Afternoon Delight, Sexy Sunday #17

original by starland vocal, circa 1976, yea we are all getting old, haha..Enjoy!


Four o’clock has always been the time of day that we Sir and I seem to want it most. And lately my Sir has been sending me tweets at about three in the afternoon. Here’s a few;  “Get ready baby I’m coming home, or #Be ready, home in 15 min, afternoon delight.”

So I started thinking when was it that we started this whole afternoon delight 4:00 pm stuff? And I realized It was before we got married. I worked in a bank, I would leave the bank at three.  We didn’t have cell phones back then, So no text, no tweets.  I did occasionally send a 400 into a message that got sent to my his beeper.  I would only get an actual phone call while at my job if there was an actual extreme emergency. Other wise I would just see him when he got home.

My then boyfriend would usually pull up in front of our apartment at 3:45 so by 4:00 PM we were going at it. Ahh yes, do you all remember young love?

But it’s thirty years later and we are still having our Afternoon delights at 4:00 pm. Even our friends and family know not to call or knock on the door between the hours of four and five in the afternoon. So what does all this have to do with a Sexy Sunday post you might ask?

It has everything to do with a Sexy Sunday post because we still have that connection. I have an old clock that sits on my husbands night stand that’s broken but the hands say it’s 4:00. It reminds us that no matter where we are in our relationship or our lives that we always have four O’clock. We could be out somewhere and we smile when we notice the time.

Do you remember the song afternoon delight. “Gonna find my baby gonna hold her tight gone grab some afternoon delight. My motto’s always been when it’s right it’s right why wait until the middle of a cold dark night. When things are clearer in the light of day, and you know the night is gonna be here anyway.”

Oh yea Afternoon Delights are amazing. And no one has to worry about the lights being on because they are on. It’s the afternoon, Lights are good, the better to see your partner with, try looking into their eyes. Wow that’s amazing.

Why not try a little nibble of your own today. It’s almost 4:00 pm. I thought I would upload my post a little early in the hopes that I might give you all a little afternoon delight of your own. Or at least spark the thought of an afternoon delight.

I know you’re smiling and thinking about it while the song is playing. So go ahead get your honey and let him/her listen. There are no excuses. Hop to it. Sky rockets in flight, Afternoon Delight.

Have a great Sexy Sunday!! And don’t forget the lube.




11 thoughts on “Afternoon Delight, Sexy Sunday #17

  1. Good vibes and good times! I love it! Ha, and beepers? Holy shit… We used to send 69’s to each other knowing that the other was probably in an inconvenient situation, couldn’t respond, but drew a smile which we could not see at that moment. But holy hell- once home, let the yummmminess commence! 🙂

    Great post miss Annie…

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

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  2. I love the broken clock. So wonderful that you still have that connection.

    We don’t get many afternoons together because of schedules. The times we’re able to just enjoy and empty house in the middle of the afternoon is bliss.

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    • I hear that #hispetitelle, and I love that old clock too, 4:00 is an amazing time of day. .It doesn’t have to be during the week there’s always the weekends.

      The middle of the day when people are outside, the windows are open this time of year in Jersey, I do try to be quiet but seeing hubby’s blue eyes as he watches me explode I can’t help it, he he.. Oh how I do love that man of mine.. Do try and Have a wonderful exciting afternoon delight of your own soon. Thanks for comments, They mean so much.. hugs..


  3. Oh yes the ol 69 trick, haha, I love those memories, and the smiles that those numbers gave us all. I think they were a little taste of heaven as we each drove home each day. Now with text, tweets, I’m not sure if it’s better but the sex sure is..Holy hell is right, clothes flying every witch way “Yummies?,” yes that’s for sure, lol. Thanks for the listening Mr. Mynx’s Sir. :-


  4. Great reminder to keep the embers burning Annie. Lol, back in our dating days, hubby and I also had that ‘afternoon delight’ booked. That is what we called it too! 🙂 Sometimes the years and life’s challenges get in the way but when there isn’t opportunity for sex there are still many ways to keep the fires alive. Keeping the love going by telling your spouse that you love them, at least once a day, holding hands, hugging, laughter and respect. 🙂

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    • See I knew there was a reason I loved you D.G., You and your hubby sound a lot like me and mine. We have that unbreakable bond. I’m not saying it hasn’t been tested over the years but we are in love in every sense of the word. Making time for each other even if it’s an afternoon delight sure does re-enforce all those feelings.
      I really don’t understand couples these days. It’s just not that hard to be married, you’re right, holding hands and sayin I love you just come naturally and isn’t that the way loves supposed to be. Thanks for posting D.G.. Don’t work to hard lady. Life is too short. Hugs 🙂


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