that sexy scene to you. She should blush as she tries to get the words out. Don’t take your eyes off of her. Then get up and kiss her. Or re-enact part of that scene she just read to you. Watch her submissive side suddenly appear. Watch as her inhibitions start to disappear.

Women want to feel it all, mind & body. They want to feel special, spoiled, desired, and loved. Tell her how much she turns you on. Tell her what you want to do to her.

This starts a chain reaction from the brain to her beautiful flower that’s been waiting to re-bloom. I say re-bloom because you know when you both first met you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. Well This is how it starts. Some women are naturally wet. That doesn’t mean you can forgo the foreplay. Remember the foreplay is all part of the game.

Think of her pussy as the flower that needs love attention and moisture to flourish.  Now get down there and make love to her pussy. And don’t stop till she is moaning and groaning for more. Her pussy will bloom and re-bloom if you give it the kind of attention that it and she needs.

Meaning that if you leave her flower alone she’s never going to want it. But if you give that flower lots of attention than that flower will reward you with sex beyond your wildest dreams. Use it or lose it. GET IT!

Tell her that tonight’s the night you make her cum like she’s never cum before. That it’s all about her. Watch her light up when she realizes that you’re serious. give her an hour to get ready.

And guys, using her magic wand or any vibrator is Ok too. Most women need that extra stimulation for the BIG One. So don’t think there’s something wrong with you if she needs that vibrator. What ever works to get her there will benefit both of you.

With each week of my Sexy Sunday post I have done my best to make all of you see that sex is important in every relationship.  That it’s supposed to make you feel on top of the world. Yes you’re both supposed to feel content after the last OMG Yes Leaves your mouth.

And she’s Not supposed to be thinking about putting the clothes in the dryer, or whose going to pick up the kids.

What I’m trying to say is if the SEX is fantastic then your marriage/partnership will flourish.  If the passion and intimacy fade then the marriage/partnership will fade too. And If for some reason one of you can’t have actual sex. Then there are ways to keep the love alive. You can still kiss and touch your partner.

We all need to be touched. And ladies you can’t expect to be the only one that needs touch. Men need to be touched too. So learn how to give him the best oral sex you can give. Ask him what he wants and what feels good. Watch a video if you have too.  has really great advice. Just listen to the way your man moans & groans so that you know he’s enjoying it.

We all need to Change things up a bit as the years go by. You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and not expect it to get boring.

Life is short. Show the person that you love just how good the sex can and should be. Sit down and talk about it. Open up, If you can’t look your partner in the eyes and say I want to try this or that then send them an e-mail. Or write them a note. Have them read my blog and wait to see what they have to say afterward.

But don’t wait one more minute, Start tonight. Get into your bed naked and hold each other. Then see what happens when you start to kiss and touch one another. Look into each others eyes and make a promise that you will both let go and make your sex life amazing once again.

I hope you have a very Sexy Sunday. And don’t forget the Lube..


Goodvibes has everything you could possibly need to update your sex life.

Pleasure is your birthright.


11 thoughts on “Express Yourself is Sexy Sunday # 20

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  2. As always Annie you hit the nail on the head! If you don’t communicate then it won’t improve. Oh and I almost forgot, I am going to go out next weekend lol. My sister and her beau are going with me so I won’t feel so scared being alone lol but I am trying hehehe Who knows I met get lucky and he might get scared ha ha ha


    • Oh Boy, That man who finally gets in the sack with you won’t know what hit him, Lol.. Remember Condoms. We live in a different world now. Safe sex is a must and women carry their own condoms just in case, hehe.. If he gets scared he’s not the one. Go get em tiger, Bow chica wow wow!!


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