Scratch that Itch, Sexy Sunday # 19


Scratch it good,  Scratch it real Good!

Scratch it good, Scratch it real Good!

When was the last time you really had that itch scratched to the point of satisfaction?  And I’m not talking about scratching it yourself. I’m talking about a real down and dirty scratching. The kind of scratching where you can’t help but lay there with your legs spread cause it just feels so F-in good.

We all need to have our itches scratched every now and again.  Maybe your partner doesn’t realize that the more you get scratched the more you will scratch back.  We will get irritated and cranky when our itches don’t get scratched.

A sexual itch is a craving for, a need, a yearning for some amazing sex. We all need that release. It’s important to scratch your itches as much as possible. In fact it’s healthy to scratch when ever that itch makes an appearance. And sometimes we can’t reach that one itch that only our partners can.

This is when we have to ask for help. Our partners aren’t mind readers. Did you know that Most Men have no idea that women crave sex too?  So when we are out of our minds because that itch is so strong we need to let them know. How do we do that you might ask? You get undressed and show them where that itch is.

Did you ever think that maybe their afraid to ask you for something a little more kinky? Maybe they don’t realize that you’re bored with the missionary too.

So how are you going to fix this predicament that you’ve gotten yourself into? Yes you did this to yourself. So it’s time for sex ed 101. Start talking, get naked and explore each others bodies. if you haven’t shaved your private parts yet, it’s time. Because if you’re both going to be teaching each other new sexy tricks you want your body parts to be readily available.

Scratching an itch takes two. Well it doesn’t but in the sex/itch case it does. And one of you has to make the first move. One of you has to start scratching or you will just lose that sexual interest.

First make sure your partner is open and willing to try new things.  Once you establish that then it’s the sky’s the limit. This is when you’ll be able to tell when and where to scratch their itch. He will no doubt get that smirk on his handsome face. The smirk that says he has a plan. And you will no doubt smile and moan all the way to that tremendous Orgasm.

What I’m saying is guys/gals you need to be one step ahead of your partner where your sex life is concerned. Because there’s no doubt that sooner or later if you don’t scratch that itch someone else will.

So if you’ve been reading my Sexy Sunday post for the last eighteen weeks you know that I always stress communication. And the one thing that’s for sure is that one of you needs to be in charge of doing some sexy research. There has to be something that you’ve read or seen that makes your body tingle. Something that you know will make your partner stand up and run for the bedroom.

Ladies maybe you always thought that kinky was out of the question. Or that you would never pleasure yourself in front of your partner. Well it’s time for kinky and pleasure. You are two consenting adults. You trust each other. What you do in your bedroom is no ones business but your own.

Its best not to add whips and chains to start. Unless of course that’s what you’ve both decided your into. I bet you didn’t know that Kinky can be anything outside the proverbial missionary position.

Or that Men have sex on the brain all the time. So ask him what he would like to try. Tell him to be honest. And that you promise not to get upset no matter what comes out of his mouth.  And don’t get upset when he tells you he wants anal. That’s a fantasy for all men. If you’re willing tell him that you need him to take it slow. If your not tell him that you will keep it on your list. That you’re not saying no just not right now.  This just might be the thing that snaps you both out of that sexual trans you’ve been in.

If your man is anything like mine he already has a box of kinky scratch your itch stuff hidden away. Yes Your partner might already have nipple clamps and a vibrating butt plug in his closet. Maybe he’s just been waiting for the right moment to use them on you. Lube, Lube, Lube, just sayin. I could say maybe all night but it’s up to you to get him to scratch your itch.  .

All I’m saying is it’s time to let go of your inhibitions. Once you do you’ll find that there’s a whole new world of sexual desires that’s been waiting for you. The orgasms will get better and more frequent. And who isn’t raising their hand for that kind of sexual pleasure.

Life is short. So open up your mind to what could be instead of wondering why it’s not.

All I’m saying is that your partner is going to listen. They are in this relationship with you. And so they know that your sex life sucks.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain if you just open up and start scratching each other’s itches. The beauty of your sex life is it’s yours.  And so if you try something new that you don’t like then you can try something else. Not every idea is going to be a good one. That’s where laughter comes into play. Don’t take sex too seriously. It’s supposed to be fun.

There’s a world of sexy desires out there just waiting for you and your spouse to open up your minds and find them.  So what if the conversation is awkward.  Once you open up it’s the sky’s the limit.  And remember that itch I talked about? Start scratching it and I bet your sex life gets better and better.

I hope you have a very Sexy Sunday..

And don’t forget the Lube!..



4 thoughts on “Scratch that Itch, Sexy Sunday # 19

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  3. As always Annie you show people how to communicate and if they read this and I mean REALLY read this they can not only have a better sex life, but a better relationship as well. Thank you Annie, at least when I am brave enough to have another relationship, I know I have sound advice that I can put to real use. Thank you my friend 🙂


    • You have made my day, week, month Theresamoretimer. What a nice thing to say to a woman who talks about cunnilingus, Haha.. So glad I could help. If you have a question just ask. That’s what I’m here for my friend..


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